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"LUNA!" said Rico as he dashed into me while the light blinded me making me cover my eyes! I had to scream or do something to stop him! He can't leave me! No he would never I love him! Just because he has a terrible sickness does not mean he has to leave! The light finally became smaller until it was darkness.

" No Erik, he can't go," i whispered, " he can't leave me."

I gulted out of bed making my head hit the backboard! I was 9 when he left, now i am 14. That was 5 years ago when he left. You must be confused well my name is Luna. You know my age and yes i have wings. My wings is pure white. My power is light well our power is light. You Must be even more confused so lets start with my Brothers.


13ft brownish orange wings.

Hair: Straight shoulder length brown hair with orange highlights.

Hight: 6'9

Power: Fire, light

INteresting fact: Rico is his real name nothing else! He can also make balls of fire it gets annoying after a while when all he does is jokes!


13ft blueish gray wings

Hair: Long a little over his shoulder length brown hair with blue highlights.


Power: water, light

INteresting fact: Twin brother of Rico! I say the most protective too!! Opposite of his Bro!!


14ft earth green wings

Hair: Long a little over his shoulders dirty blonde hair with green highlights.


Power: rocks, light

INteresting fact: Erik the oldest in our family! yes i mean we are genetically brothers and sisters!

Me (Luna)

12ft pure white wings

Hair: Very long almost to butt dirty blonde hair with white tips at the bottom!

Hight: 6'7

Power: wind, light

INteresting fact: My powers have nothing to do with my name its my real name so if you have a problem with it, build a bridge and get over it!!

Now you know us, well here is my story so put your seatbelt on and get ready for a crazy ride!!

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