Morgan fell onto the couch while Hunter kissed her, falling with her. It seemed like such a long time ago when they had been teenagers and had been making out on the rug in her room back in Widow's Vale. It seemed like such an eternity ago that Morgan's heart ached as she felt his kisses, and she felt the tears come even though she knew she should be happy, that they were finally getting married.

It still hurt, to know Moira had been Hunter's daughter and he hadn't even been there to see her grow up. He hadn't changed any of her nappies, hadn't seen her as she'd taken her first step and tumbled. She was now nearly sixteen; too old to be called a child and have silly nicknames. They were so far apart, even though they were father and daughter. Morgan hated Iona for that; for taking away Hunter so he could not grow here, so that Moira loved him like a daughter should love her father.

He stopped kissing her to smooth back the hair away from her face and look at her, and she could feel her breath catch as she gazed back at him. He had gained much needed weight from his life on Iona's island for over sixteen years; he had grown back into the mold of being Morgan's beloved, and she loved having him back. No matter how much Moira seemed to be distant, they were one and no one could deny what was right in front of them.

Hunter kissed the tip of her nose, smiling down at her. He looked different from when they were young; he had grown, matured, and she had not been able to witness it, to become accustomed with it as it happened. Moira's voice drifted through the window as Hunter kissed her lips again. She was talking to Ian; he had been so odd, but he, in way, reminded her of both Hunter and Cal…

Hunter smiled at her, and she felt herself distracted. The way he smiled made her temporarily forget everything, just to look at him. She craved him; craved to touch him when she had been over sixteen years without him.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, Morgan felt at rest. She had found him; her greatest fears had been conquered. They could, finally, rest in peace.

With a tug of her heart and a glance towards the window, Morgan gave Hunter a small smile. Pulling his hand along with her, she headed up the stairs. Her one last hope before they entered the bedroom was that Moira would stay outside…just for a little while.

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