Hey!! This is my first fic and I realize this first chapter is super short, so think of it more like a prologue. My friend chnoelle has been hassling me for quite a while to get my story up so I had to give her something.

NOTE: Any mention of Jeff Hardy's theme song is of his old one, and I'm not talking about when he was back on TNA and his theme song was Modest. I'm a about the awesome one that makes you just want to get up and dance.

I won't be able to update very quickly at first as I have final exams coming up soon, oh the joys of university.

I own none of the characters from the WWE roster.


It was a hot and sunny day as always in L.A. He stood on the curb waiting for the 'walk' signal. He was out getting some fresh air preparing himself for later that night. He had a match with the Samoan Bulldozer, and he always needed to be ready for those matches one wrong move and he could be out cold.

As he stood there thinking about his match, he began to hear his theme music. At first he thought it was just in his head, but then he realized that it was getting louder. The Rainbow-haired warrior looked around to see to see that a car had just pulled up and stopped for the same light that he was waiting for. The windows were wide open and his theme music was blaring out at him from inside the car. He looked inside and noticed the driver was dancing and thrashing much like he did at 'show time'.

The driver was one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen (and he worked with the WWE divas). She had long brown wavy hair, and although he couldn't tell, she probably had gorgeous eyes, maybe green or piercing grey. He caught himself trying to guess the colour of her eyes, 'What am I thinking? She's just a fan, just a very gorgeous fan." He then just smiled and chuckled to himself.

Jeff looked up to see the light change green and began to walk across the street. It wasn't until he was halfway across that the girl realized the light had changed. She hastly stepped on the gas, slightly embarassed that she hadn't notice the light change. As she drove through the intersection a person with bright purple and blue hair in the crosswalk caught the corner of her eye. She quickly turned around for a better look, but by the time she did she was too far away to see if it was who she thought it might have been.

She thought to herself, 'No way, that couldn't have been him. He wouldn't be wandering the streets when he should be preparing for later that night. Plus, if he were to be out why would he be alone?' She couldn't stop thinking about it. She tried to convince herself that she couldn't have seen, in her mind, the most amazing wrestler ever, Jeff Hardy. No matter how hard she tried, she could not fully convince herself that she had really just seen the legend thriller of the WWE.