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Warning: Adult content!

Severus smiled softly while he listened to Harry's description. It sounded like something quite a few submissives were talking about: subspace. "No, Harry. I did not put a spell on you. BDSM has it's own magic," he said. "Other bottoms experience similar things while in a play."

"Wow, I like this kind of magic."

Severus chuckled softly. "That's good then. I'm glad you do. Still remember your safe word?"

"Sure do, sir. Red."

"Good. Now go."

Harry smiled once more then turned and disappeared into the bathroom.


With a smile Severus collected the flogger and headed for the bedroom. He wasn't surprised about Harry's experience with subspace. If at all he was amazed about how easily he went there.

Severus closed the door behind him. There were some things he wanted to prepare even if they might not use them. He took his wand out and pointed it into the left hand corner. Out of thin air there appeared a solid post, which was encased in the ground and the ceiling. It was placed so that he could still walk around it and reach the tied up person from every side. There was a bolt with a metal ring on it a little higher than six feet.

Severus took the bar that leaned in the corner. Out of habit he checked the rings that were fixed at both ends of the bar, then the one in the middle. Satisfied he hooked the bar to the post and pulled on it, using all his weight for the test.

After that he arranged a goblet with juice (with straw) some tissues and of course some lube. Since he would play with another wizard he neglected the safety scissors for emergencies, he could use his wand instead.

With another flick of his wand, Severus had ropes attached to the four-poster bed, already with hooks at the ready. He quickly checked the ropes as well and then went to his wardrobe. In one corner were clothes that he hadn't looked at for ages. He took out a pair of black leather pants and a simple black button shirt. It wasn't fancy but it served the purpose of setting a difference to his usual attire when he was not in role.

He got changed and even though the pants were a little loose he felt good in them. The last item to complete his outfit was a leather belt that had a holster for his wand.

After a last look around the room to see if he had forgotten anything he went to the door. But just before he opened it Severus turned back around and with a wave of his wand he had many candles floating in the air. Pleased with the now created atmosphere he reached for the door and opened it.

Harry stood outside, staring into space but he turned his head as he heard Severus. Like he had been told to he had taken off his shirt.

"You look hot – if I may say so," Harry said looking Severus up and down.

"You may and thank you," Severus replied with a chuckle. "I hoped it would increase the sexy bastard factor." As expected Harry blushed at the allusion, causing Severus to chuckle even more. "Come in," Severus said, moving to the side to let Harry pass.

Severus closed to door behind Harry and when he turned around he found Harry staring at the tying post in the corner. He stepped behind Harry and put his arms around him. "I thought you might want to look at some things," Severus said close to Harry's ear and he could feel the tremor that ran through his body.

"I believe your body agrees with the idea, does it?" Severus probed, dropping his voice to a seductive murmur.

Another shudder passed through Harry before he answered with a whisper: "Yes, sir."


Harry's mouth was dry and his heart throbbed franticly as Severus led him to the tying post and stood him right before it with his face towards the post. The older wizard placed first one of Harry's hand on the bar and then the other without tying them to it.

"Just feel it, Harry," Severus said lowly.

Harry stood there his arms spread and closed his eyes. He could feel Severus behind him and even though he knew he was there, he quivered when he felt the first contact on his back. Feather light touches caressed his skin, then strong fingers moved firmly over the muscles on his back. Every inch of his upper body was being touched; even his arms and hands weren't forgotten. He had goosebumps everywhere and the hair in his neck stood erect. Then Severus drew lines with his fingernails on his skin, yet another sensual sensation that left Harry swaying on his feet.

Suddenly Severus moved forward and pressed Harry between the post and his body, causing Harry to gasp in surprise. But the gasp turned into a deep groan as Severus' fingers caught his nipples and pinched them. It wasn't too hard but Harry felt like a stroke of lightning had hit him and he pressed himself against Severus. Feeling the bulge of Severus' hard cock push into his arse only intensified Harry's desire and made his own hard cock twitch.

Severus' hands left his nipples and moved to his buttocks, kneading them with strong fingers. "I know you are already more then set to being fucked now. But I'm not quite done yet playing with you," Severus said into Harry's ear, provoking another gasp.

This man was about to make Harry loose his mind.

"Let's get rid of those clothes."

Harry dropped his hands to the waistband of his jeans.

"What do you think you are doing?" Severus growled.

Harry's eyes popped open at the sound of Severus' voice. "Getting undressed, sir, like you said."

