Emptiness is what Revan felt. Endless darkness rolling and tumbling across his vision. Then, fear is what he felt. Fear of it's vastness. Panic gripped him, seeming to choke him with hesitation, indecision, stilling any thought. But slowly he felt…himself.

First his feet, curling his toes in reflex. Testing them for use and checking that he had all ten as he should. Feeling slowly crept it's way up his body. His calves and thighs, flexing them in a vain attempt to speed up the process. Then his hands curled into fists, and then not. Over and over to put more feeling into them. It seeped into his body until once again he could feel.

With that done Revan began the slow process of sitting up. Something people do all the time, but now seeming to be an impossible task. He had to grab onto the bed he just realized he was laying on. It took all his strength and will to accomplish this feat but he was not one to give up.

How long it took, Revan didn't know but it was finally achieved and he got to observe his surroundings. He presided in a small room, scarcely enough room to accommodate his bed. 'How did I come to be here?'

At first he could only come up with a blank slate, but slowly memories came back. The surprise attack on his vessel by the Republic. He had underestimated them…No he had underestimated the Jedi. He remembers it clearly, the Jedi cutting through his troops and Sith followers with ease. 'But they were no match for my power!'

Then how was he here, wounded. It dawned on him. Malak! 'I had the Jedi in the palm of my hand!' he roared savagely with a growl. Revan knew Malak was having delusions of grandeur, but he had not thought he would act so soon. Attacking from his ship while I was preoccupied with the Jedi. Clever, but his cowardice shows he is unfit to hold my mantle as Dark Lord of the Sith. 'Wait….. how is it I still live?'

The question seemed to rebound through his head. It is unwise for Malak to leave such a large threat as me alive. Foolish, suicidal even. Malak should know I would rise again to take back what is rightfully mine. Unless…

Then the memory came to him and he remembered vividly; himself lying wounded on his flagship, Pillar. Barely alive after his apprentices betrayal, when a face suddenly appeared above him. His vision was blurred slightly but he could recognize the attractive woman. Bastila Shan. It came to him why they had so much ease in taking his fleet by surprise.

Bastila's ability, Battle Meditation. Foolish of him to forget such an important piece of information. She reached her hand toward him and took off his Sith mask. Pure white hair falling forward to cover my once deeply red eyes, now dark side yellow, blocking my vision. Slowly almost hesitantly, I felt her touch my face. In that instant I felt, through the force, she trying to save me. I would have laughed if I could. Jedi's foolish compassion.

I was completely taken aback when I felt the bond between us form. Before I could do anything I fell into darkness. I became aware when I felt the Jedi masters begin to probe my mind and attempt to wipe my mind. They learned what happened who cross wills with a Sith Lord. I was able to beat of their attempts to give me time to hide myself in the dark recesses of my mind.

I perceived them though the force, try to wipe my mind. Not once noticing the small piece hidden away. They deluded themselves of victory and then proceeded to plant false memories of a smuggler named Vaka Avata Shiva. The early years, to the start of his life of crime then to him signing up for the Republic. I thought amusingly to myself of how they were going to explain my presence here. 'Now to plan' he thought.

I am to weak to break from here. Even if he summoned up enough strength to get out of bed. It would not help him. He would be exhausted. I must embrace Vaka Shiva. Be him and leave, regain my power and strike. Adapt to survive. Guile and treachery to regain my mantle. My rightful place, as Lord and Master of the Sith. 'I am Darth Revan! I am absolute!'