My Darling Boy Has Come Home

Summary: When the Winchesters arrive in town, they get more than they bargained for when the community delivers Sam into the hands of a troubled ghost longing for her deceased son. Dean is 16, Sam is 12.

Disclaimer: Oh, how I wish the Winchesters were mine, but alas…


Morristown, New Jersey

"Tommy? Tommy, time to come in, sweetheart."

Hattie Drexler called out to her son from the front porch of the quaint farmhouse she shared with her 12-year-old son. It was late afternoon and the temperature was dropping fast. The past few nights had been incredibly cold, freezing over the nearby lake practically overnight. Hattie knew Tommy was itching to start skating on the ice, hoping to improve his skills before hockey tryouts in a few weeks. But she wanted to let the ice harden a bit more just to be sure.

But her son was as stubborn as his father, god rest his soul, and she had a feeling that's exactly where Tommy was. Still, she told herself she was probably overreacting. She'd been told so by many of her friends. She couldn't help it. She'd only just lost her beloved husband Arthur the year before to a drunk driver and Tommy was the only thing that had held her together. But she knew how frustrated her son was with her constant mother-henning and so she decided to make a conscious effort to back off.

So here she was, keeping firm hold on the porch, willing herself not to go after Tommy. "Ten minutes," she said just aloud. "Ten minutes then I'll just casually stroll down to the lake and casually tell him dinner was ready. I can wait ten minutes."

Ten minutes wouldn't have made a difference. Ten minutes earlier, a 12-year-old boy had been testing out the ice. Ten minutes earlier the ice had cracked beneath the boy's feet. Ten minutes earlier, all one could hear was deadly silence. All one could see was a small hole 20 feet out onto the lake. And no one could see the body of a 12-year-old boy floating a few feet beyond the hole beneath the ice, ghostly white, eyes open, stone cold dead…