Full moon



Seiya ran through the woods as fast as he could, he could hear the wolves howling. He was terrified as he heard branches breaking behind him.

He ran down a muddy hill and lost footing, he fell hard and rolled down as dirt covered him, twigs digging in his back and cringed as more started cutting into his skin. As he reached the bottom he stood up achy and ran again trying to reach for the highway he saw in the distance.

As he followed toards the light that could possible be a truck driver. He was out of breath and if he moved again in a few seconds he would reach that trucker but he fell over a branch and smacked his head against the dirt floor.

Wolves were looking down the hill and saw him trying to get back up desperately. The dark wolf looked down with red deep eyes and ran fast then lightening., the rest followed after him.

Seiya had just go back up but a heavy furry thing jumped on him holding his neck, Seiya didn't dare move. The pact surrounded the prey and watched as their leader held down the man- food.

Seiya screamed as he felt sharp razor teeth in his neck. The wolf bit down hard and had taken a chunk of his neck off. Seiya screamed loudly and held his neck quickly as red hot blood flowed down his body.

The black beast howled into the air and the other wolfs copied and they all ate him alive.

Serena waited for Seiya and he never showed up, he was 40 minutes late and Serena went back home and talked with Molly about what happened.

A knock came and Molly went to answer and there stood a proud Darien Shields leaning against the side of the doorway. Molly turned away without saying hi and grabbed Serena.

She walked to the door and smiled gentle at the proud man

'hi Mr Sheilds', she spoke softly

'Darien, Serena. Call me Darien as i have asked so many times', when he spoke it sent shivers down Serena back

'Its round 10 at night Darien what can i do for you?', she asked

Darien smiled ' just wanted to see you, haven't seen you for a while since last night'

Serena blushed lightly. She couldnt forget that night, there passionate night.


'Is it just young Molly here with you', he asked carefully

Serena brows rose up in confusion at the question. It was a odd question to ask her.

'um ... yes. Why?', she asked in wonderment

'oh .. no worries, just asking. Goodnight Serena', he leaned in to kiss her cheek and turned around and went to his limo. Serena watched the limo drive away in confusion

'What that twit say? what he want'', Molly called out

Serena closed the door and walked in to the living room where molly sat on the sofa

'He just wanted to say hi and all. Abit weird really. Asked if i was alone and just with you'

Molly rolled her eyes

'creep', she muttered under her breath

Darien got out of his limo and turned to k

'watch her for me and report back who she talks to, especially men in general', he ordered and walked to his office

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