I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist. Warning: Movie spoilers.

Edward always wears his hair in a ponytail. It used to be braided, once, he said. But this arm isn't like his old arm and it's too difficult to intertwine the golden strands. Edward cries at night, murmurs softly to people Alfons cannot see, whispers promises to the brother that shares his name and fondness for warm breezes. Edward sends letters to his father and receives money for rent twice a month, but refuses to call the man his father and speaks of him as though they were vague acquaintances, if he speaks of him at all.

Edward refuses to drink milk, takes his coffee black, doesn't like being touched.

Alfons knows all of this because he watches him; because Edward is someone he feels he has been waiting for. Because his heart pounds when Edward looks at him, smiles at him, says his name. Because he loves him.

When Alfons watches Edward fly and his vision is darkening around the edges until that is all he can see, he wonders why he never told him.