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Recovering from the worldwide event of Holy took time, for some more than others. Immediately following the awakening of Naruto, who would be put down in the history books as one of the "Divine Three" who took on WEAPON, Zabuza took him from the hospital, and neither were seen for three days. However, not even a silencing technique could have quieted the sounds coming from their apartment…

On an unrelated note, immediately following their reemergence to society, both Jenova and Ultimecia made it big inspiring Tsunade to write at least another dozen Icha Icha Yaoi Paradise books. They never did say where they got their material…

The Sorceress and his Knight both assisted in the reconstruction of multiple small villages that were completely obliterated, as they were in the direct path of the rampaging WEAPON. Both used their proficiencies to speed up the process, Zabuza using Mizu Bunshin (Water Clone) along with his zanbato to fell hundreds of trees for wood, and Naruto manipulating the earth into temporary homes for workers and citizens.

Tsunade became the Godaime Hokage, and immediately delivered multiple skullcrushing haymakers to annoying Council members, effectively destroying (literally) the civilian side of the Council. When questioned on her… unorthodox… actions, she gave the questioner a heated glare and a response of 'civilians should have no say in the shinobi affairs of a shinobi village. They grew too fat on their ill-gotten gains.' As soon as she was able to dispatch them, she immediately put forth a suggestion to have one medically trained ninja assigned to each three-man Genin team, effectively making them all five-man squads, and drastically cutting the casualty rate.

Haku was dispatched to Team 8, and helped in their team training. He found a fellow medically-inclined shinobi in Hinata, and a friendship was immediately created. They both found that their interests were quite similar; Hinata loved flower-pressing, and Haku loved to gather flowers and medicinal herbs. Team 8 (and Naruto) all were promoted to Chuunin in the exams held six months after the Sandaime's death; Team 8 showing exemplary teamwork, caring for their comrades, as well as strategic planning and intuitive thinking. Naruto… simply walked into the room, and was immediately promoted due to his previous acts.

Pein (aka Nagato) the leader of Akatsuki was immolated by the benevolent light of Holy, however, all of Akatsuki were spared aside from him. After the reconstruction of the villages within WEAPON's warpath, Itachi and Kisame, as well as Naruto and Zabuza, went out to find the comatose bodies of the rest of Akatsuki. They were, after all, defenseless when in a coma, aside from Hidan due to his immortality. They found two members in a rather odd place, and in even odder positions.

Border of the land of Rock and the land of Wind…

Deidara and Sasori were found in the same house, which was decorated… uniquely. Exactly half of the house was covered with puppets and puppet parts, and the other half was filled with schematics and formulae for newer, better clay and theories on how to create more lifelike clay replicas. They found both the 'artists' in a rather… intimate position in the one bedroom of the house. Who knew that Sasori liked to cuddle in his comatose-sleep, despite the fact that he had a puppet body, or that Deidara was a clingy sleeper, latching onto the nearest thing and squeezing the life out of it?

The two were… noticeably surprised when they were awoken with quick jolts of healing magic to the temples, though Naruto had to deliver Sasori's to his human heart.

Deidara flicked a golden lock of hair out of his one blue eye, rubbing it with a clenched fist to brush away the remainders of a comatose slumber. He stifled a yawn with one hand, the mouths closed and nearly invisible when not in battle. As soon as his ninja instincts restarted (exactly 10.89 seconds after waking up), he noticed that there were three large chakra signatures in the room with both him and Sasori. Two felt familiar, the third felt… weird… and he knew there was a fourth person there, but couldn't feel any chakra in them. His eye snapped open, the scope over his other eye whirring to life as he fed it a little chakra, the mechanism locking onto the people in the room. His voice was hoarse from almost two weeks of disuse, his chakra being depleted from keeping his body healthy during the coma.

"Who are you, and what do you want?"

Itachi's lips quirked upwards in a smirk, while Kisame broke down laughing. Zabuza was smiling deviantly, and Naruto looked… bored. He heaved a slight sigh, before turning his mismatched gaze towards Deidara, as Sasori was still reconnecting all the chakra strings in his body so he could move.

