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Long Summary: Gabriella Montez a 17 year old girl, who had the perfect life but when she was 15 she found out her parents are getting a divorce. A few months later she walks alone and a man is following her and she gets raped. 4 months later she finds out she's pregnant with her attackers baby. she feels alot of stress from her mother telling her to get an abortion she is in alot of pressure which make her loose the baby. Two years later 17 years old and still isn't the same. she lives in the hopital and she is being treated and all who does fail but when she meets Troy Bolton can he succed or fail like the others.

Troy bolton, highschool drop out. Abandoned by his parents. Drug addict. he gets in trouble with the law and he's given a choice. who chooses to do his hours and meets people and see's that he isn't the one who's scared of the world. he meets a girl and he falls in love. but she can't talk and she's afraid of being touched can he figure out a way to get close to her without getting to close.

Gabriella Montez a normal 15 year old girl. She had the perfect life until one day she found out her parents were getting divorced. It was hard at first but later on when she got use to not living with her father but she still missed him. A few months later she was walking down the street, she just came back from shopping with her mother. But later she got a call from her friends to meet up with her somewhere so she asked her mom if she could go. She said yes. She got out of the store and walked. A while later she looked back and to see a man in all black clothes following her. She started to get scared after a while. But she thought it was nothing. She looked back again not only to see the man still there and that he was closer than last time. People were around so nothing could've happened right? Wrong. She looked back again and really got scared. She turned to a corner and that was a big mistake. The man was still following her but this time he speeded up. Gabriella started to run and the man too. She ran as fast as she could but in the next corner was a dead end, she looked back and to see the man standing a few feet away from her. Now she was really scared. She didn't see the man's face but she knew she was in trouble.

The next thing she knew she was in the hospital. It took a while to figure out why she was here. The memories of what happened that day came back she broke down. She felt dirty. She wouldn't even look at herself in the mirror. They ran some tests to see if she was okay. She was but no one or nothing warned about the news that was about to come up. Four months later, she still hasn't been the same. The rapist hasn't been caught and she was still scared. Her parents thought that it would be better to be home schooled. One week later she got sick like really sick. She threw up in the morning but the rest of the time she didn't it was weird. She even noticed she even got bigger but she wasn't much of an eater. Her mother took her to the hospital.

The next day she was still sick but she was even sicker when she found out about the news. 15 year old Gabriella Montez was pregnant with her rapist's baby. The doctor was sure that she was four months; she was still a virgin when that day happened. She didn't know what to do. She wanted an abortion or putting it in adoption. But whenever she wanted to go to the social service center she would freak out or break down. Even though she never haven't met her baby but she grown to love him. A month has past and she found out it was a boy. Her mother has been putting a lot of pressure on her. They have been arguing about the baby, her mother wanted her to have an abortion but Gabriella didn't. Her mother gave her lots of stress and giving her second thoughts about the baby. Until one day she passed out. She found herself in the hospital. Her mother found her bleeding, 

there was blood every where on the sheets and her blankets. Gabriella was scared for the baby. She didn't want to loose it. But spending time in the hospital was hard, the nurses and the doctors treated her badly. They gave her dirty looks and once a nurse even insulted her. She knew all the doctors and nurses wanted to say something but they didn't. When she got the news, she had found out that she lost the baby. She broke down.

Two years later. Gabriella hasn't still been the same. She hasn't said a word to anybody for the past two years. Her mother got a job in Albuquerque New Mexico.

Troy Bolton, an 17 year old boy. Troy Bolton never had the good life. His father Jack Bolton hasn't been around. His mother Jane Bolton hasn't been either. Troy Bolton hasn't seen his parents for 3 years. He's a high school drop out. He now lives in a homeless shelter. Though his parents now live in California Troy hasn't been hiding from them anymore. He has done lots of bad things when he was young. He doesn't remember how his parents look like anymore. The worst thing is he doesn't want to remember them. His parents gave up looking for him a few months later he's been missing. He knows they didn't love him. One night his father got really drunk and told him he was even a mistake. Troy didn't care; he never loved his father or his mother. One day troy was hanging around with his friends or so he thought. His friends sold drugs, they made troy join too. That night he went to a place where lots of people bought drugs or alcohol.

His friends went to a place and he tagged along. Troy didn't know where they were going he never been that part of town before. They went in a building. His friends started to spray everywhere. He just watched until one guy told him to do it too. He didn't know at first until they told him he was afraid and that he should go home. He wasn't afraid but he still knew this was wrong. He took one of the spray can and started to spray everywhere. They all ran out and one guy was building a fire. They all heard cops. They all got scared and started to run out the building. Troy ran to another door which was another mistake he made. The cops were surrounding him.

He was sent to court. Since he was still a minor, he was given a choice. Juvee or do his hours. He made his choice to do his hours.

Gabriella sat in her hospital bed. The silence was deafening, the only sound was the ticking of the clock. The door opened and her mother and the doctor came in. "Ms. Montez, how are you doing today?"

