Live on Gabranth,

Worry not over the circumstance of my demise.

I would rather 'twere by your Blade

than that of another.

Live on Gabranth...

Shield our young Lord.

Protect Larsa from this Madman.

Live on Gabranth.

And these words I leave-

For only your ears to heed:

Only for you and our young Master

does my heart still beat.

Pray, love, be swift.

Live on Gabranth

For my part in the young Lord's tale

Has come to pass...

Live on... Gabranth...

A little Drace x Gabranth poem I though up after seeing a particular scene with all the Judges and Vayne. I'm positive that a relationship between the two was being hinted at. Anyway thanks for looking at it and all reviews are welcome even if it's bashing my first ever attempt at writing a poem.

So yeah I'll stop wasting your time now so you can go on to read better stuff :D