"We are here because, due to your leader's idiocy, all of Akatsuki sans Itachi and Kisame were thrown into a deep coma. I pulled you both out of it, and we still need to see the other… five? Six? I can't remember. There are you, Sasori, Itachi, Kisame all awake, Nagato got fried by Holy, and there were only nine of you left. We still need to find Zetsu, Tobi, Konan the paper lady, and the immortal duo. The immortals can be left for the last two, as they won't die. The other three need to be awakened quickly before they die due to chakra exhaustion from their bodies devouring their own chakra to survive the coma."

The clay-nin blinked rapidly as he took in the information, before turning to Sasori who had finally connected all of his strings and was staring apathetically towards the four intruders.

"Hey, Sasori-danna, do you believe them? Normally, I'd be blowing them up… but I have no chakra to create my art, un."

The puppet master turned towards the blonde, seeming to be deep in thought before nodding. His voice was unemotional as ever, though there was a hint of weariness in it.

"I suppose they must be. I remember seeing that eye open in the ground, and then everything went black… and here we are. I suppose since the world hasn't been destroyed that the monster was defeated?"

The Sorceress gave a slight laugh, raising one clawed hand to wave a little sheepishly towards the artists.

"That would be partially my fault. Momochi Naruto, former Kyuubi Jinchuuriki, though the fox has been dead for the past fifteen years. I had to pray to the planet for Holy, the ultimate defensive magic, to be cast. The spell obliterated all threats to the planet itself, including the monster as well as your leader. Most of the planet was left unscathed, though."

Deidara started to gape like a fish, his mouth opening and closing as he tried to comprehend how a teenager could, in a nutshell, save the world.

Said teen was tapping his foot impatiently while Kisame, Itachi, and Sasori were all speaking on what to do now that Akatsuki was basically disbanded. The silver-white haired young man finally gave up and released his power, searching the entire planet for signs of the rest of the Akatsuki. Kisame, Itachi, Sasori, and Deidara fell to the floor, unable to even move besides breathing from the unearthly amount of power flowing carelessly off the Sorceress, while Zabuza was smirking at all of them victoriously. After almost a minute of paralysis, the pressure lifted as the teen disappeared into the floor.

Naruto reappeared only a few minutes later, though he had quite a bit more… baggage. He had manipulated the cells in his fingers to wrap around his luggage, and it made for quite a sight. Zetsu, Tobi, Konan, Hidan and Kakuzu were wrapped in one finger each, all of them comatose.

Deidara and even Sasori were stunned at the power the boy was showing; not only was he able to pick up all five other living members one handed, but he could stretch his limbs to do it?

Naruto, able to feel the confusion and awe coming from the two, simply gave them a slight glance as he went about his task, mumbling loud enough for all the people in the room to hear.

"What? You think one of the three who fought with the WEAPON wouldn't be able to pick up five humans? Pfft."

The Sorceress set the five bodies down, his fingers shrinking back to their normal size. He spread both palms out and waves of white energy flowed down each finger, condensing in front of him into a ball the size of a human head. The ball extended five tendrils of the white energy, each one stabbing into the forehead of one of the comatose nins. Each one's body gave a startled jerk as they were forcefully awakened, the ball as well as the tendrils of energy dissipating into the air as the five started to stir.

Konan was the first to awaken fully. She brushed a lock of dark blue hair out of her eyes almost instinctually, cracking open one cobalt eye to view her surroundings. She flipped upwards, landing on her feet in a ready stance, before her mind caught up with her and she swayed dangerously from the odd sense of vertigo she suffered from switching from a supine position that she had kept for weeks from the coma, to a full standing position. She was able to steady herself, and quickly gained her normal composure. The woman absentmindedly fiddled with her hands, creating an ornate rose out of paper, her bloodline limit, and placed it over her right ear. After surveying the room with a calculating gaze, she rested her eyes on Zabuza and Naruto. Her soft voice broke the silence.

"Who are you two, and why are we all here?"

Deidara and Sasori, who had finally broken out of their shock over what the Sorceress had just done, were about to speak up when Naruto cut them off.

"Your organization was all comatose from your mental projections being obliterated by the monster you resurrected. Please wait until your other four members awaken, and I will explain it in full. If you try to attack myself or him," he pointed a clawed finger at Zabuza at this point. "you will be immobilized in the most non-lethal way I can think of at the moment. You are too weak to do anything at the moment, as your body has been feeding off your chakra to stay alive. It has been almost two weeks since you all fell into the coma."

