Ch. 12


Face red from anger but unseen, under the helmet just newly acquired, I tried to restrain myself from lashing out at this obstinate, uncaring simpleton. Hands clenching on my blaster rifle, Onasi at my side, trying to calm me down. Eyes trying to burn holes into this Sith troopers head, I shouted back at him.

"I'm not on duty!"

"Sure your not. Then why are you still in uniform? Answer me that." He told me in a brisk tone.

I heard a sigh at my side, turning my dark gaze swiftly toward the sound; I gripped my blaster rifle tightly and asked Onasi firmly. "Have anything to add?"

"How about I just go in the cantina, and tell Vaka what we accomplished." Was his hesitant response.

Scoffing loudly I told him. "Yes and edit what happened to make yourself look good? I don't think so. I'm going in there and I'm telling him the truth. I am!"

"There's no way you can tell him right now. Okay, okay. How about this; we compromise. I go in, but tell him nothing." Onasi hurryingly added before I could interrupt. "And just bring him out here and you can tell him yourself. You satisfied?"

"Very much so. Now, get going." Scowling at me, he entered the cantina but not before I added. "And remember, I'm the one that's telling him."

Stiff backed, the doors closed behind him and I could only grin at how peeved he must be. But that soon faded as the time went by going on close to half an hour before the door opened again, Onasi surprisingly, alone.

Face hard with anger I didn't even have to ask him. "He's not there."

Body going still, heart almost seeming like it was being ripped from my chest, I could barely go on to ask. "What…what do you mean?"

"I mean what I said. He's just…not there."

Eyes burning, almost on the verge of tears I finally spat out. "But where?"

A shrug of his shoulders was his only response. Which set my mind a race in panic. 'Master! Master! Where are you?'


Moving through the busy streets of the Uppercity, already late for the party so I was unconcerned with hurrying, I could feel the stares of all those around me. The higher up, well off citizens and the Sith troopers alike. The citizens whispering and talking among themselves, nervously watching my every step, while the Sith troops just watched me with a curious gaze, blasters in hand. Smirking underneath my helm I ignored them, thinking. 'They know to fear the Mandalorians. Me. Even my former soldiers still do, unconsciously.'

As I arrived at the elevator to the apartments of where the party was to take place, I made sure to enter alone so that I could adjust and make sure that all was well with my weapons and armor. Walking to the room, I refreshed myself in the thoughts of her, who I was meeting. Sarna. A fairly good looking human. Brown eyes with matching brown hair, and a nice looking body as well. Shaking my head of such thoughts, I knocked sharply on the door of the room. Not a minute after it was opened, Sarna's bright smiling face looking up at my tall, towering, Mando' armor clad form.

Drink in hand, face confused by my arrival, she asked. "Umm, greetings, I guess. Who are you?"

Tilting my head to the side in thought, I proceeded to remove my helmet, revealing my soft smiling face, white hair ruffled from being under it's confides and with a bow I introduced myself. "Vaka Avata Shiva, of the Mando' clan Bloodraven at your service, ma'am."

"Your Mandalorian? Interesting. I'm glad you made it. I was beginning to wonder if you were going to show!" Gesturing behind her and moving to allow me room to continue into the small apartment she continued. "The party's in full swing – come on in."

Taking my arm in hers, she smiled brightly up at my lank form, a blush coloring her fair face as the other occupants of the room looked to the disturbance. All humans looking curiously at Sarna, myself attached to her side. Off duty Sith soldiers looked at my Mando' armor in awe and clearly seen, though failing to hide, fear. Fighting a dark smirk I stood tall, proudly looking at them.

A dark skinned woman was the first to address us, her voice amused. "A Mandalorian, Sarna? Nice choice." Clearly eyeing me, she continued. "Yue Genda, and you are?"

"Vas. Charmed, truly." Was my curt response. Going to a party with Sarna and then flirting with another woman was not on my agenda for tonight. Not honorable at all.

Smiling up at me, Yue asked me, her voice clearly skeptical. "Are you really a Mandalorian?"

Scowling down at her in anger, I forced myself to calm down and then silently went about the process of removing my armaments for my left arm and then pulled up the sleeve of my black shirt, showing them all my dark black and red lined tattoo, a twisted and charred form all Mandalorian clan symbols go by, a mythosaur skull. The symbol all Mando' clans go by but all are differently colored and shaped. Tightening my muscles to show it off.

"This is the symbol of my clan, Bloodraven." I told them proudly.

"Bloodraven? I've never heard of them." Came Sarna's innocent response.

Sighing at such ignorance. "Of course not. We don't go broadcasting what are clans are. Besides not a lot of my clan is around anymore."

"What do you mean?" Yue asked me.

