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By: Yours Truly T-chan

Fandom: Naruto

Pairings: SasukeSakuraNaruto NarutoHinata SasukeInoShikamaru +others

Rating: T for Teen

Genre: Comedy/Romance/Drama

AN: Bwah, hey there. I've decided to start this story up since my other one is going to stop. Sorry to anyone who was reading A Prince In Spring. My computer totally decided to be a bitch and screw itself over. So I lost all my files. x Anyways this is my story Username: CherryPOP! I have no clue where it is going but I want to do it.

Anyways only the prologue is written like this. There will be text (like a description in third person) and talk. However there will still be parts like this. Anyways I hope you like it! Don't forget to review!!

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of the characters. They belong to MK-san. However the story idea and such is mine. Btw, Pop! dot com does not exisit. Buutt…if you want to use it, ask me first. I get the rights. : D

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Date: October 18th, 2008

Time: 7:16 am

Journal Entry # 37 Make This Journal Public: Yes/No

Subject: She's Blond, Beautiful and Deadly


Hey guys!

CherryPOP here! ;p

So you guys have been waiting for the juicy details right?!

Of course you have. My comments have been spammed full of eager watchers wanting to know what happens next!

Well here's the update.

Subject: DeadlyBlond

Age: Sixteeen

Status: UchiwaBoi's beau (Ack! I know, right!?)

Hair colour: Blonde (Note the name people!)

Eye colour: Brilliant sky blue! (Almost as brilliant as BlondandDumb's! D:)

Personality: Actually pretty nice but when Sasuke was getting his lunch she told me that he was her's and I had no chance with him!

( I mean come on! Doesn't that really mean she's a BITCH!!)

Bwah, so there it is. The girl who transferred from Iwa with her older brother BombBomb.

Seriously, the minute she got here and entered the class she was like,

"UchiwaBoi! Oh my god I can't believe you're here!"

Note, she did it with a really whiny and high pitch voice but he still looked. So was every other guy in the classroom too. Grrr…

So UchiwaBoi totally stops our conversation and gets out of his seat, surprised.

"DeadlyBlond!?" He exclaimed. God and he did it with amazment.

So that was basically it. Apparently they had gone out for two years when they were twelve. (That's meant they dated till they were 14!)

However when they were 14 UchiwaBoi's dad so got a transfer caused he works for the army, here to lovely Konoha.

Where I me and BlondandDumb met him.

Where he became me and BlondandDumb's enemy.

Then friend.

Then my crush.

Then one of best friend's and crush.

So my best friend who I basically love is dating the new girl who he use to date. And she's blond, blue eyed and deadly beautiful.

And here I am.

In this horrible situation.

Gawd kill me now.

What's a girl to do?



Comment: Yes/No

Username: pURPLE-cHAN

Time: 7:43 am

Comment: D; I don't like her either! UchiwaBoi is so stupid.

Don't forget to come over to me house after school.

Bring my red heels with you!

See you at school!


Comment: Yes/No

Username: sharpANDpointy

Time: 7:49 am

Comment: Grr…I'll totally shove some of my pointy little babies up his ass! How can he not know how much you love him!!

See you and purple after school.



Comment: Yes/No

Username: rAmEnlUver101

Time: 4:25 pm

Comment: OMG! Uchiwa sounds so stupid LMAO!

u should twotttally go out with me!

even thou u don't know me!

or mayb u do! 8D wouldn't that totally be awesome!



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AN: Ick. How was that?! I want some feed back before I continue. Btw if you don't know who is who, just ask. Shouldn't be that hard to figure out though….: D REVIEW!