Zabuza snickered a little at this as the woman stayed tense, before seating herself in a nearby chair. Her adrenaline rush left her, and her body ached heavily from working on empty. Her chakra was barely there, and she realized they really were screwed if they tried anything now. Deciding that discretion is the better part of valor, she relaxed in the chair, deciding to speak with the two 'artists' as Naruto disappeared into the floor, aiming to get a bit of food and drink for the seven newly-awakened members of Akatsuki.

"How was he able to find all of us and get us here, not to mention bring seven members out of a coma? What happened to the thing we revived?"

Deidara was the one who answered, as Sasori was too deep in thought about what they were going to do without an organization.

"That kid woke Sasori-danna and I up, and explained it to us in a rush, un. He seemed to release a chunk of his power at once, and did this weird thing where he sunk into the floor almost like Zetsu-san. He came back only a few minutes later, and all five of you were being held in his fingers, which he had somehow stretched to great lengths to carry you, un."

The paper manipulating kunoichi blinked rapidly at this news, her mind trying to process the information that A) some kid could move extreme distance in minor amounts of time, B) said kid might have a bloodline limit for… stretchiness…? And C) the kid was obviously powerful.

By this time, Kakuzu and Hidan had awakened. The first words out of Kakuzu's mouth were 'what the hell hit me, and does it have a bounty on it?' while the albino immortal's words were a bit more colorful…

"What the fucking hell happened?"

Zetsu and Tobi were the next to awaken, both staying… oddly silent as they surveyed the area to take in the other members, sans Pein.

Naruto reappeared through the wall, carrying a large amount of fruits, vegetables, and a little bit of meat. He gave a patented Sorceress Deathglare at thin air for a moment, before a large table appeared from the kitchen into the bedroom via a rip into the fabric of space.

He set all the food down on the table, pulling eleven chairs out of the same rip before closing it, and setting them all around the table. Deciding that something was definitely missing, he stretched a thin tendril of his power into the air, creating four pitchers of water, the pitcher itself made out of glass-like ice. It was cold enough to chill the water, but not cold enough to cause more than minor discomfort to those who touched it. He simply pointed a clawed finger towards the food and said 'Eat. You all need it, aside from Kakuzu and Hidan, I suppose.'

The Sorceress seemed to be deep in thought about something, before pointedly staring at Tobi who was not eating, and hadn't removed his odd… swirly orange mask.

"Madara-san… why do you inhabit the body of another? You remind me a bit too much of Orochi-pedo."

The first Uchiha, currently inhabiting the body of Uchiha Obito, was stunned. Nobody had noticed who he was before then, because Tobi was a 'good boy', and was too stupid to do anything like that! He wouldn't be able to fight back if the strange person proved hostile, so he decided he might as well tell the truth and hopefully get away with his life.

"I was the one to create the Immortality technique that Orochimaru uses. I inhabit this body because the original owner died in a rockslide, and I had Zetsu revive it so that I could use it. At least I don't destroy the souls that inhabit their body, unlike Orochimaru."

The white-silver haired young man snickered loudly at this, causing all of Akatsuki to stare in shock at him. The teen shifted a little, pulling the sleeve up on his left arm as a thick tentacle of…what was that? emerged from his arm, twisting into a ball of… something. Within a few moments, the 'ball of something' had become vaguely humanoid in shape, before the features defined themselves.

It was obviously male, if the flat chest were any sign. It had a long mane of spiky black hair that fell to his waist with two thick locks falling to his chest over his face. His right eye was completely covered by the hair, but the left eye had 'Tobi' gasping in shock. It was a Sharingan eye. Not just any Sharingan… the Eternal Sharingan. The body was clothed in odd red battle armor, quite old in design, and had a rope-belt tied around his waist, while the body underneath the armor was clothed in black.

Naruto gave a slight smirk to this, his mismatched gaze revealing nothing in the presence of nine people who wanted to capture him only a few weeks ago. His voice was soft, though a few skilled people could detect a hint of sadness in it which confused them.

