Hi there! How goes it? Anyways... if you didn't read the summery, or just plain forgot, this FanFic is a Kakashi and Naruto pairing! So basically, Kakashi is pulling his hair out, trying to get a hold of himself; meaning trying with all his power not to jump Naruto. Oh, and Kakashi can see ghosts! And have a conversation with them, too! There will be a lemon at the end, probably more in between (Inner Wolf: OF COURSE! GOD!). cough, cough Sorry about that. Everything else is pretty straightforward... (Inner Wolf: ... STRAIGHT?! THIS IS A LEMONY YAOI FANFIC AND STRAIGHT WAS MENTIONED?!)... while you enjoy the Fic, I have to go and try to return my inner -that has turned to an outer- back to an inner.


Kakashi laid on his little bed and tried to get to sleep, but the only problem was... he couldn't afford to have another wet dream! His water bills were enormous due to all the cold showers he had to take and all the times he had to clean his bed sheets.

That wasn't the only thing that was keeping him up though... Kakashi felt incredibly guilty because of the reason why he was having those dreams and because of the person in it.


The person he has feelings for was a boy. Someone who was the same gender as him and quite a bit (a lot) younger then him. Not to mention that Naruto was his student!


The very thought of his name made Kakashi's pulse race. His adorable face. His golden, -surprisingly- silky hair. His soft tan skin. His cute whisker marks. His small, lean body.

Kakashi was also attracted to Naruto's personality: how stubborn he was. How he refuses to give up, to lose. His energetic strength. How kind and forgiving he could be. The ability he had to change people so much.

There was so much about Naruto that made Kakashi want to pin him down and ravish him... but Kakashi's scarred heart throbbed with guilt and pain at his sinful love for him. He longed to be with Naruto, but knew better then to do so. If he got to close to Naruto he wouldn't be able to control his lust. So he stuck with Sasuke: he trained him, and showed him many fighting skills, he used Sasuke as an excuse not to train Naruto more.

Kakashi was so deep in his thoughts, he hadn't realized he was suddenly in Naruto's house.

'... shit...' Kakashi looked around himself. 'Did anyone see me come on here? Is Naruto awake? Why did I come here? Why did I let myself get into this situation? Why am I asking myself questions that I can't answer?'

'... I should leave...' Kakashi, despite telling himself not to, started to walk in the direction of Narutos room. '...just a little peek can't hurt...'

Kakashi stared at Naruto's flawless, sleeping face. He sighed in content and reached out to lightly stroke the boy in front of him. He swept some hair out of the way and put his hand down on the bed, drawing closer to Naruto. His other hand went for his mask.


Naruto suddenly began to stir and slowly opened his eyes. Kakashi quickly stood up.

"...Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto sat up, rubbing his eyes and yawned. "What are you doing here?" Naruto's eyes began to widened in anticipation. His face lit up with hope. "Is there something really important I need to do? A mission?"

"Uh... no..." Naruto sagged in disappointment. "I came here to ask you something..." Naruto looked up at him with a curious tilt of his head, making Kakashi's already fast pulse quicken.

'What am I doing?'

"You've always wanted to see what was behind my mask, right?" Naruto's eyes widened once again.

"Yes! Are you going to show me, sensei?!"

"I'll make a deal with you. It needs to be kept a secret, though."

'What the hell am I saying?!'

"...okay... but it can't be another mask!"

"I'll show you, but I get something from you in return."



Naruto jumped on his bed and leaned close to Kakashi, as he reached for his mask. Kakashi pulled his mask down and took a hold of Narutos chin, pulling him into a kiss. Kakashi then left in a cloud of white smoke, leaving Naruto in a state of shock.

Kakashi sat on his bed, his fingers touching his mouth. He still felt Naruto's lips on his. The simple contact left him breathless and shaking, his heartbeat pounding louder than it ever had before. His face was flushed and his body felt as though it was on fire. He wanted more. Kakashi put his head on his hands, as tears poured from his eyes.

"What have I done?"