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Warnings: This features m/m slash, which means that two men are portrayed in a romantic relationship. If that bothers you, skip this story and read something you are comfortable with. This story is rated PG-13, or T.

Pairings: Hwoarang/Jin

Bedded Rivals

by Salysha

Chapter 1: Rude Awakening

Jin Kazama woke up to the weight of another person on his chest and groaned. Then frowned. Then woke up completely as he realized that it was, indeed, the weight of someone else on his very person.

Hwoarang was sprawled across him comfortably. His arm was flung across Jin's chest, and his leg... With something of a panic, Jin picked Hwoarang's leg off his crotch, where it had lain snugly. He pushed Hwoarang away, and the other man flinched and muttered something in his sleep.

Jin struggled up and made another unexpected, unwelcome discovery: he was wearing only his underwear. He looked at Hwoarang and discovered that the other man was completely nude. Jin moved with haste to draw the covers over him more modestly.

Jin virtually flung himself on the floor and felt his way around all the clothing lying around the bed. He gave a sigh of relief when his fingers finally touched the familiar fabric of his sweatpants. He found his boots and, last, the hoodie. He grabbed it and went for the door...

"Jin." The voice was sleepy.

"Jin?" Jin's voice rose. Since when did Hwoarang call him "Jin?"

A snort. "That's your given name, Kazama."

Jin forgot to feel offended. Instead, he wondered what kind of a prank this was, and more importantly, how he was going to get out of it. Maybe this was a nightmare?

"You don't have to go, you know. You could stay." Hwoarang did not sound smug this time.

"Uh, no, it's all right. I have to go." Jin made a move toward the door.

"Everything okay?"

"I must go. I am sorry," Jin said and slipped out to avoid any follow-up questions.

He and Hwoarang were in bed, together? And on a first-name basis? And judging by Hwoarang's reaction, there was nothing odd about it all.

Jin was not even sure where to start listing all the things that were off with this. He glanced about, and finally decided he could not even remember where his room was. He headed downstairs.

As it was, downstairs was anything but empty. It was Friday night, and the tournament had a day off the next day. A roaring party was taking place, and with vague drowsiness, Jin realized that he had completely missed the noise of frolicking until now.

As he stepped into the lounge, a thunder of applause and whistles broke out. Luckily, the game of strip poker around the table soon took most people's attentions away.

"Lookwhoshere!" A thoroughly inebriated Steve Fox appeared out of nowhere and slapped Jin hard on the back. "Didn't s'pect t'see you luvbirds 'ere t'night, mate. "


"Where'dya leave yourother half? Steve glanced on both sides of Jin in a largely overacted fashion and almost dropped on the floor, only Jin reacted quickly and pulled him upright. "Ta." Steve seemed to forget about Jin then, and happily floundered elsewhere, leaving Jin befuddled.

"Don't mind him. He has had a few drinks too many," a female voice remarked. Julia Chang had a drink in her hands, but she sounded sober and sat upright. "Or rather, he had a few too many, and decided to have a few too many more. That boy is going to be sorry tomorrow."

When Jin said nothing, she frowned. "Everything okay? Hey, you in there? Sit down." She gestured at a seat.

"Wha— what's happening here?"

"Exactly what it looks like: a wild night of partying. You should have seen Christie earlier. Never knew that girl had it in her...," Julie said with clear disbelief. "Or you, for that matter. You of all people, who are all so proper and, I don't know, dignified?"

Jin looked alarmed. Julia Chang took his look for something else as she hurried to continue. "I didn't mean that in a bad way; don't look at me like that. I just meant that you don't seem like the partying type, and all of a sudden, you are going at it like mad with Hwoarang— Hey, stop that. I don't mean that in a bad way, either; it just was a surprise."

"It was?" Jin was unsure what he was supposed to say, or if this counted as a question.

"Oh, come on. You didn't think it was? It doesn't make a difference to me, but Xiaoyu took it hard. The poor thing ran to her room, and she hasn't come out all evening. I think—"

"What happened?"

"Hey, what is it with you? You were there."

"Remind me," Jin said numbly.

"You really don't look too well," said Julia and gave Jin a critical once-over. "Fine, fine, I'll recap the evening for you. Your new boyfriend will be disappointed if you go amnesiac on him."

Surprising himself, Jin didn't even flinch.

Julia described the course of the evening to him, while only the wild cheers from the poker table interrupted her. Julia did not question repeating the events to him, and Jin surmised she must have had more to drink than she let on.