"I believe this is what your body looked like? Please use this instead of the body you're currently using. It will last you a lifetime, at least. I'm not sure how my 'interesting' cellular structure will work with you, but I doubt you'll be given the same abilities. If you don't mind, may I take the body you're currently using back to Konoha when I return? I believe it deserves a proper burial."

'Tobi' nodded only slightly, still in awe that the mysterious teenager had just given him a body. His soul ejected itself from the body of 'Tobi', flinging towards the clone made out of Jenova's cells, and merging with it. The body snapped to life as the merging was complete; moving around a little to make sure everything was working. The rest of Akatsuki were quite shocked at the fact that, not only was the first Uchiha under their noses the entire time, but he had taken on a mask, both physical and literal, to prevent them from knowing!

Madara was brought out of his shock as something that the boy said had sparked some recognition in his mind. He turned to address the long haired teen, his voice sounding a little deeper, and a bit smoother, in his regular body.

"You said you were returning to Konoha, correct? Who are you?"

The Sorceress smiled a little at this, raising one hand palm-up in a gesture of peace. Ice crystals swirled above the palm, before materializing into what looked to be the ending of a battlefield. A nine tailed fox, with two passengers that the viewers could see, was barreling towards Konoha before it was stopped by a blonde man holding an equally blonde baby on a giant toad. The words 'Shiki Fuuin (Dead Demon Consuming Seal)' were clearly heard in the room, before the fox disappeared, the two passengers going with it. Naruto destroyed the ice rendition of the Kyuubi attack, before speaking.

"I am the former Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto. The fox was killed by its two 'passengers' hours after the sealing. Due to the treatment of the villagers, I have forsaken my surname and taken on my Knight's surname. I am now known as Momochi Naruto, Konoha's Tenshi (angel), as well as a Sorceress. I am the adopted son of both Jenova, the Calamity of the Heavens, as well as Ultimecia, the Grand Sorceress."

Zabuza laughed loudly at the stunned silence, slipping behind the Sorceress and wrapping his arms around the younger man, pulling him into a warm embrace.

"Isn't that introduction a little… long?"

Naruto gave a smirk at this, standing on his toes to give the ashen-skinned man a slight kiss on the lips before replying, bringing the room out of its shock.

"I suppose, but at least hundreds of years from now nobody will remember me, and the only things I'll be remembered by will be written in the pages of history books. Then I won't have to do this whole introduction thing, and I'll just be Momochi Naruto."

The Akatsuki, as well as the two Konoha-nins, talked well into the night on plans of what to do now that their leader was gone. When the news was spilled that the leader was indeed dead, none grieved, though Konan had a single tear spilling down her cheek. She had been Nagato's teammate, and though there was no relationship outside of that, it still hurt to watch him spiral into madness before his death. She was glad he was gone, though; his madness was deepening as each day passed, and she was positive he would eventually want to destroy the entire planet instead of enslave it.

Most decided to continue on with their lives, living on the run. They rather liked their freedom, though they did have to promise, on punishment of death, to never follow a 'powerwhore like Pein' again. However, Itachi, Kisame, and Madara were given an odd proposition once the others had left to scatter to the corners of the planet.

Itachi's jaw dropped at the decision made by Naruto, shattering his normal 'cool and aloof' exterior for a moment before he quickly replaced it, almost as if he hadn't just done something un-Itachi-like. Kisame was the first to speak of the three.

"You want us" here he pointed to himself, Itachi and Madara "to come to Konoha with you two?"

Naruto gave a nod, his lips quirking upwards into a warm smile as he shrugged his shoulders.

"Itachi and Kisame never did anything wrong, and since Sasuke left to Orochimaru… there's no Uchiha clan left. We're only staying in Konoha until Haku dies, and then Zabuza and I will be off to care for his reincarnations. We're both truly immortal, much like Hidan, and Madara is immortal as long as he wishes to be due to his technique, as well as my clones. It wouldn't seem right if we stayed in one place forever, as the village would grow too soft underneath our protection."

Itachi was the first to respond with a 'I will go', as he wished to watch over his parents' graves and to fight back against the fan girl menace.

