Remembering Me

Remembering Me


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If you love someone you will eventually hurt somebody along the way.


The end of the fairytale


Headlines: Otohata Heir cut all ties!!

Gossiper: I'm done being your son!

Tabloids: Genius doctor renounce family name!!


"Rei." He drawled out the name and looking uninterestedly at the tall brunette. The infamous man regarded him with cold eyes and as usual ignores the sarcasm dripping in his voice. Otohata look at Aya again, smiling before nodding his head off to bid farewell.

"I really have to go now Aya. I have to meet a friend of mine in New York. A fellow doctor." He told her and Aya smiled softly at him. Her hands playing with her pencil a sign he knows very well. Aya Hoshino is deeply nervous.

"Good riddance then." He said smirking at the tall man. The man looks at him fairly bored and once again already getting used at the petty fight. Since he had started to date Aya, Katase was very much hostile to him.

"Katase. Behave." Aya admonished and he almost let out a guffaw but stops himself in time. After all he doesn't want to lose a very good writer working for him. Aya look at Rei again, her eyes shining with unshed tears and said, "I don't want to keep you here longer than necessary. Goodbye Rei and good luck in New York."

"Thank you, darling." The man said smiling. He then turns his back to her and went for the door only stopping beside him, "Katase."

"Otohata." He said as coldly. The man passed by him and after a few minutes, a few minutes of awkward silence Aya finally collapsed in the couch and regarded him with contempt. And he smiled cheekily in return. It has been six months and he was afraid she would never treat him like that ever again.

"What are you doing here? Harassing one of my employees again? My story is due next week." Aya asked tiredly, massaging her forehead. He wanted to move beside her and volunteer to do it but he keeps himself in check.

"You know you can cry." He said softly.

"And let you see the weakness of women?" she asked sarcastically that earned a grin from him, "Never."


She ran New York Street as fast she could to reach Alfie's office in just a short time. Mayura, her capable secretary just told her this morning that her psychiatrist friend suggested for her to take a vacation. She has been furious of course! She needed Mayura at this time! IT is almost the fashion week and she needed her assistant to help her and it is only Mayura who is capable enough to do it.

Damn that Alfredo!!

After their break-up, they still remain friends, tiptoeing at the fact that she hurt Alfie so badly and that he already gotten a girlfriend by now and she still remain single.

Not that singularity is bad. It's awesome in fact! You can do a lot of things and you can definitely avoid a lot of heartaches and ugly, stupid men. Not that the men she knew in her lifetime were ugly. They were far from it! But she was tired of them, those hot, rich types of guys.

But sometimes at night, I feel so alone.

"You are not getting any younger Ran! You are twenty-nine for goodness sake!" she whispered to herself, "Sad to say all guys I know right now are either taken or gay designers."


She reached the building and the only elevator is closing. She ran to it as fast as she could to reach it. Huffing, she went inside and smiled at the people inside there.

"Thank you!" she said grateful. Because now she is a step closer to the goal of wringing Alfredo's neck!! That stupid man putting that horrible thought of vacation in Mayura's head!! Her work is already a vacation…I think. Boy, Tatsuki must be so damn happy right now!

The elevator door open and she hurriedly went to his office ignoring the protesting secretary who looks more like in awe of her than guarding her boss's office. Ah… the perks of being famous!!

She opens the door harshly and the patient look up startled and Alfie looks like he was boring a hole in her head. But she was too angry to mind it.

"Why on earth did you tell Mayura to take a vacation?!" she asked angrily, "Do you know what time is it now?? FASHION DAMN WEEK!!"

"How about we continue this tomorrow Mrs. Einstein?" Alfie said kindly to the elderly woman and ignored her altogether. Still fuming, she waited for the woman to get up and go home so that she can have Alfie's head in a silver platter. But the woman stop when she is at her side and she looks at her, the woman's eyes shining and this bad feeling is clawing inside her stomach.

"Ms. Elle?" The woman asked uncertainly and she gave her a hesitant nod, due to the threatening glares Alfie is sending. The woman smiled gleefully and gave her calling card, "Call me! My daughter is getting married and I hope you have the time to create a wedding gown for my daughter."

"I am not into wedding gowns anymore." She said truthfully, I will only make wedding gowns if I finally can make mine! "Sorry."

"Just call me honey if you change your mind." The woman said confidently. She walks out of the office regally and Ran was reminded of that old hag. Rich old women tend to be the same. Spoiled and conceited!

"Well… who cares about this?" she said out loud. She glared at Alfie again and if looks could kill he would be in 6 feet under right now. She stomped to him, wanting so badly to erase the amusement in his face.

"What do I owe this pleasant visit?" he asked sarcastically and she bared her fangs at him.

"Why the hell did you put on my assistant's head that she needs a vacation!!" She asked angrily.

