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Chapter 1: What a Reunion

Cindy Vortex. Several words could describe her. Cool, calm, collected. On top of her game. All the guys admired her, but, at the same time, were a little intimidated by her. It was just the way she liked it. She didn't have time for boys. Her one focus in life? Her career. If something didn't benefit her career, then she barely gave it a second thought. She'd come a long way from that 11-year-old girl whose main goal in life was to aggravate...him.

She wouldn't think about that anymore. He was no longer in the picture. Several years of anger management taught her it would be best to forget about...him. And so she did.

Until that one fateful day...

Cindy stepped into the empty classroom and chose a seat right up front. She prided herself in being early to her classes, and most of her teachers admired that about her. Well, actually, most teachers admired everything about her. She was always the best student no matter what course she was taking. She was brilliant, and she really put her mind to her work. She'd even skipped a grade back in middle school, which was how she had ended up in college at age 17. It was her first day at the university, and things were going great so far. As usual.

Cindy pulled out her class syllabus and course chart, as well as a few freshly sharpened pencils, and arranged them neatly on the space in front of her. Since it was the first day, she probably wouldn't need her books. Most professors liked to go over the course, introduce themselves, yadda, yadda, yadda. She did have her books with her just in case, but she left them in her bag and would only pull them out if needed. Her laptop was in her bag too; some teachers didn't mind if you used one in class, others did. She would wait and find out.

Wait, was the correct word. After a while, more students filed in, followed by more students, and more students. But where was the gosh dang professor? It was five minutes 'til, and one thing Cindy did not like was a late professor. It showed that he, or she, was scatterbrained, unorganized, careless. Oh, she could go on. Maybe she should head on out of there and drop the class. She didn't want any of her work misgraded due to this person's inability to arrive at class on time.

A tall, dark-haired girl came in and sat down two seats away from Cindy. She had on too much makeup and was dressed too skimpily for Cindy's taste, so Cindy right away assumed she wouldn't be making friends with this girl. Besides, Mandy, her dormmate, was enough of a challenge as it was.

Finally, at exactly three minutes—three minutes!—past time, a young man breezed in and Cindy's heart stopped.

He rushed over to his podium, and began setting up his laptop, throwing an apologetic smile towards his students. "Sorry I'm late. We'll begin here in just a moment."

No. No, no, no, no, no. This couldn't be! He wasn't who she thought he was. He just bore a striking resemblance, and was younger than most professors. That was it. Get a grip, Cindy! she chided herself. What was she so worried about?

"OK, I've got the PowerPoint going," their professor said in relief.

"Isn't he adorable?" the girl a couple seats away from Cindy whispered.

"Sure," she replied, voice dripping with sarcasm. Late college profs were oh so attractive. Not.

"So, let me introduce myself," he went on. "My name is"—he showed them the first slide of his presentation—"Professor Neutron. That's N-e-u-t-r-o-n, for those of you who were wondering. I expect to see my name spelled correctly in any correspondence with you. You can understand how annoying it is when people spell it u then e, or even e-w."

That was it. She was going to die. He was back to crush her again, get in the way of everything. She'd spent so much time forgetting him, now he was back in her face! She couldn't do this!

"What's your first name?" the dark-haired girl asked flirtatiously, batting her eyelashes.


Why didn't she notice his name sooner and asked her advisor to put her in a different section of Physics 101, taught by a completely different person than...him?

"Can I call you Jimmy?" the dark-haired girl continued to flirt.

"No," he immediately responded, oblivious to her antics.

The chick was a total bubble brain. What was she doing in a Physics class? Oh, yes, unlike Cindy, she probably knew who her professor would be. She was just here to hit on him.

"No one calls me Jimmy," he added.

The whole rest of the class was torture. Cindy spent it slouched down in her seat, praying he wouldn't notice her.

Then something terrible happened. He decided to take roll! The idiot! Teachers weren't supposed to take roll for the first week, because students were allowed to drop or add classes during that time period.

Maybe her name wasn't on the list. That would be a miracle. She listened as he droned on with the names. Most of them she could care less about, but one did manage to spark her interest.

"Quinlan, Betty." He did a double take. "Betty Quinlan?"

"Here!" the girl next to Cindy chirped, a huge grin on her face. "Didn't expect to see me here did you?" She giggled.

Wow. Everything made sense now. She was still Miss-I'm-So-Beautiful-and-Perfect after all these years. And she was still hitting on Cindy's—on Jimmy. He wasn't hers, what the flip was she thinking?!

Finally he reached the V's. It was about to get painful.

"Vortex, Cyn—Cindy?" Unlike when he read Betty's name, on which he was surprised to see but otherwise unphased, he tore his eyes from the page and searched the sea of faces frantically.

Cindy sunk lower in her seat and timidly raised her hand. Maybe he wouldn't notice—

Oh, no. He noticed. They stared into each other's eyes for at least a minute.

Gosh, how she wanted him to run over to her, sweep her into his arms and carry her off.

Dang it, Cindy! Quit it! You hate this guy!

Suddenly her gaze turned harsh and she looked away, not seeing how hurt and confused he looked as a response to that.

Thankfully, her name was the last on the list. "Class dismissed." All it took were those two words for the rest of the college kids to book it on out of there.

"Cindy, can I talk to you?"

She purposefully ignored him, grabbing all her things as quickly as possible and taking off through the door.

Someone laid a hand on her shoulder. Startled, she turned around to see Betty standing there.

"Cindy! Imagine running into you here! I mean, seeing Jimmy again is one thing, but, like, all three of us together? It's just like old times!" she gushed cheerfully.

Cindy fought back the urge to bite her head off. Had Betty forgotten that in the "old times," Cindy hated her guts?

"Are you going to ask him out?" Betty giggled.

Cindy's mouth fell. "Wh—who? Jimmy?" she asked, eyes wide.

"Well, duh. The whole class saw how he was looking at you, lucky."

"First of all, he's my teacher! Second of all—why the heck am I even talking to you about this?" Cindy fumed, tossing her hair and storming off.

"We're going to be best friends!" Betty called after her.

Just then, Jimmy came rushing out of the classroom, shutting his briefcase at the same time. "Oh, no!" he exclaimed, watching the blonde turn corner at the end of the hallway. "Was that Cindy?"

"Aw, too bad you missed her," Betty said sympathetically.

"I wanted to talk to her," he mumbled.

"So what are you doing tonight?" Betty asked with a wink.

He was shocked. "Are...you trying to ask me out?"

She grabbed him by his tie and pulled him closer. "What do you think?" she whispered.

"Um, well, gee, thanks, Betty...but I have plans, sorry." He slowly extracted his tie from her fingers. "And I'll be needing this," he laughed uncomfortably. "It was nice seeing you." He began to walk in the direction Cindy had gone. "Do you know where she was going?"

Betty shrugged. "Probably to drop your class," she said innocently.

"Shoot!" He quickened his step. "Later!"

"Later!" Betty called back. Then she grinned, almost...evilly. "That boy is so mine."