Return of the Waldorf

Summary: You really can't keep a bad girl down. Blair.Chuck

Timeline: Set two days after the end of 1x13.

A/N: It would help to read "Blair Waldorf Strikes Back" before this but (hopefully) this story can stand alone. Also, thanks maz4pj for the beta!

Day 1: Friday

Blair wakes up to her blaring alarm on Friday morning in a great mood. After all, Friday is every teenager's favorite day of the week: it's right before Saturday. On Fridays, Blair always has coffee with Serena, Kati, and Iz after school and then has dinner with Nate before meeting up at a party at somebody's apartment. But when Blair remembers that this Friday won't be like that anyway, Blair is very unhappy.

She flounces sullenly to her closet to get dressed. She hurries to throw her clothes on and do her hair in order to make it to breakfast before Dorota has to come get her. Dorota looks up with surprise from the frying pan when Blair rushes into the kitchen. Dorota scrambles the egg whites and looks at Blair curiously.

"What, you managed to get ready on time today?" Dorota rolls her eyes. "Have a meeting to conquer the world?"

"Something like that," Blair says imperiously.

Dorota laughs. "Good girl," she smiles as she slides the eggs onto a glass plate and grinds some pepper on them before handing it all to Blair. Blair shovels it down before practically running out the door. She wants to be at school early so that she can slip into her first period class without having to pass gathering cliques.

Blair makes it through the first part of the day by keeping her head down. It is a big change for a girl who has spent most of her life trying to differentiate herself from her best friend and stand out. Now, all Blair wants to do is make it to 3pm without any major humiliations. She wants to blend into the woodwork and stay as invisible as possible. The problem, Blair realizes as she walks to her final class before lunch, AP U.S. History, is simply that Blair has not created herself to be forgotten. All of Blair's clothes, habits, and even style of walking scream "Look at me!"

Unfortunately, that isn't the reason people are looking at Blair anymore. People's eyes used to only flicker to Blair briefly, as if scared that if they looked at her too long they might anger her. Now, the students' eyes slide over her, lingering on her figure, judging her and her actions. Blair feels dirty and used just walking down the hall.

Blair slips into the back of the APUSH classroom just before the bell rings. As her teacher natters on about the Eerie Canal or something equally boring, Blair's mind wanders to the previous day.

Blair mentally reviews the events so far in her ongoing attempt to return to power as Queen Bee. Day Zero basically involved Blair spreading a rumor on Gossip Girl that Jenny had an STD, Blair stirring up social unrest due to her chairmanship of the Valentine's Day Ball, Hazel & Co. ruining Blair's skirt, Blair having a confrontation with said Co. in front of the school, Blair babysitting, Blair kissing Chuck, and… that is where Blair's mental processes stopped.

Blair's inner romantic is still sighing about the mind-blowing kiss she shared with Chuck the previous night. Devil though Chuck might be, he kisses like nobody Blair has kissed before, with a passion that precious Nate never matched.

Blair shakes her head in frustration. She needs to stop thinking about Chuck. Sure, their sort-of relationship was fun, but they weren't good together. Chuck Bass is too coarse, too rude to ever satisfy the refined and elegant Blair Waldorf.

Unfortunately, it isn't as if Blair can ignore Chuck. Even though she considers them eminently unsuited for each other, they do run in the same social circle. And as it appears from last night, their parents even run in the same business circle. Blair has a nagging feeling that Bart Bass and Eleanor Waldorf still have some more wooing to do of the prominent Rodriguez juggernaut, and she hopes that she won't have to be a part of it.

Blair is surprised by the bell ringing. Class is now over and the student body streams into the courtyard, carrying Blair along with them. Blair scans the lunch area quickly, checking for a place to sit. She spots a table usually inhabited by the math club, or some other geeky girl society, and makes a beeline for it as it is still empty.

Blair fans her textbooks out in front of her and takes out notebook paper as if she is planning on doing homework. She pretends to not notice all the geeky girls' faces falling as they approach the table and then leave. Blair may no longer be the queen of the school, but there are few outside of the ruling clique who feel any sort of superiority over her. Try as they might, it is very difficult to stop being scared of Blair Waldorf.

Blair doodles illegible scratches on the paper in front of her as she sneaks looks at the ruling clique a few tables over. Blair is gathering intelligence for her plots. She surreptitiously observes the group of girls at Constance Billiards who bitter students used to call the Queens of Mean, the group Blair used to rule.

