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At school

"Please, please, please, please." Naruto folded his hands solemnly, chanting prayers to god that his scores, for his science test, was good enough. He had been slacking off alot, not that that wasn't something new, but his dad had been even more strict about his grades ever since his parent- teacher conference one month ago. As Mr. Hatake passed the graded work sheets, he scanned the room, eyeing the reactions of his peers when they received their score.

Naruto jumped suddenly when his paper was slammed onto his desk by his grinning sensei. "Tsk, tsk, Naruto. I thought you finally learned something from our last meeting, but apparently I've only motivated you to do worse." Kakashi chimmed, obviously smirking in delight under his turtle neck mask. "Perhaps I should meet with your lovely father again, hm?"

As his teacher walked away, he finally glanced down to his paper. 'God damnit!' he banged his head against his desk. Faking cries of dispair as Kiba leaned foward from his seat behind Naruto. "Dude, don't tell me you got it bad too?"

"It's a fucking conspiracy!" He whispered sulkingly, turning to face his friend. "I swear he just doesn't like me! Though he seems to like my dad alot for some reason." Kiba laughed. "Hate to break it to you man but, you pretty much suck in every class too." Naruto huffed at the statement. "Hey, it's not my fault. They just don't want to see me happy."

"Whatever man. So what did you get anyway?" Kiba asked, though from Naruto's comical look of irritation he knew it had to be low. He stared at the blonde, who grabbed his paper and showed him the results.

"Wow...you do suck." Kiba snickered as Naruto tried shoving his paper down the dog lover's throat.

"Damnit, how am I ever going to explain this to Iruka." Naruto sighed, stopping in his tracks to hear the sudden outburst of women. He looked to his side, seeing that they were in a jewelry store, reading the sign that read "Grand Opening: free try ons, first day only!" All the girls were so excited to get to try the expensive diamond pieces that they could never afford.

"Tch, figures." He crumpled his test paper into a tight ball, throwing it behind him as he headed home.

"Watch where your aiming, dobe."

"What the hell?" Naruto turned around, eyes meeting against a tall, lean male. He had sun glasses on that made him look famous, and a smirk that seemed to be mocking him as he read the crumpled paper.

"30? Thats pretty bad a score, you might want to try studying." Replied the mysterious 'jerk', as Naruto would call him, throwing the paper back to its' owner.

"Bastard, who the hell do you think you are?"

"No one of your concern, dobe."

Naruto huffed. "Shut the hell up, teme." He turned on his heel, haugtily walking back home, not before yelling, "And FYI, I do study!!"

Leaving the stranger smirking and watching as he left.

Walking slowly to his house, Naruto sighed in fustration. Iruka was totally gonna kick his ass for not paying more attention to his studies. It wasn't his fault anyway, I mean most 16 year olds don't do their work anyway, right? I mean so what if he's failing some tests (or so he says), its not the end of the world. His thoughts made him snicker, now if I didn't do what I did the world may have, or atleast Konoha.

Walking through an alley his phone suddenly rang. Neji. He picked it up, trying to hear the person calling. "Yo." He greeted tiredly.

"Damnit Naruto get your ass over here! Got another problem down the docks passed Ichiraku, I contacted the other's already, they're on their way."

Damn, so close to home.

"I'm on my way." As much as he hated to leave his plans of returning home, his friend needed me. And as dreadful as running seemed, it was his only option.

"Damnit." Neji cursed, flipping backwards to dodge approaching fists. His hair flowing in all directions as he quickly maneuvered himself. His teammates, for the most part, had arrived by then. Unfortunately, this new demon-like woman was not only ugly, but impossibly tricky. Apparently illusions was one of the abilities she possessed.

They fought for what seemed like hours of flipping and retaliating kicks and punches. Chanting words to summon their attacks, fire, electricity, neither of which seemed to be able to grab their target fast enough. Which was rather surprising considering how fast and precise Lee is.

As the battle trudged on, it was growing more intense, everyone was exhausted from the earlier fitness training they endured for hours during school. Though the monster would have no prisoners, her teeth glinting with fierceness that craved blood. Creepy to say the least.

Just when hope was finally starting to slip away, Neji was cornered and rammed onto the hard cement floor. Nails dangerously long aimed to pierce through his chest. As he levered himself up, his back ached from the recent impact. He closed his eyes as the creature was going to inevitably make contact, or so he thought.

With unrehearsed timing, who else but the Naruto Uzumaki appeared right before him. Grinning like the idiot he was, while having thrown the crooked being away from Neji.

"About time." He muttered, though gratitude was evident in his words.

"Sorry, got lost again." The blonde chuckled. "Besides I have a hard time recognizing you from a distance."

"I'm a fucking crossed over boy in a school uniform jumping and flying about with a freaking demon pouncing after me...how did you ever find me." Neji retorted.

