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Chapter 2: What's the Scoop?

18-year-old Mandy Gilmore glanced up as the doorknob turned and her blonde-haired roommate stepped inside.

"How'd your classes go?" she asked kindly, figuring Cindy probably took to them like a fish did to water. She'd only known the girl a few days and had already been able to assess her as a workaholic.

"I'm...going...to...strangle him!" Cindy burst out, fists clenched and face red with fury.

Mandy's eyes widened. "Whoa there! Why don't you tell me what happened? And sit down first?" she suggested.

Cindy took a deep breath and sat down at the edge of her bed.

"Classmate troubles? Weird guy hit on you or something?" Mandy guessed.

Cindy's face scrunched up, and one word made it through her clenched teeth: "Neutron."

"Neutron? As in James Neutron, 17-year-old genius professor and heartthrob?" Mandy gasped.

"None other."

"He's a total hottie!" Mandy squealed girlishly. "I wanted to be in his class, but I'm completely hopeless in science, and Physics isn't required for my English major."

"Total jerk is more like it," Cindy muttered.

Mandy raised an eyebrow. "I've heard nothing but good things about him. Was he really strict or something? Did he give an assignment on the first day?"


Suddenly Mandy's eyes lit up. "Please tell me you have an amazing scoop for the school paper, one that'll move this freshman up in rank!"

Cindy sighed. "If you call old grudges and bitter hatred a scoop."

Definitely a scoop! "You...knew him?" Mandy asked in wonder.

"It was fifth grade, we were eleven, I know I should get over it but can't. What else is there to say?" Cindy let out.

"What happened?" Mandy asked innocently.

"I spent my time pining over this dork, showing my affection for him by arguing with him and making him feel stupid. He was always smarter than me, which I resented, but I was strangely attracted to him at the same time," she explained.

"Pretty juicy stuff," Mandy smiled. Wait 'til the editor heard this one!

"Yeah, well, he finally realized he liked me too. He kissed me - nothing major, just a peck - then left for college and I never saw him again until now. He never came back for visits; his family would visit him as he took classes over break. He never wrote to me...or called." Cindy's eyes welled up. She had been bottling this up for years, trying to forget. Why had God cruelly allowed her to take another visit down memory lane?

"That's really...sad," Mandy offered, a sympathetic look on her face. "Is that why you don't have a boyfriend?"

Cindy glanced up at her. "I just spilled something to you that I haven't talked about in six years, and that's all you can say to this? Is that why I don't have a boyfriend?" she demanded.

"Ooh, sorry, that came out wrong. So what're you gonna do?"

"That's just it! I went to my advisor, tried to drop the class...but there isn't another section of PHYS 101 open this semester! And I don't want to put this class off!" Cindy yelled, taking her anger out on the kind girl sitting across the room from her.

"So you're stuck in his class," Mandy concluded.

"Yeah, basically!" Cindy spat. "It's a good thing I'm not a cusser, or I'd be cussing up a storm right now! That's how ticked off this boy makes me!"

"OK, slow down there, Cindy!" Mandy sat back and mulled over the options. "So he really hurt you and he acts like it's not a big deal..."

"He didn't even look sorry when he realized it was me," Cindy fumed. "Didn't he see that I was hurt? For gosh sakes, I cried over this...this...jerk!"

"Well, then, what are you going to do? Torture yourself by staying in the class or drop it and take something else this semester?" Mandy asked. "I know you want to take PHYS, but can you handle the stress?"

Cindy took a deep breath. "You're right," she sighed, leaning back against the wall. "I'm marching into his office, looking him straight in the eye and forcing him to sign that drop form."

Cindy stood there in the Science Hall, just staring at the threatening wooden door before her. She could do this. She gathered together all her courage and knocked... One, very timid knock, but surely he had heard it.

Or maybe he hadn't. She knocked harder, as hard as she dared. Still, no answer. Was that loser even in there? Curious now, she twisted the knob, which gave in very easily, and found herself standing there in Neutron's empty office.

It was a mess. Go figure. It wasn't hard to tell he was scatterbrained. Showing up late to class...tsk, tsk.

Without even knowing what she was doing, Cindy found herself at his desk, shaking the computer mouse to awaken the screen. She had only read a couple words before she heard footsteps and her heart began to pound. He was back! She scanned the room frantically, but there was nowhere to hide. She would have to face him.

She dashed out from behind the desk, and not a minute too soon. Neutron opened the door a split second later, and looked quite surprised to find her.


"I was just looking for you!" she blurted out.

He eyed the paper in her hand. It was a drop/add form. She couldn't be...! "Are you..."

"Well I'm late, gotta go!" Cindy exclaimed, cutting him off again, and this time not waiting for a reply.

So she wasn't dropping his class? He stood there watching in bewilderment as she scampered off, too tongue tied to call after her and ask what that had been about. With a scratch of his head and a turn of his heel, he went back to work and tried to forget about the little encounter.

"You won't believe what I saw!"

Cindy was bursting with excitement and she had to tell someone. Mandy was probably the only one who would believe her.

"What, what?"

She took a deep breath. "Neutron...thinks...evolution...is false!" The laughter tumbled out, she couldn't help it.

Mandy looked at her in confusion. "You mean...he doesn't think anybody evolved? What does he believe then...that we were all created by some god?"

"I don't know! But gosh...that would just be so unlike him. Neutron has never believed in anything that science couldn't prove," Cindy recalled.

"Well that sure is weird. How did you find this out exactly?" Mandy questioned.

"He wasn't in his office when I got there, so I...took a peek at his computer," Cindy sheepishly confessed.

Mandy did a double take. "You? Girl that is reporter material! Give me a high-five!"

Cindy grinned and complied.

"Man that would make a great story too," Mandy went on. "He would be the laughingstock of the entire university! And I wouldn't get the lame jobs at the paper anymore!" Then she bit her lip. "Too bad you dropped his class."


Mandy's eyes widened. "Really?!"

"But I should!" Cindy added.

"Come on Cindy..." Mandy put on her best puppy dog face. "Pwease stay in? For me?"

Cindy laughed. "Mandy, you're nice, but I barely know you! So for you...no."

Mandy sighed. "Fine, be mean!"

"But for Neutron's utter humiliation..."

Mandy's eyes lit up and she waited expectantly.

"I'm in."

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