Everglow - Afterword

Not a week after little Sagno's birth, Vivian and Vincent were wed in the same small chapel that Sephiroth and Aralyn had been. With only Avalanche and Sephiroth's family to witness, the pair exchanged their fervent vows and became bride and groom at long last. Their wedding, at Vivian's request, had been scheduled on the dawning of a lively spring day, to symbolize their own triumph over the night and beginning of their new life together. Vincent was still desperately weak from his ordeal, only able to stand with Sephiroth's assistance, but had never looked so complete, so healed.

Vega and Yazoo were wed moments after Vivian and Vincent were bound together, the couple as eager as their predecessors to become as one. Then, as soon as they were proclaimed husband and wife, Yazoo swept Vega off her feet and disappeared into the sunrise, off to travel together, following every wind that promised of adventure.

Even their humble frog had gained a family. The toad was quite at home in their pond, so much so that a family of tadpoles had sprung there. Franklin had to be renamed Mrs. Franklin, as the toad proved to be female, the mother of her tiny brood.

Andrite had vanished, and had taken Tali's body with him. In respect for their fallen comrade, Avalanche and Sephiroth's family constructed a stone memorial and had lit a torch in remembrance of the valiant life that had been taken in their struggles. The flame was tended to every day and night, never allowed to be suffocated by the storms or winds, and was kept eternally burning.

The note Andrite had left was read by Sephiroth as the strong warrior's eulogy. "Do not grieve for her. She is free at last, in the heavens, reunited with her beloved Kanu as she never could be here on the earth."

The boy had also left a curiously constructed key for Sephiroth. "Tali has named the Lady Dawn, her husband, and her heirs, as her successors to the palace at Seventh Point Isle. If ever you should need a refuge, you will have a home among the islanders."

Aidan returned the Masamune to his father after Sephiroth had tried to pass it to his son. "Someday I will wield your sword with pride," he said. "But not today. For now, you are Masamune's master."

The mountains on which Faramir was located was a perfect training ground, and Aidan was instructed by his father in the way of the sword, proving himself to be every bit the prodigy everyone had expected him to be.

Nadiya also asked to be trained, to everyone's surprise, but she learned only enough to defend herself should the need arise. Satisfied with her meager skills, she preferred to stay at home and play the grand piano that had become the newest addition to their home. She became a master musician at a young age, and their home was always filled with her music.

Grievances with Avalanche were eased quickly, and the group often visited the family. Vincent and Vivian were even more frequent visitors, so much so that the children referred to Vincent as "Uncle Vinnie".

Cloud was named as Sagno's godfather, as it was through his efforts that the boy had even been born.

Faramir was expanded to accommodate the three children. Each was given their own room that was more than spacious enough to accommodate their various interests and needs. But often, they were found in little Sagno's room, sleeping in cots they had made themselves, giving up the luxury of a bed for the comfort of being together.

Life was not perfect for the family. Despite their idealistic surroundings, the shadows of the past haunted them all at times. Nadiya sometimes crawled into bed with her mother and father, trembling from a nightmare, and both the twins lived in fear that one day they would awake in Hojo's laboratory to find that this all had been a fantasy. But time and family would serve to heal, and now, they had all the time in the world together.

And, for the first time since Nibelheim, two roses grew in the pot at their hearth, one the fiery red of love, and one the pure, innocent white of hope, both stems so intertwined that it seemed to be two blooms from the same stem.

And budding at its roots were three unidentifiable flowers that had yet to open, blooms whose mysterious beauty would only be revealed with time.

But Sephiroth and his family were not impatient. They had all the time in the world together.

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