First of all I will admit it has been some time since I've written any fanfic and sentence structure and punctuation are not m

First of all I will admit it has been some time since I've written any fanfic and sentence structure and punctuation are not my forte so I apologize in advance

This Fanfic borrows somewhat from the fanfic "Above the Shadow" (which I hope will be continued soon) but I am in no way intending to steal the author's ideas

That said please read and enjoy

Chapter One

There was a flash of light, and sixteen Colossi resurrected from the dead appeared before the shrine in an instant.

The two flyers were in the air in seconds.

The Goliath Barda heaved himself to his feet and glared at the other Colossi.

"What is going on?" he growled, his voice deep and gravelly, "the last thing I remember was that damned human crawling up my back and everything went black."

Gaius, The Earth Knight, walked over to where The Sea Dragon Hydrus flopped around on the ground. He gently lifted her head into the air with his left hand and supported her sinuous coils with his sword arm.

"I know not what happened here, my last memories are of trying to strike down the foul creature that was slaying us." He shook his head sadly. "In my arrogance I stuck at him with my blade, but it hit the slab in the centre of my domain and shattered the armour on my arm. In my rage I struck at him again…but my weapon stuck in the earth and he used it to run up my arm." Again he shook his head in shame. "All I recall after that was pain. I assume that Thou also met the same fate." He glanced around at the others. "And the rest of you?"

Malus turned from his view of the horizon.

"Yes, all of us fell, I was the last," boomed in his loud, but gentle voice. The Grand Gigas returned his gaze to the huge gates visible on the other side of the plains. "I felt the rest of you die."

"Surely not Malus," whinnied Phaedra, wandering over. "You are the strongest of us all." Barda stepped forward and opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by a slithery, hissing voice; that of Kuromori.

"Perhaps dear Malus is not as powerful as we thought," Kuromori whispered from his position on the front of the shrine. Gaius glared at The Wall Shadow with contempt.

"SILENCE REPTILE!" he bellowed, taking a step towards the other Colossus. "We all stood against the human and were slain!"

"That if you not run away," Valus grunted, shaking his club. "All know you are coward."

"Please brothers, do not fight," gurgled Hydrus from Gaius's arms "This helps nothing!"

Kuromori twisted his head around to look at Gaius. "It is clear that we were not a match for the human but I fought for my life just like the rest of you."

"Come down here so I can squash you, liar!" Barda stepped forward and swiftly swiped at Kuromori, who quickly backed up higher onto his pillar, gathering energy in his mouth, preparing to fire…

"ENOUGH ALL OF YOU!" bellowed Malus, a crackling bolt gathering in his fist. "Kuromori fought, I felt him die just like the others."

Dirge gazed at the others, his luminous eyes blinking.

So we all died?" He said in a voice a dry as paper

He gazed up at the circling Trail Drifter above their heads. "Phalanx, surely you could escape from him?"

The flying colossus answered in a quiet, slow, whispering voice, "No…he awoke me from my sleep…I burst forth from the sand and took to the air… he followed me on his animal and punctured my gasbags with arrows…I could not stay in the air…" He paused. "He climbed up my wing…and stabbed his blade into my seals…"

Dirge turned to the Great Basilisk. "Pelagia, below the surface of your lake he would not be able to reach you, surely?"

The huge creature shook his head regretfully. "My rage overtook me, I came to the surface and blasted him with my horns but he climbed up my back, used me to get onto one of the shrines in my domain." Pelagia looked guiltily away. "When I reared out of the water looking for him he grabbed my chest hair and drove his sword into my seal."

Basaran stumped over, his heavy tread shaking the ground. "We have to face it, we all died." The Storm Echo slumped to the ground with a crash. "What we need to know is what happened after."

Avion landed near the conversation and chirped, "well the bridge is gone and I couldn't see The Wanderer anywhere…I can't feel the Dormin's presence in the land." The Delta Phoenix looked around at the others. "Did They escape?"

"Yes," suddenly boomed a voice from the top of the shrine. The Colossi gazed upward to see another Colossus standing on the very apex of the spire, tall as Malus but as thin as Gaius, carrying a huge staff with an orb made of some kind of gemstone on the top. Around his brow was a circlet; the only piece of armour he wore. A robe and cape made of moss were draped heavily around his form. "I am Zalgadis, The Magnus Thought," he announced.

Well that's it, I hope you like it and the next chapter will be up next week sometime