"Easy, I used map quest." (XD bad joke) Neji resisted the urge to strangle his idiot friend. Before he could respond he recalled the situation at hand.

"Oh girls! If you don't mind we could really use some help!"

"Hold your horses Shika!" Neji got to his feet and ran towards his comrade in need. "Just hurry up Naruto!"

"Right!" Naruto closed his eyes.

This was it.


Fighting evil by moonlight,


Winning love by daylight,


Never running from a real fight,


She is the one named Sailor Moon.

She will never turn her back on a friend,

She is always there to defend,

She is the one on whom we can depend,

She is the one named Sailor...

"Neji, you go around her!"

Sailor Venus!

"Shikamaru, back him up!"

Sailor Mercury!

The demon tried running through them.

"Gaara, Lee! Don't let it get away!"

Sailor Mars!

Sailor Jupiter!

With secret powers all so new to her,(edit out)?

She is the one named Sailor Moon.(out?)

"Alright girls, it's time to end this!"

Fighting evil by moonlight,

Winning love by daylight,

"Your going down!".

With her Sailor Scouts to help fight,

"Who are you?!"

She is the one named Sailor Moon,

"I am a Champion of Justice,

She is the one named Sailor Moon,

and Defender Against Evil. I am..."

She is the one...

"Sailor Moon!"

The group of teens stood bravely in front of the docking bay. They had just completed their task of saving their city from harm.

"Good work girlies! Guess we can go home now." Naruto panted heavily, using his sailor frizbie took more energy this time around. His fellow teammates grunted and grinned at his enthusiasm, they turned to leave, not willing to change into their guyish forms until out of public view.

Just when they were exiting off the dock's bridge, rumbling errupted from within the waters, the very same spot the creature's corps rotted into.

They stared dumbfounded, not at all prepared for the sudden ambush from the shriveled woman. Her sights clearly set on Naruto, he barely had time to register the attack, closing his eyes as he inevitably waited for impact. Though when none came, he curiously peeked his eyes open slowly.

"Giving up so soon Sailor Moon?"

That voice, oh god please not him.

Naruto turned to look from the man in black to the demon who had a rose pierced through its' head, dissolving into liquid.

"I would have expected more from you."

That stupid...

"And what is that suppose to mean?" Naruto growled, with his high pitched voice.


"You mean besides you being a loser, or the part where you were just like a damsil in distress."

..white-mask wearing..

"Bastard!! Come down here so I can kick your ass!" Naruto fellow scouts looked at one another, ashamed to even be associated with the heated blonde at the moment.

"How scary coming from a little girl." The mysterious hero mused, while the blonde wailed in the arms of Lee.

"Calm down, Moon." Lee tried restraining the hyper he-she from going balistic. "We really should thank him for saving you."

Naruto turned his head sharply, looking at his green uniformed friend had suddenly gained two heads.

"No need for that, I mean if he thanked me for every time I saved him, we'd be here for awhile." He chuckled as this only fueled the blonde's irritation. "But alas, my darlings it is time for me to take my leave. "You girls be good now." He winked at Naruto, blowing a rose in his direction. Causing the red plant to touch and slide against the blonde's forehead.

"Yeah, you better run! Gah, why does he always do that?!" Naruto fumed, finally breaking free of Lee's deathly hug of doom.

"Troublesome. I think we should just go home, it's getting late and we all need rest." Mercury waved as they all seperated into their own directions.

Naruto and Neji walked home together, discussing their grades in Biology. It was apparent that Naruto really should get a tutor, though he was too stubborn to accept help from anyone outside of their 'group'. But Shikamaru was too busy with work in his uncle's computer company and Neji was preoccupied with his own job aswell.

"It's okay, I'm sure Iruka will understand somehow. See ya Neji." Naruto pressed his knuckles against the other's, waving a small good-bye and turning into his block.

"Yeah, Iruka will understand. I mean he loves me so much afterall." The blonde smiled confidently as he knocked on his house door. "Dad, it's me! Open up."Standing infront of his door, tired beyond belief he couldn't wait to get inside. Little did he know, when his door opened, it would reveal something horrible.

"Welcome home Naru-chan." Came the eeire greeting of non-other than-

"Kakashi-sensei?! What the hell are you doing in my house!"

"Now now, I merely came by to greet your father." He chuckled at the others' baffled expression. An evil smirk hidden well under his turtle neck sweater. He stepped down the porch stairs. Heading towards his parked car.


"Oh and ofcourse I told him about your recent score in my class." Chimed the silver-haired teacher.

Naruto looked scared and angry, facing towards his sensei. "I'm going to kill fucking you, you damn pervert!"

Stepping into his car and slowly reversing to leave, he pauses in the middle of the street smirking.

"Oh please try, maybe then I can come and console your lovely father when they lock you up. Have a nice weekened Naruto." He winked at his student before driving off victoriously.

"Gahhh!! Will these bastards never let me be?!"


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