Kisame reluctantly nodded, as he had nobody to go back to in the Mist, and at least Zabuza was in Konoha. The rest of the swordsmen were dead, some from Hunter-nin, some from assassination missions, and Raiga… gave himself a funeral with a lightning bolt.

Madara was the final one to reply, with a hesitant nod. He could spend time with one of his descendants, Itachi, and reconstruct the Uchiha clan to their former glory. The Sharingan was not the centerpiece of the clan. Real Uchihas trained to fight without their eyesight, and used their Sharingan only on enemies.

The Sorceress smirked at their reactions, reaching out to each of them and dragging Itachi, Zabuza, Madara, Kisame, and Tobi's body into the floor with him, to reappear fifteen miles outside Konoha.

Outside of Konoha, 3:00 pm…

Both Uchihas and the Hoshigaki shuddered heavily as they emerged from the ground, turning as one to stare at Naruto, who was now carrying the corpse of Tobi. Kisame was the one to speak the one question on their minds.

"What the fuck was that?"

The white-silver haired teen gave a broad grin towards the shark-nin, his reply laced with humor.

"It's my way of transportation. It's bad for long distances, as you can tell, seeing as how it's incredibly disorienting… and the feeling of emerging from the substance you pop out of is really weird. I got used to it after awhile, although teleporting through a mirror still gives me the shivers."

Zabuza simply shrugged, as he was also used to it by now. Though he never would get used to the feeling of solid objects sliding across his skin like water… it was kind of weird…

The group of five set off towards Konoha, taking to the trees.

Konoha gates, 3:05 pm…

The gate guard currently on duty almost had a heart attack when Naruto appeared with a dead body in his arms, and a strange Uchiha standing near him. He quickly sent them towards the Hokage's office, who was expecting him by now. As they left, the Jounin at the gates let out a shuddering breath, as the feeling of power rolling off the strange Uchiha nearly suffocated him.

Hokage's Office, 3:10 pm…

The door was busted down with an annoyed, yet calm reply of 'I don't care if she's having sex with Jiraiya on her desk, I will see her, and I will not wait for you to check her schedule'. Tsunade looked up from her piles of paperwork, and heaved a scalding glare at the Sorceress, who was… holding a corpse…?

Her first words to Naruto were rather interesting to Madara.

"Do you get PMS?"

The door was reattached to the frame, and securely in place as Naruto placed a silencing spell on the room before giving a patented Sorceress Deathglare to the Hokage, shocking the first Uchiha who hadn't seen a glare of that proportion since that of Pein.

"No, I don't. And if you were younger, Tsunade-obaachan (grandma) you wouldn't need that Genjutsu."

The Legendary Medic-nin tossed a paperweight at the Sorceress for that, who skillfully ducked the projectile which shot right through the wall behind him and created a crater in a neighboring building. Zabuza spoke up next before they all got down to business.

"I'll give you a 4 for the aim, but a 10 for the power."

Madara, Itachi, and Kisame sat down in the chairs in front of her desk, while Naruto chose to stand next to Zabuza, still holding the corpse of Tobi in his arms. When he spoke, the Sannin was hard pressed to not have her jaw drop at the declaration.

"I would like Uchiha Itachi, Hoshigaki Kisame, and Uchiha Madara to be placed under my protection, as well as have them gain citizenship in Konohagakure. Itachi and Kisame actually didn't do anything wrong, and the real version of the Massacre can be backed up by evidence."

The Sannin nodded a little, as she had read the file when Itachi had come to Konoha, and realized the damages to the buildings, as well as the 'I LOVE YOU ITACHI-KUN' burned into the Clan Compound's walls were indicative of fan girl attack. Something that Naruto had said caused her thoughts to halt, though.

"Uchiha Madara? The founder of the Uchiha clan? How is he still alive?"

The Sorceress gave a slight snicker before pointing to the dead body in his arms, then pointing to the silent Madara in the seat.

"He's the one who created the immortality technique that Orochi-pedo uses. However, he actually has morals in using it, and had only used the bodies of the recently deceased instead of destroying the soul in a still living body. I created a body out of my cells for him to use until he wishes to die, and he vacated this body for it. I believe Kakashi will be happy to know that Uchiha Obito's body can finally be buried."

The woman nodded a little bit, before asking her next question.

