Manic and Jennifer looked at each other.

"Well, actually, I do have the skills, Sonic." Jennifer sat down in a chair.

"Yeah, right!" Sonic put his feet on the table, and leaned back, closing his eyes. Sonia looked at all of them.

"Well… Am I the only one here who hasn't understood a word anyone's said in the past five minutes?" She folded her arms. Jennifer turned back to Manic.

'You want me to show them?' She asked through her mind.

Manic nodded secretively.

"Anyway, I gotta see it before I believe it!" Sonic looked at both of them from across the table. Jennifer looked at him for a moment, only focusing on him.

'Is this proof enough?' He suddenly heard Jennifer's voice, and almost overturned the chair. He then looked at Jennifer, 'It's true, Sonic!' She smiled.

Sonic looked at her, strange. She wasn't SAYING anything.

"Heh… Alright, there, ya guys got me! Now, what's the trick?" He asked, laughing kinda nervous.

"Well… There IS no trick Sonic." Jennifer replied.

"What's going on here?!" Sonia demanded.

"I heard her inside my head, I swear!" Sonic pointed to Jennifer.

Both she and Manic snickered when Sonia shook her head, rolling her eyes, and sighed.

"IT'S true, Sonia… I'm able to contact people over a long distance, make shields, lift stuff and perhaps even more! Aleena told me… My medallion is the source of these powers!" She watched as Sonia's jaw dropped open.

"You're serious?!" She asked. Jennifer nodded yes.

"What did I say?" Sonic folded his arms in triumph.

"Well, you were the one who didn't believe us before!" Manic said, still snickering.

"Ah, never mind that! At least we've got some powers Buttnik and his pet goons aren't gonna like! Man, it's gonna be so cool!" Sonic patted Jennifer on her back. She and Manic looked at each other.

"I think they already know I have them… Robotnik does, anyway." Jennifer said. Sonic lifted an eyebrow.


"Yeah! When Nat, Sandy and J were locked up, J lifted Buttnik up! He surely knows, and he's probably already told Sleet and Dingo when they took off… No big surprise for him." Manic explained.

"Wow… Hey, think about what you're able to do even if he knows? It's great, anyway!" Sonia nodded to Jennifer, "Anyways, how are you doing it? Could you try again?" She asked.

Jennifer nodded yes. Then, she started looking straight at a pencil, and concentrated. Nothing happened for a few seconds but then, quite suddenly, the pencil was lifted from the table without anyone even touching it. Everyone looked at Jennifer who just sat down, looking at the pencil while her medallion was glowing. A moment later, it stopped glowing, and the pencil fell down. Jennifer held the medallion up in front of her eyes.

"Whoops… Looks like it's drained." She said, looking to her friends, "Sorry, no more show-off." She shrugged her shoulders.

"Hey, that's great! You'll be able to send a SWATbot flying into a wall if you practice the mental parts! I read about this in school!" Sonia smirked, "That would actually help us a lot on missions!"


Later, in the evening, everyone seemed to be relaxing. Manic, Jennifer, Sonic and Sonia were talking with some other freedom fighters, showing Jennifer's new skills, and Sandy was walking around, looking for Natalie. He found her sitting in one of the gardens outside, looking at the stars.

"Hey, Nat." He walked over to her, and sat down beside her.

"Hi… Beautiful night, isn't it?" She smiled at him. He smiled back, and nodded.

"It sure is… Pretty clear too." He looked to the sky. Suddenly, he noticed Natalie was sitting, leaned against him, her head resting on his shoulder. First, he seemed surprised, then, he laid his arm around her.

"I wonder how much Robotnik gets to destroy before this war is over… It doesn't make any sense." She said, quietly.

"I'm sure we'll get him, Nat… I'm sure." Sandy laid his other arm around her too while they looked at each other. Then, suddenly, they kissed. It lasted for a long time. After several seconds, they let go, still looking into each other's eyes.

"I'm sure we'll get him, Nat. Someday. I love you." Sandy whispered



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