LbN: Ok, here you have it! These are the details of RespiteChristopher's challenge. I shall endevour to meet said challenge. Come with me, won't you?

OK, now for the bunny. Perhaps you G/T types have this scene that we H/T types are, ahem, blessed with in every. Bloody. Story. At one point in the story, usually in some rather intimate setting, Harry asks Tonks to show him her 'real' form, and she winds up with a heart-shaped face, brown hair, brown eyes... Anyway, Harry ('cause he's such a great guy, you know) is completely enamored of the 'real' Tonks, and she cries because all the guys back at Hogwarts just wanted her to change to suit their needs. OK, so imagine this scene, except that as Ginny ('cause you're going to write a G/T no matter what) asks Tonks about her real form, she has to reply that she doesn't know. Then delve into what that means not to know what you really look like, always changing, being, in essence, change itself. And then go into what that means for her relationship with Miss Weasley.