Summary: Follow Harry's basic education of yet another art Severus Snape is quite proficient in.


Warnings for later chapters: Adult Language, Sexual Situations, Spoilers, BDSM, Voyeurism, Contains Slash Sex.


AN: For the story you are about to read it is necessary for me to point out a few things that are not according to canon (that don't follow the books or films).

1) Severus Snape very obviously survived and pleasures us with his usual (hopefully) sarcastic self

2) The timeline is actually according to the books, I just squeezed another year in there so that Harry could complete his ((cough cough)) education (no, Professor McGonagall I don't need coughing drops). That means Harry's of age (which he would be anyway in the wizarding world)

3) I very obviously ignored that little fling Harry and Ginny had going on and yes, that means the epilogue in Deathly Hallows does not exist for me

4) Harry's private lessons with Severus Snape have continued although DADA (Defence against the Dark Arts) was included

5) I ignored Severus Snape teaching DADA in The Half-Blood Prince

6) I'm not sure if I've forgotten something but if so: I'm sorry

Other things I like to point out:

1) The story is already finished. So there's no need to worry about being left in the middle of it. I'll update (almost) every day

2) This is not supposed to be a master piece of fanfic even though I did my best to make it as enjoyable as possible. My purpose was to portray a different side of the BDSM lifestyle as the one that is commonly known (it is also my first fanfic I've ever written, even though it's not the first one that I have published)

3) If you don't know what BDSM is, I recommend a visit to wikipedia


Disclaimer: As you all know: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, bla bla bla No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.


Another Kind Of Magic




After the war and defeating Voldemort, Harry had believed that he finally would be able to live a normal life, to be the normal person he had always thought he was.

You see, because until his eleventh birthday that was exactly what he had thought he was: just Harry, a normal boy. But he had been proved wrong and learned that in fact he was a wizard.

Well, the next best thing to being a normal boy was being a normal wizard, but that thought hadn't last for long. Only hours after knowing that he was a wizard, he found out that he was famous in the world he had no knowledge of. He was The Boy Who Lived, later then The Chosen One.

That was all good and well; so he was the legendary wizard that was supposed to kill You Know Who, but at least he was a normal healthy teenager who woke up with stained sheets caused by dreams he couldn't remember.

Then he discovered that kissing Cho didn't quite have the effect on him as his dreams had, but walking in on two boys groping each other heatedly obviously did something to his blood pressure – at least according to his tented trousers.

Being not just Harry, but The Golden Boy Who Is Gay was only another adjustment to which Harry got accustomed to; he was good in adapting after all.

The fact that not everything was as it seemed at first sight (for example his father, Snape, Dumbledore's death) was quite a shock, but not one as big as the one realising that he had to walk up and embrace death to vanquish Voldemort.

But even death wasn't what it seemed to be – not for him anyway and he came back and truly defeated the epitome of evil.

After the first couple of months in which the wizarding world was celebrating freedom, Harry had thought that now was the time to be what he always wanted to be: just Harry, a health gay wizard.

Far from it because Harry was The Boy Who Killed You Know Who That Still Had A Piece Missing.

Harry knew that this missing piece was related to his nightly dreams (the ones staining the sheets), which had not only become more explicit but he also remembered parts of them – much to his embarrassment.

Obviously Harry wouldn't be Harry if he wouldn't at one point decide to go to the bottom of things – at least if they don't disappear by themselves. It was also very obvious that Harry wasn't into research as much as others and after two rather unsuccessful hours of trying to find information in the Internet during the summer break, he opted to ask someone – even if that meant that he had to face a certain dark haired wizard.