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POV: Luna

We were half way to our destination! Where is our destination you ask? Well i don't know i am just following my brother and his friends. The flight was quiet very quiet but i could not stand another hour of it.

"Land down there!" said my annoying brother which by the way i am still mad at him. But i did not complain or argued i was just not in the mood. So we landed gracefully. (yes i said gracefully, if you did not know we genetically mutated bird people land gracefully! so if you have a problem with that just keep quiet!) As soon as we landed everyone went their different ways trying to get camp on the way! What is my task you ask? Well it was getting wood for the fire! That was an easy task for there where sticks everywhere!

a few hours later...

Camp was finally done! My annoying brother was talking to the new comer's while i was observing our surroundings.

" Hey Luna dinner is ready!" said my bothersome brother. I ignored him! Like i said i was made at him.

" Luna come on stop ignoring me!" He said. I ignored him again, he is not winning this fight! He signed and walked towards me!

"Luna stop please i am sorry i didn't mean what i said!" he said. He truly looked sorry!

" I forgive you but don't blame me tomorrow when erasers start following us like spy's!" i said trying to lighten up the mood. It worked he cracked up!

" Come on Luna you must be hungry?"

" Hmm let me think about that!" i said giving him a hard time, " Of course i am hungry!" He laughed again and walked me to the fire where our food lay!

POV: Erik

Thank god Luna forgave me! She always lays a grudge for a long time! Anyways i walked her to the fire where our food lay!

" So She forgave you!" said Linzy as i sat down next to her.

"Yup!" i said smiling.

After we finished our dinner it was time for the introduction!

" Okay well lets start with the introduction!" i said.

POV: Luna

"Okay well lets start with the introduction." said my big brother.

" Okay well i am Linzy. I am 18 and my power is Super strength. I am the leader of my flock." said a blond hair, tall girl.

" I am Claire. I am 16 and my power is invisibility." said a brown hair, tall girl.

" I am Kit. I am 16 too and i can make a shield with my mind." said a red hair, taller than me girl.

" I am Connor. I am 14 and i can make energy balls." said a tall dirty blond hair boy. ( the names are their real names just to make it clear!)

" Okay well its nice to meet all of you guys!" i said smiling. After a little while i was worn out form the day so i walked over to where my backpack was and fell into a deep sleep!!

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