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Chapter 5: To the rescue!

Friday came and went surprisingly slow. There was no Kakashi to glare profoundly at, only a sweet old substitute teacher that students tried to take advantage of. He wasn't late for any classes, and he and Kiba kept themselves occupied during lunch and class with ideal hopes for the trip during the coming weekend. He hadn't even encountered that demonic raccoon known as Gaara the whole day, he was quite happy with the red heads absence.

Though he couldn't scratch of this weird feeling that he was still being watched. Naruto didn't understand why, but he felt like every turn he made, could be seen by someone or something, lurking in the shadows. He tried not to stress over it, he didn't want as much grey hair as Kakashi when he got to that age. All in all it proved to be a good day. That is until the walk home.

Iruka was working late and promised to be done in under an hour, but Naruto just said he wanted to finish packing, and headed home alone. Even with that itchy feeling rising against his skin again, he didn't try to look and see if he was being followed. Naruto was just thankful his normal walk home only took about 10-15 minutes.

Halfway to his cozy home, he stopped by a street mall. Iruka's birthday wasn't so far off, and he had been meaning to get his father something. So he walked in and started browsing, wandering if he could find something within his budget.

"Can I help you sir?" Naruto turned around, facing a lanky figured blonde, her hair tied tightly up, making her face stretched around her forehead.

"Uh, just looking." He turned around, deciding to look at another part of the store. Though the woman continued to follow him.

"Is there anything specific you're looking for?" She looked at him oddly, almost as if expecting Naruto to just suddenly grab something and run.

"Ma'am, if I knew that, I would've just asked you. Now do you mind." He growled and turn around once more. Grabbing a little boxed trinket that caught his attention, it was gold with a rather pretty engraved design carved onto it. He wondered why he felt his heart beat at the sight of it. Even if it was a pretty chain.

"We'll be closing early today sir, in about 10 minutes." Naruto twitched, it was like she chimmed those words.

"I wouldn't take as long if you would just turn around and find someone else to harrass." Naruto hid the object he was holding and whipped around. "Or am I the only one that looks suspicious to you?"

The older woman had her nose higher up as she scoffed and turned to the side, offering Naruto space to go through. "Perhaps you should leave boy."

He brushed by her swiftly, wanting nothing more than to pull her hair and watch her skin pull back even more. As he headed towards the front of the store, he stumbled forward, a loud scream catching him off guard. He looked around sporadically, the floor he sprawled on rumbled.

"What the hell?" He stood up slowly, the screaming becoming even louder as a rush of people passed by him. He tucked the chain in his pocket, his mind suddenly on something else. He thought of running, he didn't want to look for unneccesary trouble. But he moved forward, instead of back towards the exit. Naruto could've sworn there was someone calling him, urging him to walk through the rush of people, and find the source of the chaos.

"What is that thing!" He heard a man scream as he bumped against Naruto. The blonde paused, seeing how the inner mall was being destroyed. Another crash errupted, the floor shaking once more. He looked around before his eye landed on something very...abnormal. At first glance he thought it was a snake. But even with the sizes snakes are known to grow, Naruto knew that something of that size couldn't be a reptile, nor human.

Naruto stared shocked at the unknown creature. It's long snake like body slithered slowly towards a group of kids who were near a mini playground inside the mall. He gulped, sweat was beading down his head in a sudden rush of anxiety. I should've just left. He looked around the floor looking for anything. I'm so stupid. He was shaking as he reached out for a piece of cement that broke off during the monster's rampage.

He lifted the piece of rubble and and paced forward slowly, hoping not to be heard. The kids were frightened themselves, he could see a woman trying to tell one girl to run as she layed on the floor bleeding, her foot looked to be stuck under something heavy.

"H-hey!" Naruto squeeked, wanting to catch the thing's attention rather than it go to the girl. But it ignored him. He cursed, wondering if what he had in mind was very sane of him. Sure he wanted to help, but he didn't even know what would happen once he caught the snakes attention.

He heard the little girl scream, seeing that the monster had opened its mouth at her. He lifted the cement block and threw it forward with whatever strength he could manage. By pure look, or bad chance, Naruto made a direct hit. The snake paused, and turned around slowly, as if trying to see where the blow came from. Naruto gulped as blue eyes locked with yellow slitted pupils.

"Shit." He backed up slowly as the monster turned his direction. "I'm really stupid." Naruto turned, darting back into the other direction. The snake had narrowed its eyes on its new prey.

