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Chapter 20

"Hello? Deidara?"


"Wait, calm down, Deidara. Don't shout! What is going on?"


"What?!" Konan gasped as the Pein and the gang looked at her in surprise.


"No, we didn't know anything. Sasori never told us anything. Are you sure he is moving to Suna tonight?"

"HAH?!" Hidan immediately grabbed the phone from Konan, and started screeching. "Hey, Dei-chan! What the hell are you saying? Sasori moving to Suna?"


"Hello? HELLO? Dei-chan?" Hidan shook the cellphone with rage and confusion as Konan glared at him.

"Don't ruin my new Oto-350j model cellphone, you idiot," she muttered, snatching it from Hidan's grasp.

"Whatever! Sasori's really moving and he didn't tell any of us!" Hidan growled.

"What's with him? Weird these days," added Kakuzu.

"Anyway, I think we had better head down to the airport right now," said Pein solemnly, grabbing his jacket, "this is serious business."

"Right." With that, the whole gang ran towards the nearest taxi-stand and hurriedly flagged a cab. They quickly boarded it and were soon off to the airport. 5 minutes later, Pein saw a distinct, familiar figure running on the empty streets.

"Isn't that Deidara?" He pointed towards his left as everyone turned to look at the person. Hidan gasped.

"It IS Dei-chan. Oh crap, quick! Cab-guy, pull over in front!" With that, he wound down the glass window of the taxi and stuck his head out.

"Oi, Dei-chan! Stop where you are! Don't run anymore, you'll die like this!"

Deidara stopped and turned around, only to face Hidan's head sticking out of the cab. He was very sweaty and his face was tear-stained. His hair was in a disarray, and was panting very heavily.

"Get into the cab already, idiot! Do you want to catch up with Sasori or not?" Hidan shouted.

"..." Deidara sniffled and ran towards the cab. Hidan opened the door and pulled him inside, then ordered the driver to continue driving. But the driver was being a drag.

"I'm sorry sir, you've exceeded the passenger limit," he stated as-a-matter-of-factly.

Hidan let out a frustrated groan. "Now, sir, if you don't drive off right now, this little boy here is gonna lose his mind!"

"I'll lose my driving license if I drive with him on board!" the driver shot back.

"Have you no sympathy, my friend?"

"I am not your friend! I don't have sympathy either!"

"WHATEVER! Mister, if you don't drive now, I'm gonna kick you out of the taxi and drive your cab!"

"I'd like to see you try it!" said the driver, feeling intimidated.

"WHAT THE HELL, JUST DRIVE ALREADY!" Hidan shrieked, spit flying from his mouth.


Grandma Chiyo smiled in satisfaction as she put down her pair of chopsticks. She was in a restaurant at the airport with Sasori and Sakura, eating dinner. The food certainly was delicious - she would remember the taste of the scrumptious food forever. Wiping her mouth with a napkin, she glanced at the clock hanging on the wall. It was already 9.10pm.

"Well, Sasori-chan, it was a good thing we came here early," she remarked, "we did take a long tme to come here. One and a half hours - fancy that!"

"Grandma, that's nice, but you don't have to keep repeating it..." Sasori groaned.

"Ah, have I said it before?" Grandma Chiyo gasped in surprise, "well, how nice!" She started laughing to herself as Sasori sweatdropped.

"Forgive my grandma, Sakura," he whispered to Sakura, who was was stifling her laughter.

"It's ok; my grandma is like that sometimes, too," came the reply.

"Well then, lets go to the boarding gate already," said Grandma Chiyo, "we don't want to be late, do we?"

Sasori sighed in response, and stood up, grabbing his luggage. The trio then headed towards the boarding gate. Sasori didn't seem very happy; in fact, he didn't seem very enthusiastic about moving to Suna. Sakura wondered if he was missing Deidara.

This was bad. If Sasori was going to leave like this, he would definitely regret it for the rest of his life. But there was nothing Sakura could do - she could only help Sasori carry his luggage. As they passed by a candy store, Grandma Chiyo suggested buying some chocolates to eat on the plane, so they went into the store.

At that moment, Deidara and the rest had reached the airport, and leapt out of the cab as Kakuzu hurriedly paid the shaken driver the cab fare. Deidara quickly scanned the flight schedule board for the 9.30pm flight to Suna, and ran towards the boarding gate. He and the gang ran past the candy store, failing to notice the redhead browsing at some chocolates.

Deidara reached the boarding gate first, and looked around frantically, hoping to spot Sasori. Finally, he spotted a redhead at the counter, and rushed towards him.

"Sasori!" he cried, grabbing the redhead's shoulder. Said person turned around, and gave Deidara a confused look.

"N-n-not Sasori?!" Deidara gasped, taking a step back.

The redhead scowled. "Of course not, stupid. I am not Sasori; I am Gaara."

Deidara felt as if he had just jumped into the sea. A case of mistaken identity! Ok, that aside, where was Sasori? Was he somewhere else? Perhaps, in the washroom, or one of the shops, or -


Deidara spun around, and saw Sakura standing behind him, together with Sasori and Grandma Chiyo. Sasori was staring at Deidara in disbelief.

"How on earth did you -" Before the redhead could even finish his sentence, Deidara quickly ran forward and gave him a tight hug. A really tight hug. Tears began to stream down his cheeks as words poured out of his mouth.

