In the evening, everything in the van seemed to be quiet. Sonic was driving the van while the others were relaxing. Jennifer was looking through the stuff in her backpack when she noticed the note from Queen Aleena. She pulled it out.

"Guys… I've got something for you. From Aleena." She said, quietly. Sonic slammed the brakes and everybody turned to her.

"ALEENA?!" They all cried out. Jennifer nodded yes.

"I should give you this and… say that she loves you and you'll reunite with her soon. Sorry about not remembering it before…" She gave the note to Sonic who took it, slowly,

"Guys… I know how much it hurts to miss one's family… trust me… I'm there too." She looked down at the floor. Manic put a hand on her shoulder, comforting while Sonic read through the note. When he looked up, he gave it to Jennifer again.

"You'd better read it yourself, J… most of it is for you." He nodded to the note. Jennifer looked from it to him for a moment. Then, she looked down at the note again.

"My dear children. I am proud of you and the way you made Jennifer feel as much at home as she can on Mobius. She does not look like a Mobian, but inside, she has a heart and soul just like us. You know this, and I am sure the rest of Mobius will know this soon as well. I know Jennifer misses her family but you, my children, are the only ones she has at the moment beside the rest of you in the resistance. She is fighting for our freedom and I would like to make it her freedom as well. Therefore I would like you and everyone else to think of her as a Mobian from now on. Not a stranger, but a Mobian like yourselves. You became in harmony with her, she became in harmony with you and I know this means you will be able to work together and overthrow Robotnik and make the prophecy come true. We will be together and Jennifer will be a part of us. She is destined for the Royal family of Mobius, she has been ever since she was born. She will not only be a part of our family when we get reunited but also a part of Mobius. A Mobian. And this will happen soon. I love you. Queen Aleena…" Jennifer stopped reading and looked out in the air for a moment, "I…" Her voice started trembling and before she was able to do anything, she burst out in tears, crying against Manic.

Sonic looked at his siblings and Jennifer. "Looks like Mobius has a new member." He half smiled.

Manic patted Jennifer's back and when she finally stopped crying and looked at them she was close to bursting out in tears again.

"How? I mean.. a part of you..? A member of the Royal Family… how will I ever be that?" She dried the last tears away.

"I don't know… but we'll probably know soon. But until then, I'll be there for you, J." Manic put a hand on her shoulder.

"Make that double." Sonia nodded in agreement.

"As long as you don't eat all of my chili-dogs, count me in as well! Triple!" He grinned. Jennifer snickered.

"You guys are the best! However, I think I've got another surname…"

"And… that might be?" Sonia lifted an eyebrow.

"Hedgehog! Jennifer Scott "Hedgehog"!" Manic snickered as well.

"Hey… a human named hedgehog? What's next?" Sonic laughed, "Anyway, we'd better find some place to sleep. Fine?" He looked at the others. They nodded yes.

"And Sonic…" Jennifer watched as he started the van.


"You can keep your chili-dogs."

"J, you're all heart!" Sonic kept an eye on the road while Sonia, Jennifer and Manic burst out in laughter.


10 minutes later, Sonic was still driving. Sonia, Jennifer and Manic all seemed to be asleep, Jennifer, sitting against Manic who still had his arm around her shoulders and seemed to sleep as peacefully as her. Sonic smiled.

"Jennifer Scott Hedgehog'… Welcome to the Royal family of Mobius." He whispered.



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