Naruto turned in a zig zag motion, a lot of unwanted remains of merchandise were scattered throughout the mall, making it very tricky to even run without falling. He looked back seeing how the snake had its own problems getting through. But that would only suffice to slowing down the beast to Naruto's speed.

He was running around for sometime before a split pathway came into view, and for some reason he stood there, breathing heavily, wondering which way to go. He really wanted to go right, and find another exit. But something in the back of his head was turning his body left, urging him to follow the other direction. He didn't know why that voice in his head was guiding him there, to him it didn't even sound like his voice. It was deeper. But the hissing behind him was growing steadily stronger, leaving no room for debate.

Finally, after running around nearly the entire mall, he made stop at the center. Nothing seemed destroyed, at least not yet. The noise behind him had dissipated somewhat, giving him time to think before arousing again.

"I should hide." He panted to himself. Finding a pillar to stand behind before sinking down to his knees. Trying to catch his breathe. He turned his head to the side, trying to spot the monster, but he seemed safe. Naruto closed his eyes sighing in relief.

"Thank god, I lost-" He yelped loudly, a loud BOOM crackling throughout the mall as the pillar he leaned on was smashed through the middle. He crawled backwards, eyes startling wide. The snake was slithering closer, with a sinister smile. He whimpered lowly as his back met against the wall. Naruto stared at the snake for a mere second before it grabbed his legs with hidden arms. Flinging him across the empty center.

"Aaah!" His head collided painfully against the floor. He tried to lift himself up, but the snake had grabbed him once again, and toppled him towards the elevator, his head cracking the window that was the outside part of the elevator.

Naruto felt his head shakily, feeling an oozy liquid that made his fingers sticky, and made him dizzy. "Get up you fool!" Naruto groaned, turning to his side with uneasiness. There it was again, he thought bitterly. That voice that insisted he do what he had been doing all along. The voice he blamed for getting him into this mess.

Naruto looked back, the snake was approaching him again, he realized how far he had been thrown now. He tried to stand, and did so with little difficulty. But he was sure running would be hard to do at his state. He looked around instead, searching for a diversion. His eyes landing just across from him, a fire extinguisher layed on the floor. It had been hung by the elevator before he crashed near it.

He limped towards it and grabbed it just in time before he felt familiar claws grab his ankle again. He fell to the floor but twisted in time to release the extinguisher straight into its eyes. Naruto winced at the screeching noise, baffled with utter amazement at how it seemed to retreat while blinded.

"Don't just sit there! Finish it off!" He winced, his head thrumming on the inside."W-what the hell are you talking about...w-what am I talking about?" He staggered up and threw the extinguisher to the floor.

"You seriously don't know how?!" The voice in his head seemed to have doubled in volume. "Use your powers you insolen-"

"Wraaaaagh!!" He whipped his head around, the snake eyes were puffed, nearly blood red with irritation.

"P-powers?" His mind reeled slightly, a sense of deja' vu surfacing through his thoughts. "You can't mean..that dream I had?" The snake hissed more threatenly as Naruto spoke his words aloud. The side of the monsters face grew out, he hadn't notice what kind of snake it was. But by the way he was shaped, it was no doubt a cobra.

"God I hope it's not poisonous."

He dashed for higher ground as it charged straight towards him again. Shit shit shit! Just barely at the top of the stairs it grabbed him again, this time with it's teeth.

"Aaaagh!" He screamed in agony, kicking his other leg against the snakes face in desperation. He could see his foot losing a lot of blood, the teeth felt like it grazed against his bone.

"The amulet! Use it now!" After the thrid swift kick Naruto was freed, but was in utter pain. He kicked it again with both legs, writhing in pain as his leg started to burn now. But the blow sent the snake tumbling down a few stairs, landing itself in an uncomfortable position to work out.

"H-how!" Naruto yelled, his eyes tearing as he screamed to god knows who. "The words boy! Say the words!"

"I don't remember it!" He cried aloud, trying to think of the previous night. "It's coming back! Hurry!"

"Are you listening, god damnit! I can't say it, I dont even remember it!" Naruto's eyes widened as he heard the hissing noise again, He closed his eyes, pulling out the trinket he found earlier and squeezed it. "Think Naruto, think." He murmured desperately to himself.


"I can do this, I can remember it." He prayed he could, feeling his memories resurfacing one piece at a time. "Say the words!"

