A/N: Right, Let Me Explain, Yes Siri Tachi Is A Charecter In A Few Star Wars Book, I'm Not Gaining Money From This. Siri Is My RP Charecter. Kaidel Belongs To My Friend Liam And Sabin Belongs To My Friend Phil. Kaidel and Sabin are Ying and Yang, And Siri's The Girl Between.

Ying&Yang. And The Girl Between.

Chapter 1: The Beginning, The Best Place In A Story To Start.

"Siri Tachi. Will you shut up!" the voice rang out throughout the classroom and every head turned to look at the trio at the back.

The culprit had her head on the desk, laughing hysterically. The boy to her left was staring back at the class. His black emotionless eyes glaring daggers at everyone,
The boy to her right was looking at her as if she was insane, Which to any bystander is how she looked.

"Sir, I think She should go outside" Said a red haired girl sat at the front, Siri at this suggestion sat up pointing at the girl.

"You get out you two faced snotty brat" Siri yelled loudly.

"Siri Rose Adalia Tachi.. . GET out of my class room" The teacher yelled. Siri grabbed her things, grabbed the boy to the left and the boy to her right and ran out of the room laughing hysterically again.

"Siri, Are you insane" Said the boy who was sat to her right. He looked unimpressed.

"Yes, Infact I am, Sabin. Chill" She laughed nudging him. He looked very unhappy, he walked off.

"Si?" The other boy said Looking at her and smiling.

"Yes Kaidel James GrĂ¡oli?" She teased. The boy went to hit her but bear-hugged her instead. She looked at him and smiled.

"Hush, Siri." Kaidel laughed.

"Make me" After Siri and basically challenged Kaidel he lent down and kissed her, She smiled. "Good job. Come on lets get Sabby" Siri grabbed Kaidel's hand and ran after Sabin.

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