Blair only has to glance over there once or twice before she is already annoyed. Hazel sits at the center of the group, trying to command attention by flicking her long, wavy, chocolate hair and sticking her boobs out. Unfortunately for Hazel, she isn't succeeding. The girls are not impressed by Hazel's cleavage nor by her fashion sense. Blair can see Kati and Iz and Nicole, another formerly loyal lackey of Blair's, giggling behind Hazel's back about the hideous shoes she is wearing.

But why is Blair annoyed, besides the obvious? Well, because Hazel has clearly turned the Queens of Mean into a joke. When Blair ran them, the queens were like a well-oiled machine, dressing impeccably 

and ruling socially. Now, when it is clear that few of Hazel's clique actually respect her, Blair can see that the carefully structured social hierarchy at the school might collapse.

Ugh. Blair hates incompetence.

Blair continues to observe the Queens of Mean eating lunch, now scribbling down notes titled "Army of Skanks." She divides the page into two columns and on the left writes the names of the girls with true allegiance to Hazel and marks on the other the names of the girls who are only paying lip service to Hazel. When Blair realizes how few of the girls are actually truly bound to Hazel, her spirits lift a little bit.

Of course, those spirits are smashed back down when Nate goes over to talk to Hazel and Jenny. As Blair's ex-boyfriend flirts with her replacements, Blair's bitter heart begins to boil. Blair bites her lip nervously. Clearly, the picture of Jenny going to the STD clinic wasn't enough to deter possible suitors. Blair contemplates how she is going to destroy the reputations of Hazel and Jenny before Nate latches on to one of them.

Blair is still trying to figure it out after school as she stands in the school's main hall watching nervous girls sign up for the meeting at the Tea Room at Café Angelique the next day. As the chairwoman of the Social Committee, Blair will be hosting the meeting to discuss plans for the Valentine's Day Ball. Controlling society event guest-lists is more valuable than gold on the Upper East Side and like it or not, the Queens of Mean intend to have a part in the planning.

Blair can't stop herself from smirking as she overhears the conversation of the freshmen girls signing up:

"Are you going?"

"I'm not sure. Blair Waldorf is going to be there, and you know what she is now…but she's still Blair Waldorf, you know?"

"Exactly. Blair Waldorf is not to be missed. What are you wearing?"

"I was thinking my black ballet flats I got from Barney's last weekend with that gray pencil skirt and white button-up, but do you think it's too job interview?"

"Try a floral skirt instead, I saw Blair wearing one just last week."

"D'you think Hazel will be mad if people go?"

"I dunno, I heard she was trying to regulate the guest list or something but look, she's over there, I bet she's going to sign up too…"

Blair watches as the freshman girls scatter and make way for their reigning Queen.

The idea comes to Blair just as Hazel approaches the bulletin board wearing her slutty uniform. Hazel's button-down shirt is unbuttoned down to a place where the school dress code might deem is inappropriate and her skirt rides up to show almost all of her thigh. The St. Jude's boys stand a little 

farther off, pointing and leering at Hazel. Hazel winks at one of them before signing her name on the meeting list and flouncing off, skirt flying up. This jogs Blair's memory. Wasn't Hazel one of the class sluts? Blair remembers only ever including her as a wannabe because the St. Jude's boys starting requesting her attendance at all the exclusive parties. Blair also remembers some particularly nasty rumors about drugs and Hazel.

Blair grins widely for the first time that day. Now she has a plan.

Blair's grin is interrupted when she is practically slammed against a locker by a passing gaggle of obnoxious St. Jude's boys. She glares at Chuck Bass as he passes and sneers, pushing her aside.

"Watch it, skank," one of the boys smirks at Blair, before they all saunter off. Blair rolls her eyes and walks up to grab the list of names from the bulletin board.

On the taxi ride home from school, Blair studies the list of girls signed up for the Social Committee meeting the next day. Only a few on the left side of the "Army of Skanks" list are showing up, including Hazel and Jenny and another girl whose name Blair barely recognizes, Katherine Winslow. Instead, the list is populated by girls who Blair remembers vividly as loyal little bitches like Kati and Iz. Blair smiles. The next day will be good.

A/N: This will be the first in a series of…checks outline ten-eleven installments describing the ten-eleven days that mark Blair's return to power at Constance Billiards. Basically, how I think Blair would handle everything after the end of 1x13 "The Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate." All the chapters are already outlined and I plan to update once every other day before April 21st. I know the installments are a bit short, but hey, this is a Blair/Chuck story as well (hurrah! I love them) and also they are coming quickly (Unlike TTO…cough cough sad sad), so no complaining, ya hear? grins

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