Summary: Rukia uncovers a strange website.

All characters © Kubo Tite

Ichigo and Rukia discover Fanfiction

Chapter I

"Ne, Ichigo, why do you get so many 'pop-ups,' as you called them?"

"Shut up," Ichigo replied comfortably from his bed to the tiny shinigami at his desk. "Just be glad I'm letting you use my computer."

Kuchiki Rukia looked over at him. "True," she replied. "The only computers in Seireitei are in the twelfth division for the Bureau, so we were never allowed to use them anyway…what's this?" She directed her attention back to the pulsing screen, giving a random click of the mouse every few seconds.

Ichigo sighed. As much as the shinigami annoyed him, he was glad to have her back. After the Bount invasion, after the whole Aizen incident…they were finally home and had some time off, even if it was only for a little while. With all the chaos in his world that consisted of things that no normal teenage boy should have to endure, Ichigo began to realize just how sweet leisure time really was.


The orange-haired boy turned his head curiously at the sound. Rukia had her head cocked and a slight frown plaguing her features. Her dark violet eyes were a shiny white, reflecting the computer screen's brightness.

"Look at this site I found, Ichigo—ooh, they have manga!" Ichigo rolled his eyes. "Idiot, what did you click now?"

She answered, "How should I know? It says '' at the top though."

Ichigo shrugged. "Never heard of it. Stop clicking random shit or you'll screw up my computer."

"Fool," was her only reply. Her face brightened abruptly and she raised her slender fingers to the keyboard. "I wonder…" she murmured. He looked up at her sudden silence.

"Ooh, look, Ichigo! Look what happened when I typed in my name, come look!"

With a grumble, Ichigo heaved himself off the edge of the bed and sourly came over to the desk. Rukia was jabbing a finger at the screen excitedly.

"I typed 'Rukia' in the little search rectangle and all these results appeared!"

"First of all, it's called a search box," Ichigo began. He squinted at the writing on the screen over Rukia's shoulder. "2,665 results?"

"Hey look, they have your name too! And Renji's! And Kon's! And…who the hell is Grimmjow?" She broke off.

"What in the world is this?" She did not sound afraid, merely interested.

Ichigo would never admit it aloud, but he was harboring some curiosity of his own at seeing his name online.

"Well, click one and see what it says," he told her.

"Which one?"

"How should I know, dumbass? Just pick one."

Rukia grinned with anticipation and closed her eyes. She swished the mouse about and with her eyes shut clicked suddenly. Unfortunately she had opened her eyes too late and missed the title of the link she had clicked; the new page was already starting to load. Ichigo looked thoughtful from behind her.

Once the new page had formed, the two gazed at the writing.

"It's a story about us…this appears to be the fiction of the fans, if I'm not mistaken," the small shinigami said seriously.

"Why the hell would we have fans?" Ichigo asked, an eyebrow twitching sporadically.

Rukia bounced her shoulders in a shrug and gazed at the screen. Something had caught her eye. "Hey Ichigo, why do they have the word 'lemon' at the top?"

"No freaking clue. Scroll down."

To be continued..

Uh oh. I forsee some trouble in the future chapter(s?). I won't be too cruel.