"Whatever happened to Orochimaru?"

The Sorceress levitated the body in his arms behind him, rubbing his hands together conspiratorially as he cackled maniacally.

"Holy… took care of him and his boy toy…"

Itachi felt a slight pang of guilt at this, though he supposed it was for the best; his brother really was foolish, to sell himself out to the weakest of the Sannin.

The rest of the people in the room snickered a bit at their misfortune to be killed by the Planet itself, though Zabuza had to ask something.

"I thought Holy only eradicated threats to the planet itself?"

Naruto gazed all around the room, trying to look inconspicuous as he shifted from foot to foot, his hands behind his back. Zabuza coughed a bit, saying 'faker' under his breath before he gave up the charade.

"I slightly influenced the spell… only a little… a tiny bit… I had it kill them both because the ass-bow was scaring me. Not even WEAPON scared me, but that purple ass bow…"

Tsunade snickered a little at this before nodding. She signed the papers that would allow Itachi, Kisame, and Madara to be under the protection of Naruto, disallowing the Council from trying anything against them. While the civilian side was abolished, some of the shinobi clan heads were still a bit greedy…

Konoha prospered underneath the protective wings, both physically and literally, of Naruto. Haku lived to the old age (by shinobi standards) of 60, where he died happily in his slumber, his body having worn itself out from the stress of shinobi life. He and Hinata had two children, a boy and a girl. The boy was named Hikari (light) and the girl Yami (darkness) respectively for their demeanor when they were born. Hikari had come out and seemed to be full of joy, while Yami had somehow inherited the Hyuuga gene for silence and had pulled off a patented Hyuuga Deathglare only seconds after opening her eyes. Both were gifted with the Hyoton and Byakugan bloodlines, and Naruto and Zabuza watched over them until they were old enough to fend for themselves.

The two left Konoha in the dead of night, leaving no trace of ever having lived in their apartment. They left a note for the Shichidaime Hokage, who was none other than Itachi's son Sasuke, named after the uncle that could have been.


As per my agreement with your predecessor, Zabuza and I have left once Momochi Haku, Zabuza's former apprentice, died. We stayed to watch over his children, and now that they are both the age of eighteen, we have left. I have left a ward on the village that will last for a year, and will repel all invasion attempts with a blast of lightning. You have until the next year to bring your defenses back up to proper condition, as I will no longer protect the village.

Should you ever need advice, or someone to talk to, push chakra into this letter and we shall appear.

We both love you like a nephew, and we wish you luck upon your reign as Hokage.


Momochi Naruto, and Momochi Zabuza

Konoha's Tenshi (angel) and Konoha's Oni (demon)

Madara left with them, perceiving them as the family he had never had. His brother didn't count, as Madara had taken his eyes once his own were blinded from overuse of the Mangekyo Sharingan. Plus his brother was annoying and whiny.

Thousands of years later, on the beach of Besaid…

Three people were currently walking along the beach, each with a look of reminiscing on their faces. The two on either side of the young woman in the middle seemed to have a bit of sadness etched into their faces, though the woman in the middle just had pure determination.

The woman on the left of the young woman was an older woman about the age of twenty two, and had a slim build with an almost disproportionately large bust. She was about 5'6", and had long, black hair pulled up in a knot with four thin braids falling down her back. Her bangs were parted to one side, completely covering one eye while the exposed eye was a bright red color. Her lipstick was an odd shade of purple to match the rest of her odd appearance. She wore a fur-lined dress with an enormous amount of cleavage being shown with a half dozen necklaces in varying designs around her neck. Her dress had intricate patterns adorning the hemline, as well as the edges of the wide sleeves, though the most interesting part was the front of the dress. It was completely open from the middle of her thighs down to the ground, but was completely covered with a mesh of belts interlocking with each other. The woman carried herself with an air of frost, as if she disliked having people around her normally, though she seemed to have a soft spot for the woman to her right.

