Title: Snake Bite

Rated: M

A/N: Haven't updated in years…and this is short. Yeah, well….life and moving and…stuff. I'm introducing a new character an OC of mine and if well received I will fold him/her in. You know, the character that makes things worse yet good for Sai. Excuse the typos. Did I mention I'm looking for a beta reader?

Chapter 20: The Cold Kiss, part 2

Sai felt his body get up and walk after Sasuke. He felt it, he wasn't sure if he did it himself but he certainly did feel something making him move. Sasuke was patiently waiting for him in the room, as usual, nothing but lust in his eyes.

"Sai, in reality, you want me don't you?" Sasuke asked. Sai was leaning in between the door and still deciding if he should come in.

"I don't know yet."

"You don't know?" Sasuke moved slowly but somehow seductively toward Sai. He was only a few inches away from him now, breathing heavily into his ear. The sensation made Sai shiver and quake.

"Well, since you don't know I guess I'll just have to leave you alone for now. And here I was getting all hot and bothered about giving you some service today," Sasuke teased. He quickly grabbed Sai and pulled him into him, sliding his tongue skillfully in the boy's mouth. Sai attempted to push away but there was no real strength behind it, Sasuke thought it was cute that he still tried to resist. His tongue slid deep into the boy's throat, threatening to choke him. Sasuke pushed Sai away from him, leaving the boy to slide down to the floor.

"And yet you still don't know. Find out quickly." Sasuke left the room, leaving Sai confused, dazed, and slightly horny.

"Damn that man to hell," he mumbled.

5 days later…

"Does anybody know what's wrong with Sai?" Naruto asked. For the past 3 days Sai had been acting strange. Not really strange but angry. He would snap at anyone and anything. He was like a child in desperate need of a nap but refused to go to sleep.

"We would tell you but you're just too dense to get it," Neji insulted. Naruto had decided to spend some time with the Hyuuga's. Hinata was hiding in the back of the room with her face consumed by the color red while Kiba was busy brushing Neji's hair.

"Why are you brushing his hair?" Naruto asked.

"Wow, you really are dense. Worse than dense, downright stupid," came a voice from behind him. Naruto and everyone in the room turned around to find Gaara standing next to a rather tall girl. She was taller than Gaara, obviously, but had the same reddish hair tied up into a bun with chopsticks coming out of it. Her eyes were a deep red and her skin was just as pale as Gaara. Some would even mistake the two as relatives.

"What are you two doing here? Who are you!" Naruto asked, screaming in his loud voice and pointing.

"Keep pointing and I'm going to break it," the girl growled. Gaara introduced her as Tamaki but everyone remembered Tamaki as a bubbly looking girl and shorter. This was a complete 360 for what they remembered.

"She got drunk one night and rammed into a wall, this is what the possible brain damage did to her," Gaara pointed out. The two were here on business. Tamaki was Gaara's escort, that and she had been exchanging letters with Hinata and everyone.

"Tamaki, where are you going now?" Neji asked, she had said her greetings and was getting ready to leave.

"I'm on a mission, Naruto you can play bodyguard."

"What? Hey!" Tamaki was already gone before Naruto could object further. She needed to find Sai. At least, that's what this letter told her to do. Someone with a pen name as Shark Tooth.

Meanwhile with Sai…

Sai was annoyed, not annoyed pissed even. Pissed wouldn't even begin to cover it. Sai was the epitome of angry. He didn't exactly know why but he was furiously angry at everything. He just got out of a lecture with Tsnude and Kakashi, his attitude was beginning to scare the townspeople. Not really his attitude, his aura.

He sat at the ramen shop glaring at everything. A black smog of anger and rage completely consuming him.

"Well, aren't you a sight for sore eyes." Sai looked up to see a girl sitting on the tabletop next to him.

"Hi there lover boy. Let's have a chat." She grabbed Sai by the back of his neck and walked off. Causing the other customers and shopkeeper to actually relax when he left. She found an alley and pushed Sai in the middle of it.

"You're pissed because you're horny; you're horny because you're not getting any, simple as that. So, let's get you laid then."

"Who are you exactly?"

"Tamaki, nice to meet you. I know all about your secret thing with Sasuke, don't be embarrassed. I haven't told anyone. First off, we're going to need beer then we're going to need to find you a fake boyfriend."

"Fake boyfriend?"

"To get him jealous. Once that happens, you're in. You'll be sore, possibly regret it, maybe not leave the house for a few days but hey, the price you pay."

"Wait, what?"

"Come on Sai, before I change my mind to something more expensive than beer." Sai was more confused than ever. Did everybody know everything? Who was Tamaki? What exactly was happening to his life?

A/N: Kind of a cliffy but haven't written in awhile so I'm immensely rusty. Sorry it's not as erotic as you thought…I have seen nothing romantic in the least. I'm working on the fake boyfriend person but finding a character that will work with Sai is hard. Any ideas people? Oh yeah, if you have an OC put that in there too, might just use him. I need a fake boyfriend to make Sasuke jealous. What do you think on Tamaki?

Next story, a lot of eroticness, I promise. When the next update will be…well, let's just be optimistic I updated.