"She looks stress." Was his simple answer.

"Do I not look stress to you? Without her I couldn't finish my job as fast as I want to! And the FASHION WEEK IS ALMOST HERE!"

"I hear. I hear. I read it in the tabloids." Alfie said showing me a newspaper. Ran look at it and almost gasp at the headlines of the certain gossip column.

"Rei cut ties with his family?" she asked uncertainly, shock in her eyes, "How about his father? Didn't he get a heart attack because of that?"

"As far as I know he didn't." he said wryly, "At least your friend is finally out of his family's shadows. Took him long enough."


I blanch at the emphasize word and I tried hard not to show it. I am still not getting over him.

"Now ran along little girl. I have work to do." He said waving his hands at me, impatient to get rid of me.

I look at him with distaste but asked instead, "You know Alfie, how come you know me when I met you? Mayura told me this morning that they didn't find you. You found them and specifically asked me to be your patient. It confuses the hell out of me. And I ruled out the fact that you found me pretty and amusing amidst the entire patient there. It's pretty impossible. So what is your excuse, four years older than me big man."

He looked at me and I could see that pretty face of his concentrating on how to lie on this one. I know him that much. But then he looked as if he had given up and with a -what -the -hell attitude he looks at me.

"My friend in England had recommended you to me." He finally said, sighing as if his greatest secret is finally out.

"Someone know me from England?" I asked again, curiosity flowing everything inside my brain, "Didn't know my popularity of my nonexistent reach there."

"Don't sound so sarcastic. He knew you and he told me to help since he can't do it himself. He was stuck there whether he likes it or not." He said, "Now Ran, I really have to meet someone important today. So if you would run along."

"Fine!" I said indignantly, "If you really want me to go. I'll go! Humph! It is your entire fault that I will pass out from exhaustion! You and your ideas! Vacation? Who needs them?"

I hastily went out of the office, burning in anger. I did not have his head and he throws me away like a dishrag. Men!

But who on earth is our mutual friend?

Alfredo introduced me to his New Yorker friends and some England friends when they come in America but I don't know them and they don't know me. Heck! Alfie is a complete stranger to me! Gah! Next time I will wring the answer out of his mouth.

I passed a familiar brunette in my hasty walk and my head whipped to the side to look at him clearly.


But a tall blond man and three other men covered my view of him.

"Nah! Impossible!" I told myself jokingly, placing a hand on my heart to placate my beating heart. I went inside the elevator and close it and lean on the wall. I bet he still in his honeymoon with Aya even if six months had past.

End of POV


"Rei, my man!" Alfie said joyfully, thumping the younger man at the back. He grinned as he saw the frown on his face, "the black eye healed nicely I see."

"Ah… the first and the last time you can punch me." Rei said sarcastically, sitting down on the chair opposite to his friend.

"Well… you deserve the punch. And a beating. You should be thankful you are my friend." Alfie said seriously. Rei did not speak but look intensely at the newspaper lying in his desk. Sighing he said, "It's all over the world. Rich, genius doctor renouncing family name. Great headlines for tabloids……Ran had read it just this morning."

"I see." Was all he said. Rei lean back on the chair, feeling the soft cushion massaging his tense shoulders. It has been a hectic week of avoiding reporters and straightening out everything in his life.

"Man, I was shock to see you standing near the altar at your wedding day."

"It was my wedding day Alfred. If you hadn't notice that." Rei said sarcastically and Alfred laughed out loud at it.

"Sorry! Sorry! All I have in mind at that time was to kill you for hurting my Ran. And to my great shock you actually shouted and jump happily, kissing the bride excitedly as you ran out of the chapel. I never thought cold hearted Otohata could do that. Cry and Smile." He said a smile playing on his lips as he remembered the misfortune of a wedding.

But Rei did not hear the rest of his sentence because he had stopped listening when Alfie had said my Ran.

"I thought you said you never touch gloomy little girls."

"She was never gloomy. You only made her that way."

"Did you touch her?"

"Why not? She was my girl." Alfredo said challengingly and he could see the younger man keeping his temper down. But he bet that if they were not friends and Rei was not at fault in the first place then his friend would have killed him right then, right now. And as twisted as he is, he decided to push the topic more, "She stop being your property after you left her."

The flame in his eyes vanished and the brunette looks defeated and miserable. With a sigh he said, "I know that Alfred. She will always hate me for what I did. It was unforgivable. I was a coward and I chose the easy way out."

Alfredo look at his friend long and hard and said, "As a psychologist, you want to know what I think?"

"Spare me. You think you know my feelings better than I do?"

