Title: Mickey Smith Ain't No Fool
: PG
: Mickey/Jake
Mickey, Jake
Tiny bit of boy kissing and Mickey being pouty.
The boys survive the 1st of April.

AN: A bit of a drabble thing. Hopefully a little funny.


"Oh c'mon Mick, you have to admit, it was a little funny," Jake said, biting down around his laughter at his boyfriend's petulant pout.

"I don't have to admit nothing," Mickey frowned, folding his arms and settling further into the couch. He stared resolutely at the television, ignoring the muffled laughter from the other side of the room. He refused to look up when Jake crossed and flopped down next to him, nudging him roughly.

"Buck up, no one but the secretaries saw," Jake said, his tone far more comforting even as his lips quivered to keep a grin from spreading across his face.

"Yeah, which just means it'll get across the building in half the time, rather than just a few hours," Mickey muttered, trying to shift as far away from Jake as possible - which wasn't very far, as Jake had trapped him at the corner of the sofa. "Don't even try to make this better," Mickey warned, making to stand, "There's no way possible that even you could manage to fix-"

Jake shifted and swung a leg over Mickey's, straddling his lap and managing to trap him firmly in place. His smile was affectionately amused as he tugged gently at Mickey's hands. "No worries babe, it'll blow over in a few days and come this time next week, people will be saying-"

"Don't!" Mickey warned with a fierce glare, but the effect was rather ruined by Mickey's absent minded fiddling with the holes in Jake's jeans and the warm skin beneath.

"You'll survive," chuckled Jake, pressing a kiss to the corner of Mickey's mouth, "If only for my sake, you big baby."

"I don't see why - or how," Mickey moaned, dropping his head to the back of the couch and closing his eyes, as if it was all too much to bear.

"Just because you were the only to believe the memo about today being a costume party," Jake started, barely managing to choke back his laughter.

"Shut up!" Mickey groaned, shoving Jake away and stomping out of the living room and down the hall to the bedroom. Jake heard the slam of the door and allowed himself to finally crack up.

"Happy April Fool's Day love!" He shouted after his boyfriend, his laughter dying down to occasional chuckles and snorts. He let Mickey stew for a few more minutes before rolling off the couch and going after him. After all, Jake was never one to waste opportunities - and a cowboy costume was far too perfect an opportunity to miss.




AN: Just a little April Fool's thing. Hope you enjoyed.