Written by: Jennifer Hedgehog

Edited by: Kari Gage


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The Gang once again goes on vacation. This time to the Floating Island. But trouble comes when Robotnik forces a fox to lead the group into a trap. Jennifer after an accident struggles to stay alive. Will they find her and will she survive?


The sun was shining brightly over the Floating Island. Suddenly, a plane landed near the jungle, and made the birds fly away from the tree. The engine of the plane stopped, and Sonic, Manic, Sonia, and Jennifer tread out, everyone was enjoying the first fresh air they'd had for two hours.

"So… This is the Floating Island? Nice!" Jennifer looked around, impressed.

"Yep… Exciting but dangerous! There's lots of traps around here, so we'd better be careful!" Sonia said,

"I'd just wish Knux was here too!" She blushed slightly.

Sonic snickered. "Whoa! Looks like Manic an' J won't be the only turtle doves we'll meet on this vacation!"

He winked to Manic, who folded his arms. "Very funny! Give us a break, would ya?!" He looked annoyed at his brother.

"I will! It's a vacation, y'know!" Sonic went into the plane to get his beach chair, "and vacation means relaxing! I'll take a nap!" He sped over to a palm nearby to put up his beach chair in the shade of the palm, and sat down, closing his eyes, "nighters!"

"Well, I'll get some suntan oil, and go sunbathing. See you guys later!" Sonia went off too. Manic and Jennifer looked at each other.

"Finally everything's perfect… Sonic and Sonia haven't started an argument yet, and everyone's FINALLY relaxing for real… How long do you think this is gonna last?"

Jennifer asked. Manic shrugged his shoulders. "NOT for long! Do you wanna go for a walk? We're the only ones left, anyway, so why stay here and get bored?" He grinned slightly. Jennifer smiled.

"Fine with me!" She let Manic take her hand, and the two went off as well.


"Sandy, get in here!" Robotnik shouted. He watched as a red fox entered the room.

"Yes, sir." The fox, or Sandy, quietly said. Robotnik folded his hands.

"The freedom fighters should've gotten that file by now, they'll probably be telling the four on the Floating Island at the moment. Take a pod, get to them and do your stuff before they go into the jungle!" He demanded. Sandy sighed heavily.

"But WHY do I have to do this? You said you'd let me and Samantha go as soon as I made the freedom fighters get that fake file. It IS done." He looked at Robotnik.

"Don't worry, my friend! You and your sister will be free to go as soon as the four are caught, I promise! I need someone to lead the four around in the jungle, and make them tired before I attack, and that's YOUR job" Robotnik said as he looked back at Sandy, showing an evil smile, "as long as you do exactly what I tell you, no one will get hurt!"

"Neither Samantha or the four?" Sandy asked, "Then, why do I have to cheat them to do this? What do you wanna do with them if you're not going to roboticize them?"

Robotnik's smile grew.

"I'll only imprison them for a while, it should teach them a lesson, once and for all. That's all! They'll believe you're one of the freedom fighters of the group you're looking for if you do your best! So… You've got work to do! Contact me on the communicator before you and the four go into the jungle! Be sure no one sees you when you're talking to me. Now, go!" He motioned to the door. Sandy took a deep breath, and went off to get a pod. When he got to the hangar, one of the SWATbots stopped him. He showed some sort of yellow card.

"I'm going to get the four on the Floating Island in one of the pods... Let me pass." He started to sound impatient.

"Employee card shown. Access permitted." The SWATbot moved away, and let him pass. When he finally sat into a pod, he sighed heavily.

'Why the heck am I doing this?' He thought as he took off.

Later, in the evening, the Floating Island finally came into sight…


Sonic awoke with a start when the communicator inside the plane suddenly began to beep loudly. He sped in, and turned the monitor on. Cyrus' face showed up.

"Oh, hi Cy! What's up?" He asked. Cyrus sighed heavily.

"You may not like this, but we need you to do an assignment… Think you'll be able to do it?" He asked. Sonic frowned.

"Excuuuse me, but I thought we made an agreement when me an' the guys left the HQ… NO assignments while we're on the Floating Island!" He folded his arms. Cyrus cleared his throat.

"I know… Listen, I really hate to say this, but you're their only hope!" He looked at Sonic, somehow pleading. Sonic lifted an eyebrow.