"Most of my clan is dead. After our defeat at the Great War, when we sided with Exar Kun and then the Mandalorian Wars, my people have been slowly decimated. I have not see another of my clan in years." Was my indifferent response.

An uneasy silence followed that admittance, each partygoer looking away from our direction. Yue and Sarna looked up at me, both of their faces mirroring each other, full of sympathy. Pity. They call themselves Sith soldiers? Pathetic. Scoffing at their pathetic display of emotion, I looked to what they were serving, spotting a large trey of Tarisian ale. At my look, Sarna and Yue started up the conversation again.

"You should try this Tarisian ale – it's fantastic! We should have conquered this planet ages ago." Was Sarna's boastful comment, trying to fill the awkward silence I had created.

"Careful, Sarna. That wine's got quite the kick. A couple more bottles and we'll all be passed out on the floor!" Yue cautioned her wild friend.

Smiling brightly at her friends frowning face, Sarna told her firmly. "Who cares? We're not on duty tomorrow – let's live a little! Come on – drink up!"

And so the evening went, dances and shots about. And one by one the partygoers were falling over, out for the count until only I stood. Drink in hand, swaying to the music that still was playing and going through their things, taking what I needed as I went until I came upon a Sith armor. Whistling at how shiny it was, I took my time in collecting what else I could find and then went on my way, blowing a kiss to Sarna's still form, laughing softly to myself.

Exiting down the now empty hallway, I made my way to the elevator. Taking a sip from my almost empty drink I felt it; a disturbance in the force. Following it I came to a locked apartment room, which wasn't locked for long. Sliding open, I spied upon the still awake form of a man. Arm twitching at his side, vibroblade in hand, face panicking as soon as he saw me.

"Please… please don't hurt me! You don't have to kill me – I'll have Davik's money if he… if he just gives me a little more time! Please, I don't want to die!" Voice frantic, and both hands gripping the vibroblade tightly he told me. Then went on to say. "Here – I've got 50 credits on me. That's all I've got. It's yours – just don't tell Davik where I'm hiding, okay? I'm begging you."

Feeling, searching I felt that he was lying before he spoke. He has more than that on him. Hand moving to my blaster at my side faster than he could react to, I shot him squarely in the forehead. Killing him instantly and then swiftly moved to his still falling form to search him and lo and behold; he had 78 more credits plus the 50 he was promising me. Bastard. I took all of his valuables and the quickly took a clear picture of him, to collect my reward later and then left with the door closed behind me to the elevator to the surface.

Sighing at the feeling of fresh air on my face, as I took my helmet off, shaking my hair from my face. My time of respite was soon broken from by a very loud girlish squeal. Which was followed by being pummeled into by my very insolent apprentice, Jate. "Master! Master! It really is you. I felt that you were near but I couldn't tell where. Wow, where did you get the fantastic armor? It's Mandalorian right? It's has a weird design though."

Looking down at her I saw that she had indeed, acquired a Sith armor herself, blaster rifle in hand as well. A stern, murderous stare was all it took to silence her childish behavior. Looking behind her I saw the smiling form of Carth and asked him plainly. "So…how did you fair?"

"So-so. We got those supplies you asked for. Then the little miss here had a temper tantrum and damn near beat the doc to death." He told me simply.

Head tilted in thought I just had to ask. "Any thing else?"

"I then helped out a citizen in need while she complained the whole way and then she got pissed off about not getting a reward, so she chased after the guy and picked a fight with a Sith patrol." Was his angry response.

Filtering though this new slew of information I turned to my apprentice for her response, seeing her face burning with barely held rage, hand holding tightly to her blaster. Jate's angered response was anticipated. "That's a lie. He's editing it to show me in a bad light!"

Sighing at their antics I turned from them, putting my helmet on and told them simply. "Follow me. Now."

Both Jate and Carth followed behind me hesitantly, as I swiftly traveled to our base of operations. As the doors closed shut, I began taking my armor off, one piece at a time, spreading them across the table. After that I took a seat, stretching my limbs as I took in the both of them. Carth stood, stern faced, back straight, obviously waiting for me to finish, while Jate had removed the Sith uniform helmet and had taken a seat at my feet, face open and beaming up at me.

Frowning down at her I pointingly asked her. "What happened?"

"Well, umm, we went to the Medical facility like you instructed us and purchased those provisions you asked for, then as we were leaving I felt through the force that there was something behind the door and we found some wounded Republic soldiers. So I went about the process of questioning the person in charge of the medical facility. After a bit of aggressive negotiations we came to learn that he was hiding and healing those soldiers, I of course blackmailed him so that we could gain from the situation." Face hardening from the memory, Jate continued. "Then he began spouting off unnecessary insults and I felt it was only appropriate to retaliate for his words."

