Hey there! Here's a new Full House story I cooked up after watching the episode Back to School Blues from Season 3. It's really good, and it also shows that girls can be mean to each other, as DJ found out the hard way. This story stars Corey Feldman and Corey Haim, aka the Coreys; they are teen idols who, in my opinion, should've guest starred on a few episodes of Full House.

Disclaimer: Genius Jeff Franklin owns Full House. I own the stories, novellas, oneshots and poems I cook up from time to time. And Corey Feldman and Corey Haim are real, so no one owns them.

DJ and the Mean Girls

Seven-year-old Stephanie Tanner loved to dance. It was part of her life, and it was something she loved to do quite often as well. However, she didn't exactly feel like sneaking around and reading her sister's diary. It didn't feel right to her for some reason. So instead, she just did her dances and read books. Sometimes she would talk with fifteen-year-old Abigail Watson (who was like a big sister to her) when twelve-year-old Donna Jo "DJ" Tanner wasn't around.

Abigail had a lovely voice, and often sang sometimes. She liked rock music and other kinds of music as well, except jazz.

Of course, whenever DJ wrote in her diary and put it someplace secret, hoping Stephanie would find it…she never did.

DJ was confused. Why didn't Stephanie read her diary? Why wasn't she asking questions about DJ's life? Was her little sister turning away from her?

DJ looked in the doorway of her room. There was Stephanie, practicing her dance. She sighed.

It seemed like just yesterday – and in fact it was – that Stephanie had been bugging her about some secret, and how DJ had replied wasn't exactly very nice, now that she remembered it, either...

"Here's a K – Keep your nose out of my business."

DJ cringed when she remembered the words she had said. She wished in the first place that she had used different words, or simply just told Stephanie her secrets, since Stephanie was so curious in that way.

"DJ, don't even think about apologizing to your little sister," said a voice that sounded, oddly enough, like her own.

DJ looked up. There was a glimmer of light, and there was a girl who looked just like her, except she wore biker clothes.

"You're the Bad DJ," said DJ.

"Exactly," replied the "Bad" DJ.

Then there was another glimmer of light, and another DJ appeared. But she was dressed as an angel in a pink dress and a crown of pink roses in her hair.

"Who are you?" asked DJ.

"I'm the Good DJ. I'm the one that helps you to do the right thing," replied the Good DJ.

"Stick a sock in it, goody pants," snapped the Bad DJ.

"DJ, don't listen to her," said DJ's "good" conscience. "You should apologize to Stephanie. That's doing the right thing."

"Oh, OK," said DJ.

After all, she wanted to do the right thing all along. It only seemed fair anyway.

After her "Good" and "Bad" selves disappeared, DJ went in and apologized to Stephanie, saying she was wrong to have said what she had said. Stephanie forgave her.

When Danny Tanner, the girls' dad, found out about what had happened, he punished DJ for two weeks by grounding her for snapping at Stephanie after hearing Stephanie's side of the story.

Then to Stephanie, he said, "I'm proud of you for forgiving DJ like that."

"Thanks, Daddy. I love you," said Stephanie.

Then both of his daughters hugged him.

One week later into DJ's punishment, she was sitting on her bed, when there was a flash of light and her "Good" self appeared.

"I'm proud of you for doing the right thing, DJ," she said.

"Thanks," replied DJ. Her "Good" self then disappeared.

"She can really get on my nerves," DJ said to herself.

Then her "Bad" self appeared. "Hey, why don't we go downstairs and go to Kimmy's without telling anyone?"

"I want you out of here," said DJ.

DJ's "Bad" self disappeared with a Bronx cheer.

"I like the way she dresses," remarked DJ.

Hey, just so you know, the Good and Bad selves for DJ came from the episode "The Devil Made Me Do It" in Season 5. I kind of like seeing the "good conscience" as the angel on the shoulder and the "evil conscience" as the devil on the shoulder. That's kind of cool, in my opinion.

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