Hey, this is my first fanfic.

The Black Pearl was sailing calmly through the Caribbean

The Black Pearl was sailing calmly through the Caribbean. The whole crew was laid back and relaxed. Even Witty Jack, at the wheel, was holding an empty bottle of rum in his hand. He groggily opened his mouth and poured the last drop into his mouth. He sighed.

"Why is the rum always gone?" He stood up and wobbled a little. He walked down below the deck and found Ragetti napping on a chest. He took the empty bottle and smashed it against his head. Ragetti awoke with a start.

"Morning, sunshine" Jack said. Ragetti mumbled angrily before lying back down. Jack shrugged his shoulders and grabbed Ragetti's feet. He pulled him off the chest onto the hard floor. Ragetti awoke again.

"Arg! You couldn't have given me five more minutes?" Ragetti asked. Jack poked him with the end of his cutlass.

"Ouch!" Ragetti shrieked.

"Get to the wheel" Ragetti grumbled as he worked his way above the deck. Jack continued. When he finally got to the room he was searching for, he went to the corner and picked up a small chest. He blew the dust off of it and dug in his pocket. He pulled out a key and unlocked the chest. Inside, was the beating heart of William Turner. Jack heard footsteps behind him. He turned to face Elizabeth Swann. He locked the chest and put the key back in his tornado of a pocket.

"What are you doing with Will's heart?"

"What does that matter to you?"

"He gave it to me to protect it!" Jack drew his cutlass.

"Then I guess we should have a duel for the heart, eh?"

"Let's make it a little more interesting" said Elizabeth drawing a cutlass. "Winner keeps the heart, the ship, and the crew!"

"Well alright then. Ready?"