"M-moo powers..n-no...uhm prism...make-up..."

"Say the words or die!"

"Moon Prism Power Make Up?!"

Naruto gasped, he hadn't anticipated the white light to shine through the amulet in his hand. "Good job." He felt lite, like he did in his dream. Sailor Moon. Except it was all too real.

"What's happening?!" He was blinded by white, before feeling that same feeling on his skin. It was like someone grazing him with something as lite as a feather. Naruto closed his eyes. His body arching straight as he felt a tickle over the side of his neck. And strangely enough a slight breeze through his thighs. It was almost like he lost his pants.

"Woah." He stumbled awkwardly on his feet. Opening his eyes he looked around, feeling alot more relaxed. He looked at his hands. Naruto narrowed them a bit, my hands are so feminine...He blinked at the voice laughing in his head. He growled, feeling a bit embarrassed. "Shut up you damn-"

"Watch out!" Naruto jumped back, he twisted on his side to dodge the charging snake. It had crept up on the blonde unnoticed. He was silent with shock. Sure he was kind of athletic, but he had never been so nimble in his life. He backflipped out of instinct somehow.

"How did I do that?" He jumped again, maneuvering away from the tail several times as it lashed out in different directions. Naruto was estatic. He looked down at his ankle, finding that they weren't nearly as tattered as it had been before. Though the bite mark was still noticeable. When your done prancing around, you might actually wanna try hitting the thing. Naruto smiled, putting his set-up for a fight. His legs parted a bit, and he flushed.

He looked down to his abdomen to find that he wasn't wearing his black cargo pants, but a very prissy, blue skirt that hardly covered anything in his opinion. "Aaah!" He moved his hand towards his crotch, feeling naked from the change of clothes. "Oh no no no!" Naruto patted himself in the crotch, finding it to be very flat.

"My penis! Where did my penis go!" He bent down to look closer. Naruto felt something hit the side of the face, sending him flying a few feet. He skidded on the floor. His mind in a daze.

"Fool! Dont turn away from the monster in battle!"

"I don't care! Tell me what happened to my di-"

"For Neptune's sake!" Naruto frowned heavily. The one thing that he had going for him, something that was really worth admiring in his adolescent opinion. "It was the uhm..snake! Yes...er, when it bit you. The poison from it's fangs must have caused a- an allergic reaction. Kill the snake and you'll get it back. Yeah."

"No way!" Naruto growled, a sudden rage overwhelming him. He rose up, taking a more subtle fighting pose, his legs parted wide again. "So how do I kick its ass?"

"Like I was trying to tell you, use your tiara!"

"My what?" Naruto heard a sigh in his head. "Touch your forehead. Yell FRISBEE, and throw it."

"Hm, sounds simple enough." Naruto stood straight again, turning his head to the side as the snake was darting towards him for another round. He jumped up, grabbing his tiara. "Frisbee!" Naruto felt kind of ridiculous, but he would be damned if he left the snakey beast take away what made him a man.

"Woah!" He watched as the tiara sparkled and glittered as he shouted the magical word. He hadn't tried to aim to much, but it seemed that it had its on lock on the monster. It turned towards the side, going around like a circle. "Bullseye!" Naruto shouted, hearing the painful cry from his opponent. It circled back to him like a boomerang and he caught it where he stood.

"Frisbee!" He shouted estatically. It hit its mark with a two-hit combo as the tiara hit its face and bounced, turning around with more speed and hit its cheek.

"Focus! It won't deal a major blow til you concentrate your flow of energy in your attack."

Naruto nodded to himself. He held the tiara close to his face, eyes closed. He looked like a bowler getting ready to throw the ball. He calmed his breathing, letting his body relax. "Okay!" Blue eyes snapped opened, his body twirling in a hasty 360 degree turn, amplifying the speed of his attack when he released his tiara.

There was a disruptive screech that echoed throughout the abolishing mall. He covered his eyes, a sudden rush of dust engulfed him from ll around. As it slowly dissipated he could see the remains of the once might beast. Sickly enough all he could spot was the tail of the snake. Blood oozed out in a green like substance that held an ungodly smell. "Wow." Naruto slowly slid to the floor to sit. His body was reaching its own limit. He took the time to examine himself, the bite mark he was left with turned a darker shade of red, and his whole ankle looked puffed and swollen. He was certain he was poisoned.

