Written by: Jennifer Hedgehog

Edited by: Kari Gage

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During a mission, Manic and Sonic are caught and Sonia and Jennifer seem to be their only hope. Queen Aleena contacts Jennifer in the city and gives her a note while telling her to find Sonia and rescue Sonic and Manic…

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Girl Power!

It was around 4 AM. The sky was as clear as it could get on a December night, it was full moon and everything seemed to be perfectly easy and quiet. The snow laid like a thick carpet on the ground and in the beginning of a forest, the Sonic Underground van stood, almost covered by snow too. Inside it, Sonia, Manic and Jennifer were asleep and here, the only sounds that were heard were Manic's soft snoring and sleep mumbling. Everything was suddenly interrupted when Sonic stepped forward and started banging a wooden spoon on a pot, making Sonia, Manic and Jennifer sit up in their bunks, all with a scream.

"Good morning!" Sonic smiled satisfied while he stopped banging on the pot. Manic yawned bluntly, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"Awww… maaan… bro, what's up with this?! It's 4 AM, even you should be asleep now! Well, I should, anyway!" He grumbled.

Sonia lay back in the bunk, covering her head with a pillow mumbling something about her brothers, having no mercy.

"Ah, com' on! Cyrus just called… we've gotta get to Robotropolis… he's rebuilt the prison building and some new factories, we've gotta blow them up at the same time!" Sonic tapped his foot.

"How come we have to do it NOW?" Manic got out of his bunk and put his shoes on, "it doesn't exactly sound like it's urgent…"

"Well, it is… the new SWATbot factory is pretty big… it could improve the production of SWATbots with at least 20 like this!" Sonic quickly snapped his finger in front of Manic's face making him almost fall backwards while he was messing with his laces.

"But… I'm still in training. You said it wasn't time for a mission yet…" Jennifer lifted an eyebrow. Sonic nodded yes.

"Well… we need you here, J… we've got nobody else at the moment, and besides, you seem to be great at this already!" He grinned. Manic walked over and helped her down from her bunk.

"You'll do fine." He whispered. Jennifer sighed.

"I hope so…"

Sonic looked at Sonia's bunk. She still had both pillow and blanket over her head. He snickered quietly and walked over to her.

"Yo, sleeping beauty! It's time to get up!" He quickly snatched both the pillow and blanket, making Sonia send him a look that insured him she'd probably send him FLYING to Robotropolis.

"Boys!" She muttered, getting out of her bunk. Sonic, Manic and Jennifer snickered, making sure Sonia heard nothing.

"Ok, guys… if anybody wants breakfast, it's now… we're leaving in 30 minutes…" Sonic pointed to the already set table for breakfast.


About 30 minutes later the four were already in their seats, on the way towards Robotropolis. Sonia was giving Sonic instructions, Jennifer was writing in her diary and Manic just watched her, silent. He cleared his throat.

"J…. whatcha writing?" He asked, hesitating. Jennifer looked up from her writing, somehow confused.

"Huh?" She tried to remember the question, "oh…! It's diary." She smiled at him and then, continued her writing.

"Oh…" Manic looked out at the snow, " by the way… can I… ask you a question?" He moved, somewhat nervously, in his seat.

Jennifer nodded yes while she continued writing.

"When you were with your parents back on.. Earth… where did you live?" He asked, quietly.

Both Sonia and Sonic looked at Jennifer as she looked up and her pencil slipped out of her hand.

"I…" She sighed, "New York City, United States of America…" picking up her pencil, she continued writing while biting in her lip.

Manic seemed sort of surprised. He never expected her to answer the question. In the week she had been there, she had always moved on to another subject, avoiding answering any question about her past at all. He didn't want to make her sad, he just wanted to communicate with her. He knew he was possibly picking the wrong questions, but… he was about to ask another question but Sonia interrupted.

"What about your parents and family… what were they called?" She asked.

Jennifer looked up, once again biting in her lip, sighing. "My father, John Scott, my mother, Alice Scott… I had my Aunt Amanda as well, and my grandparents. When I felt I couldn't rely on my parents I always went to my aunt… my grandparents were in Vermont so… I rarely saw them. My parents hadn't time to go somewhere, just to spend one single weekend or so… they were business people, always working… never home… but I loved them." She smiled at Sonia and Manic.

Manic knew she would answer this question… Sonia knew almost everything about Jennifer already now. She and Sonia could talk about everything and Sonia seemed to know all of Jennifer's secrets. Everyone was silent again.