A good few people had gathered downstairs. They had made some punch out of the bootleg Bryan Fury had smuggled in and acquired a legion of other drinks from dubious sources. They had put on some loud music, drunk the punch, and listened to the music. Jin had come in when they already had the party underway. He had stayed, uncharacteristically—Julia repeated her view that he wasn't much of the partying type.

At that point, Julia had left and come back later, and then, well, they were at it. Hwoarang and Jin had everyone's attention as they were kissing each other's brains out and stroking each other and taking turns trapping one another against a wall. Julia seemed quite flushed describing it and helped herself to another drink.

"And everyone was cheering you on."


"Not just the girls. Guys, too."

Was that supposed to be a compliment?

"Anyway, then you took it to your room. Half the house heard you on the stairs—you nearly broke the rails. But it got okay once you got wherever you were going. We continued here downstairs, and the party's been nonstop since." Julia sank into silence and rolled the empty glass in her fingers tiredly. "Where'd you leave Hwoarang?" she asked suddenly.


"I don't feel well. Excuse me." Julia vacated the chair and rushed out of the room. Jin was left sitting, with a surreptitious headache building.

Now that Jin was alone, he noticed that other people in the room were giving him looks. Most who noticed that he had noticed winked, or made suggestive gestures and winked afterward. Anna Williams realized that she had been caught and she blew him a kiss, which might been sensual had she not licked her lips and looked at Jin with a predatory glance. Jin felt suddenly like he was prey.

"You dog." Jin barely turned toward the accented voice when Lee Chaolan plopped into the vacant seat. Lee had obviously had more than his share of drinks and seemed to be in great spirits. Usually a snappy dresser, he'd loosened his collar considerably. "What'd you do with your boyfriend; did you wear him out already?" Lee said with a laugh.


"Don't worry. I won't need details. We got the preview already."


Lee did not seem too intent on exchanging more pleasantries. Instead, he glanced about the room with an appreciative eye, apparently not at all bothered by Jin's discomfort.

"What are you trying to accomplish?" a deep voice rang.

Lee made no haste to turn toward the speaker. When he did, he leered openly. "Kazzuuy-ya. Didn't think I'd see you here. Shouldn't you be off stabbing someone in the back?"

The already foul mood of Kazuya Mishima took a dive for the worse. "What do you know about it, maggot?"

"Not nearly as much as you do. You like to talk big; too bad you can't play the action, unlike Jin here. Happy to see that at least someone in the Mishima family has balls."

"Leave my son out of this." Kazuya was bordering on fury now.

Lee wasn't one bit intimidated. "Such nasty habits you got, Kazuya. Learn from someone with style." He rose from the chair gracefully and leaned in. "Like me."

Before a fight broke out, Lee turned his back on Kazuya and said to no one in particular, "I better find some fresh air and better company. No offense, Kazama." With a swing to his hips and wave of his arm, he left the scene, leaving a dumbfounded Jin and an enraged Kazuya behind.

Kazuya clenched his fists and then seemingly decided that the time and the place were not right. With the briefest nod of acknowledgement to Jin, he too exited, only in the opposite direction.

Jin did not feel like he could stay here any longer. He just longed to get to bed—alone—and deal with this mess in the morning. He still hoped that this was a vivid, bizarre nightmare. He left hastily, before anyone else could come for a friendly chat, but he stopped in his tracks by the stairs. He had no idea where his room was, or if he even had a room. He wondered vaguely why the memory lapse didn't bother him more. Rubbing his temples, he explored his alternatives.

He could pass out right here—unpleasant. Go back and find a peaceful couch—unlikely. Go back and ask around where he was staying—unwise. With the overall giddy mood and attention, he had the unnerving feeling that he could not expect guileless help.

The last option was to go back where he had come from. That room he did remember, despite his rushed departure.

Jin chose to face the music. He plodded back to the room and opened the door carefully. Only even breathing greeted him.

Jin tiptoed to the free side of the bed and sat down gingerly. He pulled off his boots quietly and lay down next to the sleeping Hwoarang. The bed gave a slight screech, and Jin winced. He dared not pull any of the covers on him, so he just turned on his side and huddled to himself.

"Back already?"

Jin froze as the bed bent slightly.

"What the hell, Kazama?"

A hand felt up his sweatsuit and pulled at his shirt.

"I am cold," Jin said quickly and pushed the hand away.

A chuckle. "Bull, and you know it. You are such a prude, Kazama." The hand stopped groping and instead, spread the covers on both of them. A body spooned Jin, a strong arm snaked across his chest, and Hwoarang let out a sigh. "Now, shut up already and let me sleep."

Good enough. Jin closed his eyes tiredly.

To Be Continued...

Huge thanks to Gypsie (Gypsie Rose) for the proofreading!

Published April 2, 2008.