"Sasori, don't leave, please," he pleaded, "I really like you. I really, really do."

Sasori didn't know what to say. He wasn't sure of what to do either. "Wait, Deidara, don't do this here, this is the airport - "

"I don't care! You must not leave me no matter what. How could you not tell me anything about your plans to move, hn? What am I to you?!"

"You - "

"And I don't like Itachi, you idiot! I like you!" Deidara finished, clutching the redhead's sweater tightly, "what must I do for you to believe it? I have already clarified things with Itachi!"

Sasori's eyes widened as he heard those words he had always wanted to hear. He still couldn't believe that this was happening. But seeing the tearful, sweaty, desperate face of Deidara made his heart soften completely.

"Yeah, redhead," scolded Hidan, "this boy was running to the airport and crying before we spotted him and made him get into the cab. He looked as if he was running a marathon."

Sasori gasped, and looked down at the sobbing boy, who was still holding onto him tightly. His heart melted at the touch of Deidara's tears against his skin. Unable to hold back anymore, he slowly raised his arm and gave Deidara a hug.

"Idiot," he whispered as he stroked Deidara's long hair gently, his fingers trembling a little, "why'd you do that? You're so foolish..."

"Only for you, Sasori," replied Deidara quietly.

"Really an idiot brat," muttered the redhead, as he smiled, "don't do that again. It's too dangerous."

"Yes." Deidara drew back, and the two teenagers kissed, earning a gasp from Grandma Chiyo.

"Goodness gracious, my Sasori-chan is in love!" she said, feeling very surprised.

"Hmm, so everything's fine between them now," Pein said, smiling. Konan and Kakuzu nodded, and Hidan grinned.

A moment later, Sasori and Deidara finally broke off from their kiss, and Sasori ran his fingers through Deidara's hair. "Deidara...I - I have to go. I'm really sorry..."

Deidara stared. "Why? Why must you leave? Couldn't you stay behind?"

"My uncle's waiting for me at Suna. He's done all the paperwork for my immigration and, I can't stay here..."

Tears began to well up in Deidara's eyes again. "Sasori - Sasori I - I really wish you could stay, but it's ok, I guess..." The boy began to sob, startling Sasori.

"Deidara, don't cry. We can always meet up during the holidays, or talk over the phone," said Sasori, trying to coax Deidara.

"But - it isn't the same as seeing you everyday..." Deidara stuttered, tears streaming down his face.

"Deidara, don't cry," said the redhead, feeling very heartbroken. He gently dried Deidara's tears with his fingers, feeling very vexed. Suddenly, Grandma Chiyo cleared her throat.

"My dears, don't be sad. Sasori-chan, you don't have to go to Suna if you want. I'll explain everything to your Uncle," she said.

"But -"

"No buts, Sasori-chan. If you go to Suna, you won't be happy there, and your friend will cry everyday. So why not stay behind?" With that, she picked up her luggage and walked towards the baggage counter.

"Grandma..." Sasori looked at the old woman's back, unable to say anything else.

"Don't worry, Sasori-chan," said Grandma Chiyo, "I can take care of myself. I will give you a call once I have reached Suna. You must take care of Deidara-chan, ok?" With that, she tossed him a set of extra house-keys, gave him a wink and walked into the boarding gate.

Sasori froze for a moment, then nodded, feeling grateful towards his grandma. He waved to her as she smiled and disappeared into the crowd.

"So now," said Pein, "you have to tell us why you didn't tell us about your moving plans. If you don't have a good explanation, you will have to buy all of us supper."

Sasori stared. "What?!"

"Hey, that's for not telling us anything. We're your friends, you know. Plus, you ignored our calls - " Hidan said.

"And made us call you so many times, therefore increasing our phone bills - " added Kakuzu.

"And lastly, worrying our poor Deidara," finished Konan, you've made him cry so many times, you know."

Sasori looked at Deidara, who was blushing away furiously. He then smiled, and pulled Deidara closer to him. "Alright, I'll buy you all supper."

I love you too, Deidara. For ever and ever and ever.


So, everything ended on a happy note.

Sasori and Deidara got together finally, and were happy. They watched movies together, took photos together and walked to school together. And everyday, after school had ended, they went to buy ramen from Ichiraku's and sat on the swings to eat.

Itachi decided to go overseas to pursue his studies, and Sakura set up a Sasuke Fanclub. She claimed that she was only his fangirl, and not someone who loved him.

Hinata and Kiba got couple rings from the mall, and wore them everyday.

Pein and Konan did the same, and Pein officially declared Konan as his OTG - his One True Girlfriend.

The cherry-blossom viewing season came. One particular day, when Sasori and Deidara were walking home through the cherry-blossom grove, Sasori posed a question.

"Hey, are you sure you want to be with me? You know, I'm shorter than you, and I can be pretty bad-tempered at times."

Deidara smiled, and gave Sasori a quick peck on the cheek, causing the latter to blush.

"I don't really care, hn. I just know that I want you to be with me," he replied happily.


"Yes, hn."

"Well, I love you, Deidara."

"I love you too, Sasori."

"Lets go eat some sushi?"

"Alright, lets go, hn! I want to eat tempura udon too..."

"Yeah, yeah."