The man to the right of the young woman was almost as odd as the woman on the left. He was about 6'2", and had orange hair with a flyaway lock in front that curved directly up. He had a blue headband, and a golden skin tone. His face had a bit of stubble growing on it, and he had a pair of brown eyes. He was quite muscular, and was tossing an odd blue ball in his hands that had dozens of blunted spikes on it. On his left arm was an odd piece of armor, complete with a gauntlet, while his right arm was mostly bare. His clothing consisted of a bright yellow top that had the midriff split vertically, black pants with what looked like a pair of suspender pants over them in another glaring yellow color. To finish it off, he was wearing a pair of sandals.

The young woman in the middle was an oddity as well, though not as much as the two on either side of her. She was about 5'3", and had short brown windblown hair that fell to her shoulders. She had a nice peach color for a skin tone, and her eyes were bi-colored blue and green. She was dressed in what seemed to be very formal attire, with a flowing blue skirt that fell to her mid-shin, a pair of boots, and two flowing sleeves on either arm, tied from just above the elbow to end at her wrist. They were white near the arm, and faded into pink at the edges. The top over her skirt was very intricately done, with two pieces of cloth crossing over her bust, which was covered completely by a black undergarment, and an orange sash that ended in a bright bow on her back.

Wakka and Lulu were currently walking along the beach with Yuna. It was a day before her pilgrimage was about to begin, and she was supposed to leave the next day to go to Kilika. The three were reminiscing over the times they had spent on their island home, when they noticed three figures appear on top of the ocean and start to walk towards them.

The three were male, though the one on the left (to them) seemed to be a bit androgynous. The one on the right was about 6'2" with an average build, had long, spiky, jet black hair that covered half his face, and was wearing some ancient looking red battle gear. He was currently conversing with the one in the middle, and he looked as if he had decades of battle experience, despite the fact that he seemed to be less than thirty years old. The man had an odd headband with a swirly symbol in the middle of it situated on his forehead. If Wakka's eyesight was correct, the man also had some funky looking eyes.

The one in the middle was quite… interesting. He had short, spiky black hair held up with a matching headband to the one on the right, though the plate on his was on the side of his head. He had a facemask made out of bandages, and had an ashen skin tone. He was about 6'4", had a slightly bulky build, and was wearing black cargo pants, a black shirt, and had an odd set of matching arm and legwarmers, both done in a black and white camouflage pattern. On his back was a large sword, looking more like a hunk of metal with a sharpened edge. This one seemed to be about twenty five.

The one on the left was the most… intriguing of the trio. He had waist-length white-silver hair that seemed to float behind him as he walked along the top of the water towards them, and his eyes were bi-colored. One was a softly glowing blue-green, the other a brightly glowing piercing gold. His lips were an odd dark blue color, and he had intricate tattoos spanning across his face. He was about 6'0", and had a lithe figure. He was wearing a black short sleeved shirt, as well as black cargo pants that ended just above the ankle, showing more tattoos across his arms and ankles. The man looked to be about twenty, though he carried himself with an unearthly grace and elegance that seemed to come with hundreds of years of experience and wisdom.

Finally they were able to catch part of the conversation that all three were engaged in, as the trio hadn't seemed to notice them yet. The one in red battle armor seemed exasperated, and clearly showed it in his tone of voice. He had a deep, smooth baritone, but it was currently dripping with exasperation as he addressed the one on the left.

"I told you that Forbidden Magic shouldn't be used to deal with cockroaches. I think one of them mutated."

The one on the left had a tone of mock-indignation in his voice, yet it seemed to be quite calm and soothing, though it had an odd quality where it seemed that he didn't use his voice as a normal means of communication.

"Cockroaches live through everything. I swear they'll outlive us, even. How was I supposed to know that you can't smash one with a magically created meteor?"

The one in the middle responded to this, shaking his head from side to side as he spoke in a rough baritone.

"I told you time and time again to not use magic against them. Next time, use a frying pan."

The one on the left huffed a little at this, as they finally touched down on the beach. None of them seemed to care that they had just broken the laws of physics by standing and walking on top of water, and the odd man turned towards the three shocked people.

"You are Yuna, correct?"

The brunette nodded a little at this, still a little shocked at the odd trio. The same odd man spoke up once more, his soothing voice carrying a hint of fondness in it.

"We three are here to guard you."

Author's Note: Done! Huzzah, huzzah. If you check my author page, you will see the two and a half plotbunnies currently trying to invade. The half is a second scenario for the second plotbunny to be created.