Face empty of expression, I thought it over; she had gone about getting our medical supplies, uncovered an interesting fact about the head physician and gained through that. Maiming the doctor however was a little too far but all in all she did accomplish her task. Sensing the fatigue of them both, I ordered them briskly that 'we would begin again tomorrow.' Meaning that Carth would go to his room and Jate would curl up on the floor. Standing by myself, looking down at my new set of armor, admiring how good condition it was. After I felt Carth fall asleep I swiftly moved to my room, knowing Jate was still awake, waiting for her Lord.

Unsurprisingly I found her kneeing at the foot of my bed shoes and socks removed and placed by the door, her body facing the door. For a time I just stood there, looking down at her still form, pondering what to do with her. On one hand she did as instructed and on the other she harmed someone unnecessarily, turning a possible ally, a doctor, into an enemy. That deserves punishment, severe punishment. Sighing to myself I strode into the room, closing and locking the door behind me, until I stood in front of her small, feminine form. Jate started to twitch slightly, her only physical sign that she was frightened but I could feel through the force, her unbearable fear of what was going to happen to her but there was one burning question in her mind, 'I felt master use the force, consciously use it. What does that mean?'

"Jate." Was all I said.

Not making a move she answered faithfully, "Yes master?"

"You have done well -, " Her face rose eagerly, beaming at my praise, then turning away just as she saw the scowl adorning my face. "But you have also failed me. You harmed a potential ally for a stupid reason. A medical physician is always a useful ally. Do you take responsibility for your actions, my apprentice?"

Hesitantly her face rose up, looking into my cold red eyes and she nodded swiftly adding in what she thought was a calm voice. "Of course."

"Good. Good." My voice trailing off, I moved until I stood before her, taking her chin in my hand. "You had accomplished your goal, so you can pick how you will be punished."

Face puzzled, she asked me softly. "Pick?"

"Uh-huh. You can be tortured brutally." At this, she grimaced fiercely. "Or you can take on a most dangerous mission."

Uncertainty dominated her person, inside and out. Jate frantically fought with herself, over the decision itself, its' choices; the horror of choice one, as well as the mystery of choice two. We stayed in silence as she thought through her decision, as she desperately thought of which would please me. Finally arriving at one, she kneeled, bowing low before me, her toes curling behind her as she spoke. "I…I, ah…choice both, my master."

I blankly looked down at her rigid form, pondering this turn of events. 'Well, good choice,' was all I could think of.

Smirking darkly down at her, a thought came to me and I did not hesitate in going about it. Lifting her up with one arm, bringing her up until we could look into each other's eyes, my hands grasping her around the throat, strangling the life out of her soft and small form, and she made no move to stop me. It occurred to him as she twitched in his firm grip that she would never move to stop him, that she would just lay back and die in his arms if that was his wish.

Scarlet eyes gazed deeply into her vivid green ones as she gasped for air, the thought of fighting back not even occurring to her as he asked her softly. "If I were to ask you to fall upon my vibroblade, what would you do?"

Without hesitation, she answered him, "I would… die, master."

Chuckling without humor, Vas loosened his hold of her, grasping her around the waist as she sucked in as much air as she could, her bare toes wiggling several feet off the floor.

With a dark look, he sneered down at her, his head swooping down upon her neck, biting down into her tender flesh hard, breaking the skin and freeing her blood from it's confines and she forced herself not to scream as they stayed like that for a moment, before she was flung from his person to the surface of the soft bed, bleeding profusely from her neck.

Jate curled up into a ball as she gazed up at his murders form, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that this was going to hurt but her only thought before the savage beating began was thusly, 'I deserve it…'


Her body a blurred form that remanded unseen from the masses that moved through the dark streets of the Upper City, Jate pondered the mission laid out before her, trying desperately to block out the memories of the horrible pain inflicted upon her not even an hour ago before she was seen on her way to achieve the mission set before her that she had agreed to perform.

Blaster attached to her side, she broke into the closed and mostly empty Medical facility, her senses alert for anything that might interfere with her mission at hand.

As she slipped into there and to the back of the room, quickly getting down to the work of breaking into that lock, she felt the faint life forces of the surviving Republic soldiers that the medical doctor has been keeping alive illegally. Jate sneered in disgust at their frail and barely alive forms.

Gripping her blaster in hand she moved to the back of the room, fingers moving quickly along the computer as she turned off the life support to each and every one of them.

Jate stood in the middle the middle of the room, taking in their deaths through the force, soaking up the flavor of it all, savoring it like a sweet wine, she grinned in the darkness, gleefully thinking, 'Master will be so proud…'