Rated: T for Teen Title: Snake Bite Chapter 1: The Posionous Snake

A/N: I had a stroke of genius when I thought of this. I was thinking about that SaixSauke thing in the manga and I ran with it. Let me warn you that the firs chapter is teen rated but the next ones will get a bit mature. This isn't soft yaoi it's hard yaoi so be careful people. I had help from my friend Suika Watermelon for this one. She's got a more detailed mind than me. See you soon, in the next chapter. AHAHAHAHA!! XD Before I forget, the first 3 paragraphs are a bit dull. GOMEN NASAI!

Naruto had invited Sai over to play a board game along with Sakura, Shikamaru, Kakashi-sensei, Iruka-sensei, and Ino. Since Sai didn't know how to play he decided to watch instead, sipping hot chocolate as the game played on. It wasn't long before Sakura and Ino started arguing with each other.

"You did not just accuse me of cheating!" Ino shouted.

"Well if the shoes fits you pig!" shouted Sakura.

"You're the pig! You're the one with the pink hair!"

"Like I haven't heard that before, think of something else to say you moron!"





"Ladies, ladies, calm down. It's only a game," Iruka-sensei was doing his best to try and calm them down. His efforts ended in disaster, they ended up telling him to shut up and they continued screaming.

"What a drag, I can't even remember why I came here," Shikamaru complained.

"You were trying to avoid your mom," Naruto pointed out.

"Again, what a drag. Sai, you haven't said much lately."

"Does he ever talk?" Naruto chuckled and snuck a glance at Sai. He wasn't really paying attention he was to busy looking at the rain outside. It had started off with a light shower and now it was pouring, like the rain was determined on turning Konoha into a sea.

"I only say something when there's something to talk about," Sai added. Naruto laughed and started pestering Kakashi-sensei about the book he was reading. All Kakashi would tell him was that he was too young to read it.

"Another book by that pervy sage, you've got some real problems buddy," Naruto teased.

"At least I don't go using my sexy no jutsu to get him to teach me stuff," replied Kakashi-sensei.

"It's not like that so shut up! Besides, it's good practice."

"No it isn't."

"What do you know!?" Ino and Sakura were tired of arguing and decided to go home. Sai decided he should go home to; he didn't bring an umbrella and was already feeling a bit feverish. The walk home was wet and dreary. Once he got inside the cold air made him shiver. He sneezed and felt his forehead, he was hot. Naruto let him take the mug of hot chocolate home with him after putting a cap on the mug to keep the rain out. Sai finished it and didn't bother wiping the chocolate mustache off of his face.

"I guess I caught a fever. I do feel a bit weak but I don't have a mission tomorrow either. I guess it'll be okay if I go to bed and sleep in. I should take a shower first or dry myself off," he told himself. He was always talking to himself; it was just him in the house anyway. As he neared his bedroom he heard something familiar the shower was running. The shower was in his bedroom; the noise was coming from there. Did I forget to turn it off, he wondered. It was reasonable enough, he had done it before, Sai walked into the bedroom and went straight to the shower. Steam instantly blocked his vision. He reached for the shower curtain and pulled it open, searching for the handle to turn it off. What he got was something different.

"Oh, so I did guess right," a voice said. Sai recognized the voice; he sharply looked up, as his eyes grew wide. Sasuke was standing in front of him.

"Sa-Sasuke, what are…I have to get Naruto," he said making a run for the door. Sasuke anticipated his movement for escape and grabbed his arm, slamming him against the wall. He licked the chocolate mustache of his lips and smirked.

"You've got me here and all you can think about is him? Honestly, are you trying to make me jealous?" Sasuke asked him. Sai could feel his hot wet skin inching closer toward him. He tried to wriggle away but his fever wouldn't allow any strength to come to him.

"Are you sick? That's too bad…for you. At least I can take my time with you then," Sasuke whispered into his ear. His tongue slithered out of his mouth like a snake and he licked the bottom half of Sai's ear, causing Sai to sharply turn his head. Sasuke smirked and pushed Sai's pinned arms deeper into the wall.

"I remember you quite clearly, you're that boy who went and woke me up. You just had to get my attention back then, remember? Now you have my full attention and you won't even look at me, how mean. I even got dressed and wet just for you…you're even wearing the same outfit I saw you in. it makes you look so sexy," Sasuke said, as he licked Sai's face. Sai looked down and could see that he wasn't wearing the clothes from when they first met. Sasuke had changed into a white-buttoned shirt and a pair of white shorts, much like the old ones he used to wear. Sasuke smiled and before Sai could piece together everything he was being flung to the floor. The cold floor on his wet body made him feel hotter.

"You really do have a fever. I guess that means I should be gentle with you then," Sasuke said. With his arms still pinned all Sai could manage was a stop.

