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Hinata blushed crazily as her crush was walking beside her. She felt like fainting and dying Naruto was 1 inch from touching her and if he did she swore she would died.."Ne? Hinata-chan are you ok?"The blonde boy noticed the girl was incredibly red."Are you sick have a fever?"He stopped and took a look at her face. She started sweating as the heat rushed to her cheeks and face.

"I-I'm f-fine N-naruto-kun.."She stuttered. She looked down and started tapping her fingers together back and forth. Naruto looked at her even though they were friends and talked more ever since she saved him from those bug people there was still moments that he thought she was wierd."Ne ok Hinata-chan."He put his hands around his neck."Let's hurry before all the good ramen is gone." He smiled down at Hinata.

"O-ok"Hinata ran after Naruto to the Ramen Shop.


Naruto put down his 4th bowl Ramen as he let out a sigh of satisfaction. Hinata giggled she was still on her first and wasn't even half way down. "Hinata your so slow!"He jokeda nd shoved her playfully as she blushed red. "(Haha pretend the owner of the ramen shop is here) makes the best Ramen ever!!I want another!"And with that another bowl was hurlded his way and he took his chopsticks and started stuffing his face.

"You know if Naruto didn't have all those coupons and he was my only coustmer I would be filthy rich by now."He whispered to Hinata and she giggled. NAruto looked up with his cheeks almost as wide as Choji's"Eh? Whagth sof funhnny?" Bits of ramen spit out as he said it.

"Ugh! Naruto you are so gross!!"They turned there heads and there stood Sakura with her hands on her hips glaring at Naruto.

"H-Hello S-Sakura-san,"Hinata smiled at the pink haired kuonochi. Sakura smiled back"Hey Hinata-san."

"Hey Sakura wou-"


"But you didn't know what I was gonna ask!!"

"I don't care no!"

"fine.."Naruto sighed and stuffed his with Ramen. Hinata looked at them with sad eyes. She knew NAruto liked Sakura but she still liked Sasuke even though he left so why? Her heart was falling Sakura was stronger, prettier, and smarter then her that's why she thought.(A\N LIes, Lies, and more dumbass lies!!) Hinata tried to smile but it came out fake.

"Uh Naruto-kun Sakura-san I have to get home gomensai," She smiled at them.

They both waved as she walked away and they said bye.

"Shut up you baka!!"

"Oh c'mon Saku-"CRASH!


Hinata walked along the busy streets of Konoha when she heard a crowd of girls giggling and talking.

"God did you hear?"


"I heard the Kazegake's sister is taking a girl from Konoha and training her!"

"Oh cool! Wait isn't the new Kazegake Gaara?"Her eyes widened

"Yeah!! And he is way cutier now then back then!Second to sasuke(A\N hells freakin no!! he #1 always)"

They both squeeled and Hinata could have sworn she saw drooling.'Gaara? Isn't he that guy with the red hair from the chunnin exams?'She thought'His sister I think Temari..She was strong maybe I could go and finally get Naruto-kun's attention..maybe..' She kept doughting herself till she finally made her mind she was gonna ask the hokage if she could go.


"No hinata but I'm sorry,"The blonde hokage didn't look at the small hyuga. Hinata's heart fell why did she even try this was another failure."H-Hai.."Hinata turned and walked slowly to the door till she stopped.

'Naruto-kun would never give up. So why should I give up so easily?'Hinata asked herself.'If I want to be stronger then I shouldn't give up!' She turned around and walked over to the desk where the hokage sat. Tsunadae looked up"Was there something else hyuga-san?"

"Tsuandae-sama I'm not leaving till you let me go to Suna!"Hinata stood still with a frown on her face looking into the the hokage's eyes. Tsunadae glared back but Hinata stood emotionless.

A few seconds went by when the blonde hokage finally gave in. She rubbed her temples looking into a hyuga's eyes can make you go blind."Fine, but theres no turning back..do you understand?"

Hinata shook her head"Yes."

Tsunadae handed hinata the papers as hinata signed it."Temari will be here to pick you up at 5:30 get all the stuff you need and weapons carry light it's along trip across the desert about 3 to 2 days."

"Hai! Arigatou Tsunadae-sama!"Hinata hugged her and ran out the door.

Tsunadae sighed.'She's almost as ignorring as naruto. Speaking of that dummy where is he?'


'Ok I need to pack lightly,say bye to my friends and tell dad and tell naruto-kun,'She thought and when she thought of Naruto she blushed.'Naruto...'

She stuffed all the clothes she could fit 4 pairs of shirts cause she thinks she could buy some in Suna. She lifted her bag pretty light. She looked at the gift she was going to give to Naruto and clutched it to her chest."Hope he likes it."She smiled and jumped out the door.


She walked around she already told all over her friends Ino,Tenten,Kiba and Shino even though they were relucant they but they understood and Neji already knew and he almost nailed her to the floor but he caught his senses.

"Only Naruto-kun,"She breathed in catching all the courage she could muster and made her way to team 7's training ground.


She made her way across the forest till she saw the opening area but stopped till she heard small chatter.

She knew she shouldn't listen but it was to tempting. She went closer and reconized the two voices Naruto and sakura.

"Naruto here, You shouldn't train so hard you will kill yourself!" Sakura put chakra healing thingy and started healing his arms.

"Ah! B-But I let sasuke go and I promised you I would bring him back and he escaped because I was to weak!"Naruto clenched his fists in anger.Sakura stared at him and for the first time so how good he was and how any girl would be lucky to have him.

"Sakura?"Naruto looked at her.

"Uh yes Naruto,"She looked at him and she took her hands off him when she saw the bruise was ok.

"I-I think I'm in love with you(A\N -throws up on reader-)"

There was a silence that lasted for a few minutes that seemed like forever till Sakura wrapped her arms around him and kissed his lips.


It felt like a huge rock slammed her heart it pinched it twisted in pain. I think it's called heartbreaking. The tears swelled into Hinata's lavender eyes as her vision became blurry."N-naruto-kun.."And she ran leaving the little fox with a collar that had Naruto's name on it.

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