"And… Who are 'they'?" He asked.

"Some of our freedom fighters copied some files from a computer in Robotropolis. One of those files contained info on a freedom fighter group in the jungle where you are. None of our freedom fighters are able to get up there, and this is an emergency… Robotnik will attack it in seven days, so since you're in the area at the moment, we REALLY need you to do it!" Cyrus explained.

Sonic snorted. "Well, I don't think the others are gonna like this…"

"Does that mean you'll take the assignment?"

"Is Buttnik round? Of course, Cy! We've got enough time for a vacation afterwards!"

"Sonic, you're the best! I knew we could count on you!" Cyrus smiled. Sonic gave him a thumbs-up.

"Well, do we know anything about it? Number of freedom fighters? Location of the group? What time Buttnik attacks?" He asked. Cyrus shrugged his shoulders.

"They're about 49, but the location of the group's unknown. Robotnik will attack the 6th, 3:15 AM. That's actually everything."

"Whoa! Location's unknown?! But that jungle is mundo huge! It'll take us more than seven days to find that group!" Sonic said, shocked.

"If you search by night too, you'll get a bigger chance… I really think you'll need to do that." Cyrus said.

"Maybe no sleep for Six nights?! Uhh… Well, it worth a try, anyways." Sonic scratched his head.

"I know it's a long time, but we really need their help… If Robotnik roboticizes them, we can't blow up any more factories because everything in Robotropolis will be guarded by at least 20 more bots, but if we get to them first, we'll get a nice enforcement, and our chance to defeat Robotnik will be better." Cyrus looked at Sonic as he took a deep breath.

"Alright, Cy. We'll do it! Thanks for the info, we'll get to that group before Buttnik! Hedgehog's honor!" He made a cross over his chest. Cyrus' smile grew.

"Thanks, Sonic! Thanks!" He winked.

"Anytime, Cy! See ya, then!" He waved one time, and watched as Cyrus' face disappeared, and the screen turned off. He got up, and started walking out of the plane.

"They're definitely not gonna like this!" He muttered as he looked around for Sonia, Manic, and Jennifer. They all sat by the pond, chatting. He approached them, slowly. Manic was the first one to notice him.

"Hey, good morning bro!" He laughed. Sonic sighed.

"Well… I need to tell you something… Please, don't kill me or anything, but we've just gotten an assignment." He said. Sonia, Jennifer, and Manic gasped, looked at each other, and then, at Sonic.

"But this is a vacation!! Cyrus said he'd…" Sonia complained, but she was interrupted by Sonic.

"I know he said he'd let us do the assignments when we come home, but this is an emergency, it can't wait! Robotnik has discovered a new freedom fighter group in the jungle of this island, and we gotta get to them before he does! Otherwise, we're all be doomed! None of the other freedom fighters are able to get up here, so we REALLY need to do it! Prob is that we'll have to search day and night until we find it, no one knows where it is, we haven't got any location." Sonic explained. Sonia, Manic, and Jennifer's jaws dropped open.

"When's Robotnik gonna attack, then?" Manic asked.

"3:15 AM, the 6th… That's seven days, so we need to hurry!" He sat down by them. Sonia folded her arms.

"No sleep in seven days?! NO ONE can stand that, Sonic! We'll all look horrible afterwards!" She looked Sonia straight in his eyes. He frowned.

"Listen, princess! If we don't get to that group, we can't get into Robotropolis! Robotnik will be able to track us down in a sonic second, and we'll all be roboticized! Now tell me what looks horrible?! Roboticized, or tired? So lets sacrifice a couple of nights to help others, alright?!" He stared Sonia down. She blushed, embarrassed.

"I know… Sorry."

"It's alright! Now, we need to…" Sonic was interrupted when he noticed something come flying towards them from the sky, with full speed, "GUYS, LOOK OUT!!" He cried out. Everyone looked up, noticed the thing, and jumped away immediately. When they finally looked up from their places, they noticed a SWATbot pod land right where they were sitting before. They all gasped when the hatch suddenly opened.

"Let's get a move on, guys!" Sonic shouted, grabbing his siblings and Jennifer, ready to run. Suddenly, a red fox stepped out of the pod, and everyone froze in their spots then they saw no bots were coming.

"Wait, please! I don't wanna hurt you! Can you help me?" He asked.