Much to Harry's relief Severus chuckled about the reply. "It was a figure of speech," he said. "As much as I'm pleased to learn that you at long last decided to follow my orders quite eagerly… weren't you supposed to hold on to something?"

Harry felt Severus' hands on his arms and then the older wizard brought Harry's hands back up to the bar.

"I'm sorry, sir."

"Since I didn't tell you to not let go, you are out of trouble – for now," Severus countered in a silky voice.

Harry swallowed. But the thought about which kind of trouble Severus had been talking about was soon pushed out of his mind. Severus' hands slid down on his arms, once more covering his skin with goosebumps, then down his sides and finally they moved to the front of his jeans, causing Harry's cock to remind him how constricted it was. As though Severus had read Harry's mind (or better Harry's cock's mind), he popped open button after button, all the while carefully avoiding his hard member as much as possible.

Harry tried to still himself, to not react but his body had a mind of his own.

"Impatient, are we?" Severus whispered into his ear.

"Not… too much, sir."

"Good," Severus said. "Because it's going to take a while until we get there," he added and pressed his palm against Harry's cock. Harry had barely inhaled for a deep groan when the hand was gone again. He couldn't stifle a little disappointed sound.

Severus only chuckled and continued to strip Harry out of his jeans and briefs.

The air caressing his naked skin made Harry shiver. He wasn't really cold though, it was excitement mixed with anticipation and a little nervousness.

One of Severus' hands lay on Harry's hip and he could feel the warmth spreading from there.

"Close your eyes and feel, Harry," Severus murmured.

Harry obeyed and then felt something else touch his shoulder. It was an incredible sensual feeling as if handful of heavy velvety strings were dragged over his shoulders, his arms and his back.

"You like it?" Severus asked quietly beside his ear.

Harry nodded. "Yes, sir."

The thing – whatever it was – was dragged once more over his shoulder, then Harry felt it on his head and in his face.

"Smell it," Severus commanded sedately.

Harry inhaled deeply the rich and heavy scent. It reminded him of – Harry gasped. Leather!

"It's the flogger touching you like this."

"It feels very… nice, sir."

"It's quite sensuous, isn't it?"

"Yes, sir."


Severus smiled. Step one of introducing a new bottom to the flogger was successfully accomplished. Time for them to move to step two.

Severus pulled the flogger back over Harry's shoulder and stood back a little. Swinging the toy just lightly, causing the tips of the threads to tap softly against the young man's skin, Severus continued to prepare Harry for what was about to come.

There was no need for hurry and Severus took his time letting the gentle taps rain over Harry's body.

Very slowly Severus increased the strength of the hits and concentrated his aim onto Harry's shoulders and buttocks. They were close to the point where the strokes would become noticeable as more then deliberate blows.

Severus' senses were focused sorely onto Harry's reactions when he aimed the first serious blow onto the firm muscle of Harry's butt. He heard the long moan and saw the hip jerking forward and how it was pushed back an instant later as if asking for more.

Severus attended the other cheek with a smack and once more listened to Harry's moaned reply and watched the answer of the younger wizard's body.

After two more hits with much the same effect, Severus stepped forward and grabbed the juice on the way. Standing beside Harry, Severus rubbed the now softly glowing buttocks with one hand, causing Harry to press his butt against Severus' hand. "How are you doing there?"

"…fine… sir,"

"Good," Severus replied, holding the goblet with juice in front of Harry's mouth. "Have a sip, please."

His cock twitched intrigued as Severus watched Harry's lush lips move over the straw forming an 'o' before they closed over it. He was just about to say something but quickly thought better of it. It wouldn't be any good to have Harry suffocate by swallowing the wrong way. Instead Severus moved one hand up to Harry's to check the circulation in his fingers and found them warm.

Severus put the goblet on its place and turned back to Harry. "Now where were we at?"

"Er- you were showing me how flogging feels, sir?" Harry answered with his head turned to Severus.

"Ah, yes, that's right." Stepping behind Harry, Severus grabbed the younger man's firm buttocks with spread fingers, provoking a low moan from Harry as he kneaded them. "Am I correct to presume that the flogger is much to your liking?" He wanted to know before he nibbled with his teeth on Harry's shoulder and neck.

There was an eager nod before the words finally dropped from Harry's lips: "Yes. sir. Quite… correct."

Almost growling Severus bit into the fleshy part between Harry's shoulder and neck causing the younger man to inhale sharply. After holding the flesh for a moment, Severus released it again and licked over the marks his teeth had left.

"So do you want to feel more of that flogger?"

The thrust of Harry's hip and the mumbled plea was all the answer Severus needed.

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