"If you want me to stop so badly then you should say it until I get tired of hearing it," Sasuke told him. Sasuke carefully bound Sai's hands and tied them to his bedpost, as Sai tried desperately to free his hands Sasuke continued to explore Sai's ear with his tongue, slithering in and out of his ear. The sound of Sasuke's tongue slipping in and out of his ear made Sai shudder. Sasuke did this for about ten minutes until he started licking the outer surface of Sai's ear, making sure he got the entire ear wet with his saliva.

"Aren't you supposed to tell me to stop? Look at you, your face is so red now and your body is getting hot. I wonder if that's the fever or maybe, do you like me?" Sasuke asked, his eyes looked cold as he fixed his gaze on Sai. Sasuke grabbed Sai's hair and flung his head back, making Sai shout an ouch. With his head back and looking up at the ceiling Sasuke slid his tongue inside of Sai's mouth. Sai found it hard to breathe and was forced to push Sasuke's tongue out with his own. Sasuke smirked and forced his tongue back in as it went deeper and deeper inside. Sai could feel it moving around, twirling itself around his tongue and inner throat. Sasuke separated from him leaving a trail of drool coming from his lips.

"You're even more red and your breathing is getting heavy. Sai, I'll make a deal with you, if you don't' tell anyone about me being here then I'll untie you. It's no fun unless I have complete control of your entire body. If you promise I won't make things to embarrassing for you," Sasuke bargained. Sai's mind was trying to catch up to Sasuke's words. Thanks to the kiss Sai couldn't think straight. His fever, the kiss, Sasuke, he couldn't piece anything together anymore.

"Sasuke, please stop—" Sai began, "Naruto is worried about you, if you could just talk to him then…ah!" At the sound of Naruto's name Sasuke plunged his hand into Sai's pants. Sai shuddered and his thoughts were interrupted by the sudden force of Sasuke sticking his tongue back into his mouth. This time the kiss was more rapid and much deeper than before; Sai could have sworn that Sasuke's tongue was halfway down his throat. Sasuke backed off for a bit and let Sai catch his breath. He wiped his bottom lip and flipped Sai over, his back facing him now. Sasuke positioned himself on top of him and rested his head on Sai's shoulder.

"How dare you say another man's name when I'm trying to get your attention. Do you like him? Do you? If you don't cooperate with me then maybe I should kill him while he's sleeping. He wouldn't think twice about me attacking him in Konoha. If you don't want your precious bond to be eliminated then I suggest you never say his name again. Am I quite clear on this?" Sasuke asked him.

"Y-Yes," Sai stuttered. Sasuke smiled and undid the rope tying Sai's hands together. He picked Sai up and placed him in the bed. Sasuke undid the buttons on his shirt and crawled onto the bed, staring at the bottom so Sai could see him. He crawled up to his stomach and began stroking the area around his navel. Then he began to lick his belly button and reached under his shirt, gently caressing his nipples. Sai moaned and covered his eyes with his hands.

"You really are cute and now, you're mine. Don't you ever forget that, I claim you. There's no need to cover your eyes, that won't do any good. You can still feel," Sasuke said. He pulled Sai up by grabbing his cheeks and met him with his lips. It was much softer than before but it was much more deeper than before as well. Before Sai could recover form the kiss Sasuke went straight for his neck and bit into it, hard. The blood flowed from his neck as Sasuke lapped it up. Sai's neck was throbbing and his fever was making the room spin.

"I did learn something from snake-san but I altered it for my convenience. It's a bit like my curse mark but better. If you ever sleep with someone else but me then this mark will instantly drive you to kill them. Like I said, you belong to me now. I'll be sure to make you mine permanently tomorrow. Right now I want you to sleep and get better," Sasuke said.

"But what if…someone sees this," Sai panicked, Naruto would ask questions and if Sai told him Sasuke would kill him.

"Don't worry, it'll be fine. Go to sleep and when you wake up, I'll be waiting for you." Sai found himself feeling dizzy as the world faded to black.

Sai woke up early the next morning and scanned his entire house. No one was there. His fever had gone down and he was feeling better but he still felt a bit weak. Sai sighed and rubbed his head, what a strange dream. He walked outside and saw Neji walking with TenTen in front of the ramen shop.

"Sai, come over to my house at seven. I'm having a party," TenTen shouted excitedly.

"I guess so, I'm not doing anything," he answered. Neji gave him a strange looked and asked him what was the matter.

"Your neck, is that a rash?" Neji asked him, pointing at his neck for an example. Sai froze and shakily felt the side of his neck where he thought Sasuke bit him. It was beat red and something that felt like scales were on his skin. Sai looked in a mirror and he could see that the red shape was the same shape as a snake. No way, Sai thought to himself.