"You are so intelligent, my friend." He said insultingly, ignoring the 'bastard' thrown in his way, "You look like you wanted to protect yourself. And I bet all my money that you wanted everyone to think that you like Aya better than Ran. It's because you knew after you got your memory back that your parents especially your mother will strike at her again. And it was your idiotic way of protecting her from all the pain she would eventually receive once she is near you. And don't deny it she told me all about your love story. You marry Aya because she is precious to you. She is your friend in England and she likes you so much that you know it will hurt her badly if you dump her. And you couldn't do that to someone you think as a friend…no as a sister. And lastly the reason you marry Aya is that everyone pushed you into that direction and you feel trapped. Imagine losing yourself and your memories, and with everyone telling you to marry Aya Hoshino. You were pushed to do…"

"Enough!" Rei said cutting him off, "I get it. Geez! I just want to see if you were ok and not have me psychoanalyze."

"And you are still not getting use to me. That is so bad. And I am ok. But if you are here to ask me whether I keep my word to you, I did. She my girlfriend but she still did not let me touch her and she is healing quite nicely. You really inflict huge, painful wounds on her. And I thought you love her."

"I'm a bastard remember?" Rei said sarcastically, "I have to go now. I still have a church to visit."

"Goodbye!" He said, hugging the man.

Minutes later he was alone again. He took a key somewhere from his file and open the drawer in his table. Flipping through the papers, he finally saw a picture of Ran Kotobuki, in her pink floral dress a hat in her head and her hands patting her bulging stomach protectively. A lovely smile upon her lips and she looks so blissful.


"Your wife?" he asked jokingly to the young medical student opposite to him. He flicked the picture back at him and it earned him a scowl and he grinned at it.

"No she is not."

"You look jealous." He teased him and the young man flushed red from his comment.

"I am not!"

"Admit it Otohata!"

"Look! I know her. She was the one who annoyed me in the hospital after the accident. That is all!" Rei said and he could detect that his young friend is not telling him everything, "And that is not my child! Some other man's child maybe. Look I cannot remember anything in my past and I'm really not that sure. All I know from what I gathered is that she is a whore and she was the person who break me and this Aya person apart."

"So? You hate her."

"I don't know." He cried in frustration, "I cannot get angry with her even if I try."

"So? Look I have lots of women to tend to. She is beautiful I give you that but I am not interested with pregnant women."

"Who said for you to bed her?"

"Isn't that the reason you showed me her picture?"

"No." He shouted. Combing his hand through his hair and look annoyed and confused as hell, "I don't know. I really don't know! The investigator I hired told me that she is in trouble."

"Why are you worried about her? She is a bitch remember?"

"She interests me. And seeing that her husband is not doing anything about this problem of hers makes me so angry. I really don't know why. I am confusing myself. But Alfred, help her. Please help her."

"You really look pitiful. Ok. What is her name?"

A smile grace Rei's lips as he said "Ran. Ran Kotobuki."


Ran's POV

I'm hungry! I need food.

"Dear God, generous God. Please help me get food. I left my wallet because I was in a hurry." I prayed sincerely and feverishly and meaning every word of it.

I stood up and walk of the church and my thoughts deeply concentrated in my stomach that I did not notice the steps and like a soap opera I trip and fell down. I close my eyes tightly waiting for the inevitable impact but none came. Instead I fell down on something more…human.

I open my eyes immediately, a smile in my lips to thank whoever saves me. But the whiffs of perfume I smell from the man made me really want to run away. It is so familiar.

"Thank," I stopped mid-sentence as I saw the equally shock look of Rei Otohata. He was still the same as I left him in the hospital. But something is different about him now. It's like he was free.

My hand itch to caress his face but I held it tightly, he is Aya's now.

The atmosphere was so thick that you can even cut it with a knife. But the rumbling in my stomach cut it all off. Embarrassed, I jumped away from him and murmured a thanks still blushing deep red.

"You're hungry."

"Isn't that obvious?" I said, rolling my eyes, "Well if you'll excuse me, I have to go eat something."

"How about you join me for a snack?" he asked smoothly, a little smile on his lips. I regarded him critically my stomach doing flip flops. But I refused to follow my feelings. It is not good for me to fall and hope so much. And plus he is only a memory now. A memory of a wonderful, innocent, love.

"You'll free me?" I asked haughtily.

"You don't have money? Figures." He said and I bristled at the insult. But beggars cannot be choosers.

There was a thick awkward silence surrounding us and even if we are in the café eating our food the awkwardness did not disappear in fact it was heighten. And because I couldn't eat with this tension, I tried to ease it.

"So…" I started, "How was the honeymoon?"

Why on earth, did my heart constrict?

He looked startled and then amused, "You don't read Japanese newspaper anymore?"

I looked at him, weirded out, "I was too busy to search in the internet. So have a lovely time?"

"Why? Jealous?" He asked nonchalantly, taking a bite off his parfait.

