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"Oh, What the fu-" Siri stopped mid sentence as she looked round the room, Sabin raised his head and looked at her. Siri scanned the room, Once again. No Elanii, No Kaidel, Medical Equipment and Sabin. "Medical bay" Siri muttered.


"Why?" She Sat up and noticed the small tubes going into her arm.

"You had a vision, Again. Siri, What Day is it?" Sabin said checking a fluid bag that was attached via a tube to Siri.

"Wednesday. Why?"

"Wrong, its Monday." Sabin looked at Siri and frowned, If you had woke up yesterday you would of seen Kai. I sent him home, He's refused to leave you. Kept saying it was all his fault or something"

"Monday…I've slept four whole days…" Siri muttered.

"Yes, You Truly are sleeping beauty" Muttered Sabin as Siri yawned.

"Hm?" She asked. "Can I go now?"

"Nuh" Sabin said, Lightly pushing Siri back onto the bed. "Tell me what you saw first"


"In Your Vision"

"Oh, I Don't Remember, I Forget Them" Siri Looked round the room once again.

"Fine, Lets go" Sabin said as he started to remove whatever tubes were attached to Siri.

Back in the Dorm rooms Kaidel and Elanii were waiting for the other two to arrive.

"So, You and Sabin?" Kaidel laughed looking up from his book.

"Hm?" Elanii looked up from the kitchen counter where she was preparing food.

"Oh Come off it Lanii, The way you both look at each other. Something's going on"

"Between who?" Sabin said walking through the door followed by an unusually quiet Siri.

"Si!" Kaidel dropped everything he was doing literally and the book fell to the floor with a loud thump, He ignored it as he ran to Siri and hugged her, She just stood there slightly motionless before lifting her arms up to hug him.

"Kaidel, Leave her be for a while. She's still confused" Sabin muttered while he walked to Elanii. "Oh, Back to the conversation I walked in on, Between who"

"You and E-" Kaidel stopped. "Never mind…"

"About us?" Sabin laughed looking at Elanii.

"Well, Its just-" Kaidel stopped as Siri spoke.

"You two are made for each other, Just date already"

"Date…Us?" Sabin looked puzzled and blushed slightly. Elanii did the same.

"Basically you two are both smart, popular and for god-sake Sabin Kiss her" Kaidel laughed, earning a death glare from Sabin.

"Or, Hook up at the party tonight" Siri laughed leaning on Kaidel.

"Party?" Sabin questioned.

"More of a dance, Whole school thing" Siri said waving her arms about to show she was confused.

"Right, lets all go get ready." Elanii said grabbing Siri and pulling her towards the bedrooms. "Lets go get ready."

"The Dance is Not for another…hour or so Lanii…" Siri said being dragged backwards.

"Yes, But you do know we have to do our hair…"

"Ah yes Lets Go" Siri said linking arms with Elanii and walking to the door.

Siri smiled as she shut the door leaving the boys.

9:15pm The LCD screen flashed at Sabin.

"They're late" He said standing by the mirror.

"Stop looking at your reflection" Kaidel said. He was fiddling with his tie.

"Oh yeah, coming from the boy who spent almost an hour in the bathroom"

"Hey, I have to look perfect yanno" Laughed Kai.

"Who's perfect?" Siri said walking into the room in a blue and white dress. Her Blonde hair cascading to the point just below her shoulder blades.

"You are" Kaidel said walking to Siri and bowing. She just laughed.

"Hey guys" Elanii said walking in, She was in a silvery-grey dress. Her hair was curly and tied up with strands hanging loosely down.

Sabin turned round from the mirror.

"Woah" Sabin said, quickly realising he spoke aloud he blushed.

"I'll take that as a good thing" Elanii laughed twirling around on the spot.

"No fair, She looks better than me" Siri pouted.

"Impossible" Kaidel laughed kissing Siri.

"Oh, I don't know. Elanii looks…Yeah" Sabin said smiling and walking to her, He bowed and linked arms with her. "Shall we m'lady" He smiled.

"You spend too much time with Kaidel" She laughed.

"Come on" Siri said walking with Kaidel out the door.

"Elanii…Wait" Sabin said grabbing her hand lightly as if to stop her from walking on with the others.

"Yes?" She said turning and smiling. Sabin froze. He had always admired her smile, her eyes, her dress sense, her music, Everything. And now she was here, With him. In that dress. He blushed.

"Its Just…" He Stopped. How could he tell her, From the day they met he loved her.

"What Sabin?" She Smiled. He blinked. And lent down and kissed her. She blushed. Unaware to Sabin, Elanii felt the same as him. She kissed him back and he smiled.


"That's what you wanted to tell me?" She smiled and looked into his ocean like eyes.

"Actually, I wanted to tell you from the day we met you have driven me insane, Every moment I have thought about you." He touched her hair "Your hair, Your eyes, You. Everything about you amazes me so much. And I love it."

"Sabin…Everything about you amazes me as well. And I don't love it." Elanii spoke and Sabin looked down to the ground.

"I love you" She whispered. He looked up and smiled. Kissing her again he whispered.

"Shall we go to this dance then?"

"Yes. Lets" She smiled. Holding his hand they walked out of the room together…