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Pairing: Sam/Jack

Season: 10


Happy Tears :)

SG-1 was just finishing their briefing and had already started stacking their papers up and putting them away.

"Well that's about all," General Landry said closing the meeting. "Dismissed."

Just as everyone stood up there was a knock at the door. "Come!" Called Hank.

Stunned faces greeted a very handsome looking Major General, dressed in civvies standing with a smile on his face in the doorway.

"General O'Neill," said Hank. "Great to see you again, to what do we owe the pleasure?"

"Oh you know just thought I'd drop off to say hello to my favourite team. And you can drop the 'General', I retired yesterday." He smiled.

"Erm, Jack?" questioned Cameron.

"Mitchell?" He mimicked. "How you doin?"

"Umm, good thanks. Err retired? How long for this time?" He joked.

"Very good Mitchell. Forever this time."

"Oh right. Well it's great to see you, but I've got a report to right. Catch you later."

He exited out the door.

"Congratulations on the retirement", said Vala, grinning.

"Thanks." He didn't have time to say much more as Vala had already headed for the door to catch up with Cam.

The whole time he'd been in the room Carter hadn't moved a muscle, hadn't uttered a word. Jack's eyes focused on her and they just stared at one another. Hank didn't notice, but just muttered his apologies that he couldnt stay and left to find Siler.

"You alive in there, Carter?"

Sam's face was full of shock and a small smile played at the edge of Jack O'Neill's lips. Sam tried to speak but couldn't and instead ended up opening and closing her mouth like a goldfish. 'God she's adorable' thought jack.

"Is Samantha Carter speechless?" Jack grinned cheekily, obvious amusement in his voice. Sam just blushed fiercely.

"I..er...why? I mean you love your job." She questioned, finally able to speak, although she was pretty sure she knew the reason.

"Loved... loved, Sam. You know how i hate all that damn paperwork," now he was the one that had nothing to say. He'd thought this out so carefully, but it was harder in person. She still took his breath away. 'Just get to the point', he thought to himself.

"Besides.." he continued, walking towards her," it holds certain priveleges."

"Sir?" she looked at him in confusement. He just smiled, making her even more confused.

Once again he stepped forward so that they were inches apart. He lifted his hand and rested it on her neck. She gazed into his chocolate eyes, tears threatening her own.

'He's done this for me', thought Sam and she felt tremendous guilt, she never wanted this. No matter how strongely she felt for this amazing man, she would never ask him to give up the career he had spent his life building. She was willing to sacrifice her happiness for his.

He noticed the tears in her eyes and in true O'Neill fashion presumed it was his fault.

"I'm sorry, i shouldn't have come... i just.. i thought... forget it."

He turned around and headed for the door, feeling very stupid. 'What made you think she'd still feel the same after 6 years?' He he internally kicked himself. He thought that 6 years on from the Za'tarc test that she would still feel the same, he'd never changed his mind about her, but he could see that she had.

"Sir?" she was confused, she didn't understand why he had walked away.

Jack looked down and let out a big sigh "Retired, Carter."

"Then drop the Carter, okay?" His brows furrowed at her mildly frustrated tone and he looked up, but still didnt turn around. Then he suddenly felt her hand on his shoulder, sending tingles through his body. Her hand was cold, he so badly wanted to take it in his own. He bowed his head down again.

"Jack, look at me." He didnt turn around so she pulled him round herself. "Why'd you walk away?" she enquired.

"I made you cry, forget it, I shouldn't have come here, I just thought, it doesnt matter I was wrong okay its just the za'tarc thingy and then there was the loop and antarctica

and the memory stamps... I gotta go. Bye, Carter," he said quickly.

He once again turned to walk away but she stopped him. She knew what he was on about. Even if he didnt realise it. She cupped his face with her hand and he looked down. So she took her other hand and lifted his chin. For a few moments they just stared into each other's eyes. He could easily get lost in those shimmering blue pools.Then she closed the small gap between them and brushed her lips over his with an ever so tender kiss and pulled away. He looked at her, completely dumbfounded.

"Happy tears," she explained.

"Oh," was all he could manage.

Then he pulled her back and gave her a deeper kiss, just like the one she'd pictured them sharing on the Prometheus 3 years previously. Her arms folded round the back of his neck and his weaved round her waist, pulling her closer.

When he pulled back Sam had tears running down her face. "You gotta stop with these happy tears, they're threatening my manliness. Next thing you know i'll be crying!"

She gave a small laugh and a full blown smile. His heart melted every time he saw that smile. He stroked her face gently and looked into her eyes.

"Can we make this work?" He asked nervously.

"Well.." she hesitated, "I've run some tests and come out with a pretty accurate prediction," he loved it when she did that.



"So whats the prediction?"

"I'd say it's a pretty certain yes."

"Good," he grinned and planted a kiss on her nose.

"C'mere," he said and pulled her into a hug. The scent of her hair filled his nose and her soft skin rubbed on his neck. 'She's perfect', he thought.

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