Title: Windmill

Rating: Call it a hard T.

Standard disclaimers: All "Heroes" characters and properties are owned by NBC and related entities. Respect to Kring, Beeman, etc.

Notes: Probably this story has been done a thousand times already, but I haven't read it yet. Hopefully I'll be able to do something new with it.


"Okay," Peter began, casting his glance across the length and breadth of the room, "is everybody in?"

Matt was the first to throw his hand into the light, which surprised him as much as anyone else. "After what I've seen?" he chuckled without mirth. "Yeah. Yeah, I'm in."

Claire's eyes darted back and forth hesitantly. The last two men who'd talked about being special, being somehow apart from the rest of the world, Sylar and West, had both become murderers. Was this really what she wanted?

"I'm in," Elle declared, thrusting her hand on top of Matt's. "But I guess that doesn't really surprise anyone, right?" she smiled.

And there was another argument against, Claire thought bitterly.

Even Peter was unable to mask his discomfort as he placed his hand on Elle's, but he did so without hesitation and the significance was unmistakable. "We've all seen the future, right?" he said by way of justification.

And suddenly they were all looking at Claire. She knew that if Peter thought it was the best choice for the World that should have been enough, but somehow she just couldn't shake her doubts. "I..."

But she was interrupted when suddenly the Haitian stepped forward. "It is a great sin for man to set himself in the place of God," he told them darkly, "and it is a sin that we will all be punished for." The Haitian stared at then gravely and not one among them could deny feeling a shiver.

Then he gently put his hand above Peter's. "I will accept my punishment," he announced.

Claire nodded slightly. "Then I guess this is how we save the World," she said weakly, joining her hand with the rest.

Peter gave her a sad smile. "So, we rule."