Gabriella didn't say anything; she hasn't said a word since she lost the baby. "Gabriella say something." Her mother demanded but gently. Gabriella still didn't say anything. Her mother has just come back from a business trip and Gabriella found out that she was leaving again on Friday which was two days away. A nurse came in with a wheelchair. Her mother helped her get out of bed. Gabriella sat on the wheelchair and lifted her legs to her chest. 'Thank god I'm wearing pants' Gabriella thought.

They walked in a hallway; Gabriella saw the walls were vandalized. Words you can not imagine were written on the walls. One wall was burnt and the whole room was too. She heard the alarm go off last night but she thought that it wasn't this bad. They wheeled her in a room where other people were in the center of the room and sat in a formed circle. She sat beside one of her friends, Taylor and her other friend Chad. Taylor is here because she is Achluophobia or Scotophobia she is afraid of darkness. Chad is here because he is Vitricophobia he's afraid of his step-father and he's Verminophobia he is afraid of germs.

Mrs. Matthews their counselor came in and she came in with another woman. She looked like she was in her 20's. "Everyone this is Sharpay Evans she will be your new cycoritris."

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"Where are you going?" asked one of the boys in the room.

"I'm retiring." Everyone groaned except Gabriella who stayed quiet. "I know everyone is sad but I'll still come in once in a while." Everyone cheered which made Mrs. Matthews smile. "Everyone all saw the hallway is destroyed?" everyone nodded. "The person who done this has been caught and he'll be working here as he does his hours, please welcome Troy Bolton your new janitor."

Troy came in, in his uniform. Gabriella looked up and stared at him. Troy caught her eye and they both stared at each other until Gabriella broke the eye contact. 

"Troy Bolton everyone, everyone Troy Bolton." Everyone nodded and some even glared at him. But Troy ignored the looks they gave him as his eyes were still kept on Gabriella. "Troy stay here as you'll have to learn all their names since you have to be serving them till your hours are over." He nodded and Mrs. Matthews left the room.

"Troy?" Sharpay asked. "Take a seat." He obeyed as he took a seat in the circle. He glanced at Gabriella as she looked at him and looked away. "Okay, everyone I would go one by one and you tell me your name and why you are here. Okay start by the left."

She started by the person sitting beside her. "My name is George and I'm Scotophobia." Every got a turn and it was Chad's turn.

"Hi, my name is Chad and I'm Vitricophobia and Verminophobia."

Sharpay stopped at Gabriella. "And what's your name?" Troy sat up straight as he waited for her to speak. Gabriella didn't say anything as the room got quiet.

"She doesn't talk." One girl said.

"Oh," Sharpay looked at her clipboard and looked through the paper. "You must be Gabriella Montez and you're here because your Aphenphosmphobia, Demophobia, Asthenophobia, Algophobia and Virginitiphobia." Everyone stayed quiet. Troy was shocked of how many problems she had Gabriella stayed quiet and pulled her legs tighter to her chest. Sharpay looked at her and had a sad expression on her face. "It must be hard to have so many of these fears."

Gabriella didn't say anything. Sharpay snapped out of her trance and continued with knowing the names of the other people.

The hours past as everyone went back to their rooms, Troy went in everyone's room as he cleaned. He reached Gabriella's room and to see she was sitting beside the window with her knees to her chest. Gabriella heard the door open and saw that Troy was coming in with a bucket in his hands with a cloth in the other. Gabriella got out of her seat and sat on the bed. Troy walked over to the window and started to wash them. Troy kept sneaking glances at her so did Gabriella. He looked over to her again and this time she didn't look away. He smiled and she did too. "So, you're Gabriella, right?" she nodded. "I'm Troy, Troy Bolton the new janitor." She didn't say anything, moments of silence past and troy looked over to her and looked over to the door to see if no one was there. "So why don't you talk?"

She stayed quiet she looked over to him and to see that he was waiting for an answer. She shrugged. "There must be a reason, c'mon tell me I won't tell." He waited again and she said nothing. He looked over to a table with papers he took one and handed to Gabriella, she didn't take it at first as he still kept it in the air. She finally took it and he gave her a pen. She quickly wrote down on the paper when she was done she gave it to him. Before he read it Eliza Gabriella's mom came in.

"Hey, honey I bought you lunch I know the food taste bad here so I decided to buy something for you." She went to touch her arm and Gabriella almost fell over as she wanted to get away. Gabriella didn't let anyone touch her not even her mom she was scared to get hurt. Eliza looked over to the man over by the window who was looking over to them. "Who are you?"

"Troy Bolton, ma'am, the new cleaning guy." Eliza looked over to her daughter. Gabriella hasn't let anyone in her room unless it was her mom, the doctors or the nurses but they all have to be female. She didn't even let Chad in even though it was her best friend. Gabriella just met this Troy Bolton kid and she had let him in. Troy grabbed the bucket and walked out of the room. He got the note out of his pocket and opened it. It said 'I'm afraid.' He looked back in the room. And put the note back in his pocket and went on with his job.

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