"Why didn't you just go to your grandparents? I mean…" Sonia was cut off when Jennifer shook her head no.

"They were in another state… I'd need a car, and my parents wouldn't let me get driver's license before I was 18."

"Another state?" The question burst out of Manic's mouth. Jennifer nodded yes.

"Yes…" She turned, and started looking for something. After a while, she pulled a book out of her backpack. She put it down in front of Manic and opened it. A map. "This is the U.S.A, United States of America… we lived there… New York City…" She pointed at a state on the coast, "and my grandparents lived around there… Vermont." She pointed at another little state, "We had to move to Washington D.C. too it make the trip a lot longer… I'm glad we didn't do it though… we had the money, but my parents didn't want to. I… well, I didn't really care. I bet I wouldn't have had any friends there, and I wouldn't leave the few ones I had in New York." She pointed at another spot on the map, "Washington D.C., the capital." She closed the book and put it back in her backpack, "How about Aleena? How was she?"

Sonia and Manic looked at each other.

"Well… I don't think any of us remember her… she had to split us up when we were about 1 year old." Sonic still kept an eye on the road. Jennifer looked down at the ground.

"Oh… sorry, I didn't mean to…"

"Never mind that… We were raised by other people… I was raised by Lady Windimere. I had a wonderful life with everything I ever needed. She was paying taxes and so on, so we were safe… but Robotnik didn't know about me. When he found out, I got away but Lady Windimere was roboticized." Sonia sighed heavily.

"I was raised by some mountaineers… mother, father, had everything I needed too. But Robotnik found out they weren't paying taxes and he roboticized them. So I lived with my Uncle Chuck till I was 15 and found out about sis and bro and was reunited with them. Buttnik roboticized my uncle as well and I got away…" Sonic explained, still driving. Manic sighed.

"And I was supposed to be raised by some aristocrat or something. But a thief stole the basket I was in and I ended up being raised by Farrel, another thief. When I found Sonic and Sonia, he was roboticized as well… trust me, a life in the sewer might sound gross and so on… but I had a wonderful childhood…" He looked out of the window. Jennifer seemed to be all ears. She just listened, dumbfounded.

"Listen… I'm sorry about it… I miss my parents too, but… at least I know they're alive… it must be terrible for you!" She shook her head. Sonia smiled.

"It's OK. Well, we'll get all of them back when the war is over. It'll be fine."

"Yeah…" Jennifer bit in her lip. Manic put a hand on her shoulder.

"We're all in this together, J… no matter what… we're all there for each other, including you…"

"Right… thank you." She smiled wryly. A while later, they finally arrived by Robotropolis. They were about 300 meters away from the city and had to walk to prevent anyone from seeing them. Sonic looked down at the city through some binoculars from the hill they stood on. They could already smell the pollution. He turned to the others as they stepped out of the van as well.

"OK, guys… here's the plan; Manic, you go check the prison building while Sonia plants explosives by the main building and Jennifer plants explosives by the new factory. I'll cover you all by teasing the SWATbutts a bit!" He gave a box to Sonia and Jennifer, "These are explosives… just plant as much as you can, OK? We'll all meet back here in 30 minutes."

Sonia and Jennifer nodded.

"That's all?" Sonia asked. Sonic nodded yes.

"That's everything! Let's do it to it!" He slapped the others a high five and they all ran off.

"J…" Manic tapped Jennifer's shoulder on the way down the hill.

"What? Manic… we should get going… I mean-" Jennifer fell silent as Manic signed her to be quiet.

"I know, but… I just wanted to say… good luck." He cleared his throat. Jennifer smiled.

"Thanks… you too. And… be careful."

Manic blushed.

"Of course… you too." He rubbed his arm.

Jennifer suddenly hugged him, making him look surprised for a moment. When she let go, he stood, grinning, crimson in his face.

"Wh-what was that for?" He asked, rubbing his arm again.

"Well… I thought you deserved it... for saying that stuff in the van. I mean… I do really appreciate it." She shrugged her shoulders.

"Oh… no problem!"

"Well… we'd better go…"


"See ya, then…"

"See ya…"

Jennifer nodded goodbye and ran off. Manic looked after her until she was out of sight. Then, he sighed heavily.

"Boy… she hugged me!" He half smiled, still looking in the direction Jennifer ran off. Then, he slapped himself, "What the heck is happening to me, man!" He shook his head and then, ran off as well.