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"You messed with the wrong people," she said while pointing her abductor's gun back at his face, just as he had done so many times over the past two days.

As they began to handcuff him and take him away, she felt the team surrounding her and a large palm hovering over her forearm.

She turned her head away, lowering the gun, her opposite hand coming to her forehead. Her eyes squinted beneath her fingers, willing the tears not to fall.

After convincing the moisture to stay in, she removed her hand still feeling the warmth covering her arm. She watched as Horatio flashed her a sympathetic smile as he and Tripp made their way outside, both following in the direction of her abductor.

She turned back, her mind slowly gaining curiosity towards the constant warmth on her arm. She turned to see Eric's concerned eyes hovering over her own.

He held her stare, searching deep into her tired, worn eyes. He saw a mix of fear, hurt and relief swirling around her dull green irises. Seeing all these emotions prompted his hand to squeeze her arm, his way to non-verbally reassure her that she was safe now.

"Cal, are you alright?" she heard a concerned voice call from behind her left shoulder.

Turning to see Ryan, she broke Eric's contact on her arm, immediately feeling nervous without it.

"Yeah, Ryan, I'm fine. Thank you," she reassures, all too perfectly, despite her very recent ordeal.

Feeling Eric close behind her, she felt his long breaths tickle the hairs on her head. His closeness forced her eyes down noticing the evidence bag in Ryan's hands.

"I'm glad Cal, I was really worried about you, you know," he said winking as he titled his head to look at her downward gaze. "Oh," he continued, "H wanted me to collect the gun for evidence. We want this guy put away quickly for what he did to you," he said concern still evident in his young voice.

Nodding, she gave him a quick smile before he began to exit with the bag.

She turned her back to his retreating form, her shoulder now millimetres away from Eric's.

"Ryan," she called, never moving her current position to face him, in fear of her emotions spilling out.

"Yeah, Calleigh," he responded, his face twisted, slightly confused at her stance.

"His-uh... His car is parked directly across t-the street from the en-entrance," she spit out, her self control slowly slipping.

"Okay, Cal," he replied, his brows furrowing. Receiving a small warning glance from Eric, he took his exit leaving the two alone, knowing Calleigh wouldn't want him to see her upset.

Taking Ryan's exit as a cue, Eric reaches an arm around her placing his hand gently on her mid back, before looking down at her face.

He slowly took her in; eyes drawn shut, arms crossed over her chest and her shoulders sagging inwards. He noticed remnants of tears grasping her long eyelashes, begging exit from her beautiful, worn eyes.

"Cal," he whispered simply, softly.

And that was all it took. His gentle voice, threw her over the edge and she began to collapse toward him, sobs beginning to take over her body.

An emotional fog covering every part of her brain prevented her from any rational thought or control of her small, aching body. Fear plagued her, each snapshot of her kidnappers muzzle pointing directly at her face coursing through her, flashing behind her burning eyelids. 'Bitch' echoing through her ears, feeling as though they were the last words she'd ever hear.

He caught her as she slowly fell into his body, instantly wrapping his strong arms around her protectively. He held her there for a moment, feeling her completely limp, her body quaking with each sob that wracked through her tiny frame.

His mind filled with her anguish, his stomach weighing on him with worry for this woman he loved so dearly. He began to hug her tighter as he imagined the things this disgusting excuse for a man could've done to her.

After several long minutes he slowly felt her regain some strength and loosened his grip on her, slowly moving her toward a chair.

Tears still flooding her eyes, face pale and moistened, he watched as her neck bobbed back and forth as he tried his hardest to gently place her onto the chair.

She sat there, occasional sobs still causing her breath to hitch in her throat, her eyes constantly flowing with more pain, more tears.

After placing her on the chair, he kneeled beside her, placing a hand carefully on her knee, still allowing for closeness, but carefully acknowledging the imaginary physical boundary that she had always drawn. Although she was in no state to deny his touch, he knew he couldn't take advantage of her emotional state.

Never averting his gaze from her face, he grabbed his cell phone and called for Horatio to send some paramedics to check Calleigh out. She hadn't complained of any injuries, but he was quite certain the criminal that her hostage wouldn't have let her off without leaving his mark on her.

"Calleigh," he whispered again, softly. "I called the paramedics. They're going to come and take a look at you soon. Are you hurt anywhere?"

Bringing a hand up to her face to wipe the streams off her checks, her head begins to slowly float down at him, her eyes squinting at him, body hiccoughing still.

Noticing her chin tremble, his mind shifts into panic mode. He hoped to God that man hadn't raped her.

As soon as he'd heard Seth McAdams' prior offence slip from Natalia's lips, his mind automatically went to that place, before immediately picturing the most painful way to eliminate this monster after they'd found Calleigh.

"He didn't, uh-" he cut off, not sure if he should push her or not, "-he didn't ... rape you... did he?" he asked, the word rape making his insides knot and forcing bile to seep into his throat.

He watched as her body began to wretch again, tears spilling faster from her eyes. His heart began beating a million times a second, before his relief came in her weakly shaking her head from side to side.

"Oh, thank god Calleigh," he said before meandering his arm around her shoulders.

She instantly fell into him once again, her mind fogged, her body flopping into his solid frame.

"I-I-I, I c-c-can't. Can't," she choked out from under his chin. He could feel her frustration weakly pulsating against him at her inability to communicate.

"I know Cal, its okay," he hushed, pulling her into his lap on the floor.

Her body felt so small, so limp on him that he had to grasp her tightly, while keeping his hand constantly running reassuring motions along her back, through her hair and along her arms. It was all he could do to make sure she wouldn't just disintegrate in his arms.

The thick layer of emotion covering her brain, eventually began to lift; the calming waves of fingers lightly roaming her body lulled her into a state of calm, somewhere between sleep and consciousness.

It was only until she felt Eric's warm breath on her ear that she came round, "The paramedics are here".

She slowly, with his help, lifted herself off of his lap as he positioned her on the chair, as per request of the paramedic.

He watched her off to the side, as she only answered the paramedic's questions with nods and blank stares. He watched as the woman shone a flash light into Calleigh's pallid eyes and checked her face for bruising. He almost jumped out of his skin when he saw her painfully wince as the young woman 

massaged her ribs and abdomen. When she asked Calleigh how it had happened she'd barely whispered that he'd knocked her down and kicked her.

Eric felt his blood boil as he pictured that pathetic animal kicking her. 'I swear to god, I'm gonn-'

"Excuse me sir, but she's going to need to go to the hospital for some x rays, sometime within the next 24 hours for one of her injuries. I suspect broken ribs, but I'd like to be sure. I also found some minor cuts and bruises on her body, as well as some swelling on her head, mostly likely from a blunt object, maybe a fist," the short brunette told him.

"Okay, thank you so much Miss," he responded, nodding his appreciation quickly to her, before bringing his gaze back to Calleigh.

As the paramedics gathered their equipment, he simply watched her slumped form sitting on the chair. Her hair was still as golden as always, although a little frizzy, her small shoulders slumped forward again, slowly rising and falling with her exhausted breaths.

After watching her slip into slumber, he walked to her side, gently shaking her arm, "Cal, c'mon. Let me take you home," he said his voice gentle.

"Hmm," she moaned lightly as he brought her to a standing position.

After feeling her shift her weight onto her own feet, he left an arm snaked around her waist as they exited the room.

"Thank you, Eric," she said quietly, her normal voice slowly finding her again.

"I'm always here for you, Cal. Always here," he says, as they passed through the threshold and into the Miami sun.


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