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The door creaked when it opened a bit. Silky silver hair came to her sight.

"Namine?" the light blue eyed asked. She smiled at him, warm and welcoming.

"Yes, Riku?"

"Could I- could you you help me with this, please?" He pulled out a little piece of paper with slight sketching on it. Namine nodded, gesturing him inside.


He came in, closing the door behind him. His black cloak made him stand out from the white room, but his pale skin and silver mane faded back in. Namine smiled, having another great idea for a picture.

"So, what exactly do you need help with?" she asked him. Riku showed her his drawing.

"I just can't get this done without messing it up. Could you show again how you draw that?" He looked at her hopeful. She looked at the drawing, then at Riku, nodding. He grinned, standing behind her to watch the beautiful artist do her work. She started right away, sketching, erasing a bit, and drawing again. Riku watched in awe. She had showed him how to draw, even though he was still not even close to being as good as her.

He leaned over her shoulder, his silver hair falling onto her shoulder. Namine didn't look up when their cheeks brushed, but the smirking boy saw a faint blush appear on her features.

"Riku, I can't concentrate like this."

His smirk vanished for a moment, but he grew an even wider one. He kissed the artist on the cheek which immediately turned deep red. She stopped drawing, fidgeting with her fingers in her lap.

"Riku-" but when she looked up to him he gave her a full blown kiss on her lips. The blond's crystal blue eyes widened before they closed.

She was speechless after he had pulled back. He smirked at her again and placed another playful kiss on her pink lips. His hands cupped around her face, making the red on her features even deeper.

"Namine, you're so beautiful. And to me, you're not a witch, but an enchantress." He kissed her again.

"Can I be your prince, my queen?" Namine smiled blushing. The silver haired kissed her again. As her hand rose to rest behind his neck, she brushed past the drawing which floated to the floor.

It was a blond, drawing, and a silver haired looking over her shoulder.

I needed some cuteness. and RikuNami can be so cute. and this is so short, especially for my standards.

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