"Just great-"

"Wraaaugh!!" Naruto's head whiped up. He couldn't believe it! With it's long slithering tail the snake still was charging at him! It was no doubt hiding unbeknownst to Naruto and the moment it pounced for him Naruto's reaction was too late. The beast moved on pure will without the support of half its lower body, but still was close enough to kill the blond. His jaw slacked as his eyes sprang open, he attempted to shield himself with his arms, waiting, for a deadly blow.

"You really should be careful, a pretty girl like you could really get killed by such a thing." Naruto's arms dropped as soon as the unfaniliar voice spoke. Just inches away, the mysterious figure had snatched the beast by its' head. The snake looked passed dead, its body completely lifeless and still. He watched as his unknown savior flung the beast across the mall.

"What...How did you..."

The other smirked. It was then that Naruto 2 second late mind began proccessing the male. The connection suddenly hitting him full force. "Your that guy from TV! Tuxedo..mask?"

"Pretty and Smart." Although the man chuckled, Naruto could've sworn he held some sarcasm in his tone. "Though I'm surprised you lasted as long as you did. Your tougher than you look."

"Hey! You can't call me pretty if I'm a g--" Naruto paused and looked at himself. Tuxedo mask looked down as well, although the two were clearly eyeing different places.

"I see." Naruto almost blushed from embarrassement. "You've been bitten." He figured the other knew his penis dissappeared. But instead Tuxedo Mask held Naruto's legs gently in his hand, his face leaning forward. The blond nearly squeeked when the raven-haired hero began sucking him around his wound. He was about to protest when he heard people rushing in.

'Is anyone one there?!'

'Does someone need help?!'

Naruto's flushed face met those who were searching the mall. Some seemed to have been television reporters and shrieked as the ran closer to them on the floor.

'Look! It's Tuxedo Mask!" However the mysterious fellow didn't budge until he had ridden Naruto of any poison in his body. The blonde swore he saw pictures being taken from a distance.

"I have to get o-out of here!" Almost as instantly as he spoke, he was hoisted up. The smirk on his savior's face was almost intimidating. Tuxedo Mask jumped into the air offering a smile at the people before whipping his black cape around, and just like a shroud of darkness, Naruto was blinded and lost. Before he knew it, he was somewhere outside, it looked liked the park near his home.

"L-let me go damnit!" Being placed down Naruto tried to stand straight, not making eye contact with the other. But he could tell the he was being stared at.

"Look, thanks for saving me and all." He muttered as quickly and lowly as he could.

"It was my pleasure....Miss?"

Naruto eyed him just then, almost darkly. "Why do you keep reffering to me as a girl?" If it wasn't for the fact that he was fustrated, tired, and hungry as hell; Naruto would have laughed at the other's expression.

"You're a blond wearing a sailor like version of a highschool girl's uniform with high boots, a tiara and pig tails. Trully I am sorry for the misconception." Naruto blushed. "Plus I doubt you could tuck anything back and away from view in that small skirt." And almost like that a part of Naruto's manhood ceased to exist.

"Nonetheless, it is traditional for someone to give their name." He stared at the blonde almost daringly. "Especially when that certain person just saved your life. And seeing as you know mines, it's only fare."

Naruto sighed, he turned his head to the side. His mind trying to figure if his real name would seem like a lie at this point. "My name is...Sailor Moon." He peered back at Tuxedo Mask as he felt the male grab his long sleeved gloved covered hand, and brought it close to his face.

"It was a pleasure saving you today Sailor Moon." He placed a firm kiss against Naruto's hand. "I look forward to our next encounter, where ever it may be." Letting go of the blond's hand he smirked as he once again used his black coat to shroud everything into darkness. Before Naruto realized it he was left alone at the park.

Peering down at his molested hand he flushed before screaming. "I'll get you back for that you bastard!!" Of course, he would defend his manhood once he regained his 'pride and joy' back down there.

The day seemed to have passed so quickly. As Naruto peered up, he saw how dark the day had become since he first entered the mall. He sat on the floor clumsily, feeling a need to rest his body. A sudden warmthful feeling surrounded him. He closed his eyes as his body began to feel lite again. He wasn't concerned with what his body was doing, rather he just wanted to stay still, not worry about something jumping at him, and relax before he made it back to his cozy home where Iruka would be waiting and wondering what had happened. But until then, he was just as content laying on the grass, a slight breeze passing over him, as he closed his eyes just for a little while.


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