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Author's note: This is my first story I'm submitting. I'm sorry if it isn't well-written. Please enjoy :)

Summary: Deidara has recieved a scholarship award to study at the famous Konoha High school, a place where the filthy rich kids go to study. In order to pay for his school books and school uniform, he takes up a part time job at Uchiha International Holdings because of its attractive salary. But little does he know what fate has in store for him... SasoXDeiXIta. Eventual Sasodei.

Warning: This story contains yaoi/shonen-ai.

Chapter One

It was yet another normal morning in Akatsuki Gakuen, class 3-Zero when a loud familiar voice disturbed the quiet, peaceful morning.

"Hidan the trumpet strikes again," said Sasori.

"That guy must've taken too much coffee," Konan said, yawning.

Tobi, who belonged to class 2-South, had dropped by his favourite sempai's class to say hello and chat. "Ah, Deidara-sempai, wake up, wake up! It seems that Hidan-san has something for you."

Deidara looked up sleepily, only to be hit on the head by his loudmouth classmate, Hidan.

"What exactly is your problem?" Kakuzu asked, "Screaming in the morning doesn't help anything at all you know. You ruined my perfect morning -"

"Shut up, money-face. Your mornings have never been perfect since your allowance has decreased by ten bucks," Hidan snapped, "But anyway, you never told us anything about THIS, Dei-chan." He pointed to the piece of paper he was holding in his right hand.

Deidara looked clearly irritated. "Stop calling me that or I'll slap your face, hn. And what is that anyway?"

Hidan grinned. "Idiot, you never told us that you had applied to go to Konoha High. How could you keep this from us?"

"W-what? How did you know?" Deidara stared at his friend. At this point, Sasori looked up from his puppet-making.

Pointing to the paper in his hand, Hidan nodded. "This paper states that you have gotten a scholarship award to go to the prestigious Konoha High school and study!"

At this point, everyone's jaws dropped. Konoha High? The Konoha High?

"Wait, you mean that filthy rich school with lots of rich kids?" Pein asked.

"The school which has bronze lockers and gold-plated signboards? Plus golden bricks and a playground made of diamond?" Tobi asked excitedly, "And the school where every single pupil and teacher owns a cellphone which is of the latest model, even the cleaners? But Deidara-sempai, if you go there, you'll be the only one without a cellphone! Won't that be embarassing?"

Deidara was fuming mad. "You opened my letter without my permission? I'll blow you up someday, you -"

"Tsk tsk, Dei-chan. You're always saying you'll blow me up, but you never do in the end, do you?"

"Says who?" Deidara argued angrily, "I've got a whole lot of my newest explosives at home, and I'll bring them tomorrow and you'll be gone with a bang, hn!"

"OK, just shut up for now, guys. Firstly, how did you get the letter?" Konan asked.

"Oh, the teacher asked me to pass this to Dei-chan," Hidan replied, "and since the letter looked so elegant and pretty with the wax seal and neat cursive handwriting, I thought the letter would be interesting to read."

Deidara rolled his eyes as Pein took the letter from Hidan.

"A scholarship for their art program? But aren't you doing well here?" He asked.

"Well, I don 't want to stay in Akatsuki Gakuen till I graduate from high school. Our school provides education for middle school and high school, but the high school curriculum doesn't include any art course..."

"Ha! So it all boils down to your precious art, huh?" Hidan scoffed.

"Hn, shut up, airhead," Deidara shot back.

"Then why didn't Sasori sign up for the scholarship too? I thought he loved art too," Kakuzu thought aloud.

"Ch, you call puppet-making art? And there's Woodwork in this school's high school curriculum, so he needn't worry about anything, hn." Deidara slumped back in his chair.

At this point, Sasori's eyebrow twitched.

"My art is eternal and beautiful, not like your stupid clay modelling. Clay is meant for kiddies, kid.

And I will never go to that filthy school. I wonder why you even applied to go there," the redhead said.

"Don't insult my art. And art is fleeting; how many times have I told you that?"

Clearly another arguement was about to occur, and Pein knew he had to take some action.

"OK, don't start another arguement. Deidara, you sure you want to go there?"

Deidara smiled. "Of course. I want to pursue my art studies! But the real reason why Sasori didn't apply to Konoha High was because that school sees woodworking as "low-class" and so they don't teach those things there."

"Shut up, brat." Sasori's face turned red.

"Oho, so you wanted to go there too huh? Too bad you can't join Deidara-sempai next year,

Sasori-san," Tobi sniggered.

"Deidara's art is "high-class"!" Hidan coughed.

"Whatever." Sasori felt like he was on fire. He gritted his teeth and took a deep breath. "So, how are you going to settle your part-time job?"

"Oh, I got one at UIH. It pays really well." Deidara looked pleased with himself.

The redhead's eyes widened.

"UIH? You mean, Uchiha International Holdings? The big company which sells all kinds of stuff?"

"Hn. Working as a salesperson in one of their stationary stores, I should be able to buy my school books and uniform by next year, hn. What are you staring at, dumbass?" Deidara gave Sasori a funny look.

"Brat, I work at UIH too, and I work in the stationary store in First Street."

"What?! I work at the shop at First Street too!"

"Stalker! You knew I was working at UIH, so you took up a part-time job there too!"

"Shut up, I didn't even know you were working there. Besides, who would follow you anyway?"

Tobi gave a hoot of laughter. "Such a coincidence, eh?"

"Shut up, asshole, and get back to your class," his two sempais snapped as Tobi slipped out of the classroom as quickly as he could.

Ugh, doing my part-time job with Sasori? Yuck! Deidara sighed as he took the letter from Pein. "Hn, where's the envelope, Hidan?"

But he knew he had to take this part-time job. No other job paid so well like this one, and his school uniform and books were really expensive...

But for the sake of my art, its worth it.