I looked at him angrily but keep I kept my cool, "Oh please Rei! Don't delude yourself. I had gotten over you. You are yesterday's news in my life."

"I see then. Aya is fine. She is working with her new story right now." He said staring at me intently as if he wants to say something but is hesitating to say it.

"You're newlyweds! You left your wife all alone in England?!" I ask in disbelief, "She is young and beautiful any man would want her!"

"It would be her decision if she wanted to be eaten by those men, isn't it?"

"You are too cold hearted!" I said angrily. I want to throw my food at him but it was so wasteful, "Care for your wife for goodness sake!!"

"She is my best friend and she is like my sister. I love her that way. But I am with a fight with someone I love and I really don't know what to do." He said and buried his face in his hands. He looks so pain that I want to reach out and smooth it over.

And begrudgingly and even it hurt a bit I tried to give him an advice, "Woo her back."

"How? Would she forgive me? I hurt her so much."

Geez! I'm really tempted to ask what he did to Aya to make him like this, "If she loves you, she will forgive you. If you are meant to be together, she will overlook your mistake. I think."

"So what do you think I should do to woo her back?" he asked staring at me intently again and I could feel my stomach churning inside.

Laughing off the tension I am feeling I said, "Shout that you are a dickhead and she is right, you are stupid and dumb. Tell your faults and ask sorry in front of everyone. And prepare being humiliated by her answer. Well that's what I want my lover to do if he made a big mistake. I really don't know about Aya but I think it would go well."

Rei then suddenly stood up much to my confusion. He head for the door and I immediately followed him, who the hell would pay for the food?

"Hey Otohata! Where the hell do you think you are going?" I shouted at him, ready to lecture him about breaking a girl's appetite when he stopped in front of the store and looked at me with so much intensity and feelings that I could not and would not dare to identify.


Blushing, I rushed over to his side. I could see a couple of people watching us and I tugged at his sleeves to make him stop.

"What are you doing?" I hissed angrily, "Don't include me with your fight with Aya! And if you want to practice, practice it somewhere I am not here!!"


"Are you listening?" I asked, blushing fully now, "Whatever I am leaving!"


I stopped at my tracks and by now we were encircled by group of strangers wondering what the hell was happening. But I did not care at all. Because I think my heart almost stopped beating. I look back and my eyes widen when I saw him looking at me sincerely and apologetically. It looks so real but I don't want to hope again. I promised myself that I'll leave him behind as only memories of the past.

"She dump me in our wedding day." He said a wry smile in his lips, "I stopped being an Otohata. I want you to love me but I know that it is impossible after what you had gone through. We had something awesome but I lost it didn't I? I just want you to forgive me. I am sorry Ran Kotobuki."

He was walking closer to me and our gap seems to lessen more and more. I want to move backwards but everybody was already cheering him on and pushing me to him. That little sneak!

"Please forgive me?" he asked and I could see him being nervous, the first time aside from the time he had asked me to marry him. He was unsure and that was clear as day.

"I hate you." I said and he flinch, "You broke your promise. You are too cold hearted, you hurt my friend, you are indecisive, and lastly I hate you for making me feel this way."

He looked at me expectantly and I could feel his hand shaking under my grasp and I smiled at it, relishing the knowledge that I can make him like this, "But I forgive you. No hard feelings. So, I need to go. Excuse me."

"Wait!" he said, holding me in the wrist. My heart is beating wildly now and I could feel myself blushing. I look at him and waited for him to say something.

"Thank you."


"Let's start from the beginning." He said and my eyebrows immediately rose.

"Excuse me?"

"I don't know you. You don't know me."

"Right. That would happen."

"I bumped you. And you look so angry and frustrated." He continued staring at my retreating back. But I was still listening and so was everyone.

"But I was so mesmerized by your beauty. I was trying hard to know your name but I know that you wouldn't just give in immediately. So I tried to be aloof. Raise your shackles and you took the bait. You were so angry with me. I tried to introduce myself because I am responsible for bumping into you…"

"Stop this Rei." I said and I could feel tears running down my cheeks. And I hate him for making me feel this way. Vulnerable.

"Please Ran." He pleaded.

I look at him and in a whisper I asked, "You wouldn't hurt me anymore?"

"I cannot promise that. You know will always fight. But I will stay with you"

"Forever?" Like a child asking a candy, I asked him.


"Hi. I'm Rei. Otohata Rei." He said putting out his hand. I look at it and I look at his face. I could feel the smile tugging in my lips and my heart soared as I accept his hand.

"Hi. My name is…"



"I am not doing this because I understand your past. But I am doing this because I love you and I realize now that if I am with you, you will only suffer. Because you still love Ran do you? Don't worry Rei I will be fine. Choose from now on your own will. I'll give you, your freedom from me."

"Thank you, Aya."