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Darkness. Brown eyes opened to pure blackness. They blinked several times, willing light to appear. None presented itself.

Where am I?

Moving his arms, he brushed the clothes loosely hanging on his skin. His entire body felt weightless… floating in a dark abyss. He placed a foot tentatively forward, and as it touched a solid floor, a sense of gravity raced through his veins. Though it was impossible to tell where he looked, he swayed his head in search of any strain light. Perhaps if he began to walk… would he happen upon light? How far was it that he could not see even a glimpse in the distance? Was he in an enclosure? If he wandered, would he hit a wall… or fall off the edge of this dark world?

Stepping forward, he sensed ground beneath him. He stooped, touching the glassy floor. What place had floors with no ridges? As he continued forward, the air grew thick around him, pulling at his consciousness. He stumbled, a heavy weariness overcoming his senses.

Halting suddenly, he stared with faltering sight at a light flickering in the distance. He quickened his pace, falling quickly into a sprint. As he drew closer, two dark spots appeared within the steadily growing light. Those two blotches developed into two menacing masks. Slowing his pace, he approached the glowing mass, then gasped.

Those are…

"Ah, you have awakened." A masculine voice echoed fromt he darker mask throughout the black expanse.

They were… he stepped back.

"Do you remember us?" The mask's mouth never moved, yet its words rang clearly through the air.

He opened his mouth, but no sound emitted.

"Thoughts are the only communication you have when inside yourself." His own voice seemed to come from the white mask.

You saved me… the car crash. His head ached. The memories were hazy.

"Yes," the softer voice reached to him. "You submitted your body to us. We are Gemini."

Gemini... Where am I?

A deep chuckle filled the black depths. "You are within yourself, and still very weak."

Tsukasa blinked. Where is my body?

The white glow exploded, momentarily blinding him. As the darkness regained its dominion, the light rematerialized beside a large mirror. He hesitated, then touched the screen. His reflection melted away, and a leveled area of crumbled buildings came into view. Dust columns skewed his vision.

What is this?

The white mask responded in a soft voice , "This is the now demolished outskirts of your hometown."

His eye widened. What happened?

A green-haired boy entered the screen's scope. He ambled throughout the rubble, apparently in search of a lost possession. Turning as if to assure he was alone, the boy's face became visible.

That boy… he's me. Tsukasa tilted his head at the glowing masks.

"You are no longer in control of your body," the masculine voice responded.

He returned to the screen, watching as his body knelt beside an object that reflected in the sunlight. As if directed by his will, the mirror zoomed in on the crouched figure, a cracked glass ball in his hand. The Tsukasa in the screen lifted his head, a smirk curling the corner of his mouth.

"You are too naïve, Rockman," he taunted in a low voice. "This game is not over, yet."

Tsukasa eyed the grinning masks. Who is Rockman?

"Your foe."

Foe...? Why?

"He dislikes us," the deep voice responded.

He furrowed his brow.

Tsukasa's soft voice again emanated from the white mask. "He thinks we are evil."


"A traitor from our planet has teamed up with the human, claiming all FM aliens are evil."

Why are you here? He pointed back to the screen. What was I holding?

"We are here in search of the Andromeda Key," the black mask answered. "You have found it for us."

What is… the 'Andromeda Key'?

Two chuckles rippled through the darkness once more.

"Oh, how little you know. The Andromeda Key fuels our greatest weapon. It is a trump card, if you will."

Tsukasa shook his head. Why are you still here? You have your Key.

"We have not yet completed our mission."


"It is nothing of importance." Tsukasa's soft voice spoke from the second mask. "But you must be content to host us a little while longer. It will not be long before our job is finished, and we will leave you."

The low chuckle that ensued coursed ominously through his veins. The masks then retreated, and the mirror began to dim.

Where are you going?

"We must rest. The last fight took a great toll."

"Continue watching if you wish." The unsettling voice faded away with its glow, leaving Tsukasa with only the faint illumination provided by the screen. He stared at the boy's sneer. Such an expression had never before corrupted his gentle face.


Could it be true? Were the masks correct? He saw no reason to doubt their words, but something in their voices was unnerving. Eyes pinned on the sardonic smirk, Tsukasa doubted. Something wasn't right.

A large crab stood at the waterline on a beach, moping. Tsukasa stared at the strange creature; its head and bulky claws were red like a normal crab, but its legs glowed blue. Was this another being like Gemini?

"Now I'm nothing, but a regular crab," it whined. "What should I do now, 'buku?"

"I suggest you use this." a deep voice answered.

The screen expanded its view, revealing leaning black figure. In its golden hand sat the glass orb Tsukasa witnessed before.

Gemini Spark...

"Th-that's the Andromeda Key!!"

"I fixed it." Black Gemini smiled.

Throwing out its claw, the Crab exclaimed, "That's amazing, 'buku!" He looked between Black Gemini and White Gemini, then grabbed the Key.

"If you use this to activate Andromeda," Black Gemini straightened, "our mission will be accomplished."

The Crab gave another joyous cry.

Tsukasa furrowed his brow. Black Gemini seemed abnormally civil, but he did not dwell on the thought.

"Cancer, you must fill the Key with energy." White Gemini stated.

"That energy," continued Black Gemini, "is negative emotion, such as anger, sorrow, and fear. In other words, the energy is from those emotions."

White Gemini added, "You will find your fill from humans."

Cancer thanked Gemini, then evaporated.

Black Gemini smirked. "He is easily excited."

"It is no matter. As long as they keep War Rock pre-occupied, their success is irrelevant."

Tsukasa watched the screen as Black Gemini released a low chuckle, his red eyes gleaming with mischief.


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