Return of the Waldorf


Day 11: Monday

Blair's alarm goes off and for the first time in twelve days, she does not wish she could just go back to sleep and ignore the real world. Sure, Sunday was better than it used to be, but today is perfect. She is going back to a school firmly under her control and a student body very much in awe of her ten-day destruction of Hazel.

She rises lazily from her bed and dresses herself in the plain school uniform skirt and a soft pink cashmere sweater that hugs her curves. She is careful to spend extra time on her hair and makeup that morning, determined to project the ideal image of a social queen.

She succeeds.

As Blair walks into the courtyard that morning, the students hush and all eyes turn towards her.

Her mouth curves upward faintly as Kati and Iz rush up to her to greet her, flanking her on both sides as they stride towards the main building. Serena joins them as they head up the main steps.

Blair scans the crowd out of the corner of her eye and notices Chuck staring along with all of his friends. They share a fleeting glance that thankfully the crowd doesn't notice and Blair's eyes quickly move along to assess the rest of her admirers.

Lunch that day is particularly pleasant, as Blair basks in the multitude of attentive girls and boys hanging onto her every word. She finally excuses herself and the rest of the popular clique to their own table and they are free to chat more confidentially. Of course, the first order of business is fashion.

"I love your sweater, Blair," Kati compliments the new queen, as she is once again required to do.

Blair smiles regally. "Thank you, Kati."

Iz gasps. "Is it part of the new Chanel spring collection?"

"It's not part of their fall collection," Blair points out. "Of course it is new."

The rest of the Queens of Mean whisper among themselves. The Chanel collection hadn't even previewed at fashion week yet!

Iz and Kati smirk at each other, happy with their progress at returning Blair to her exalted status among the girls of Constance Billiards. Without Blair, they were nothing more than the lowest-level lackeys in the clique. With Blair, they were third to only Serena and Blair herself.

Suddenly, the girls notice that Chuck Bass is heading their way. He approaches Serena with his usual cocky grin.

"Hey, sis," he greets her. "How are you?"

Serena sighs. "Fine. What do you need, Chuck?"

Chuck smirks a little. "Relax, sis, no reason to be uptight. I just wanted to tell you that Lily called me and left a message saying that we should expect to be at the suite directly after school. The caterer is providing a sampler."

His eyes travel to Blair, relaying his hidden reason for coming over to talk to Serena. Their plans for hanging out would have to be cancelled, at least for now.

"How long will it go?" Serena groans. "Kati, Iz, Blair and I have plans for dinner."

Blair and Chuck's eyes meet briefly. The rest of the clique pretends not to notice.

"We'll be done by then," Chuck assures her. "So will you be there?"

Serena rolls her eyes. "It's not like I have any other options." She turns to her best friend. "B, you should probably push back the reservations at Butter. I won't be that hungry after the tasting."

Blair takes out her Sidekick and pushes a few buttons. "Done. Kati, Iz, we'll meet at Butter at 8:30?"

They nod.

Blair pressed a few more buttons on her phone before lifting it to her ear, effectively ignoring everybody else around her. "Hello?"

Chuck saunters off as the conversation continues. "Yes, this is Blair Waldorf. I'm calling to change my reservation for tonight…"

The entire clique doesn't reassemble until after school when they gather in the courtyard. They chatter and gossip for a few minutes, undisturbed by the rest of the students.

Just before Serena is about to make her excuses to leave, Jenny Humphrey walks up with Nate Archibald watching from a few paces back.

Everyone is looking to Blair Waldorf for direction. Blair does nothing, waiting for Jenny to begin the conversation.

Finally Jenny is practically toe-to-toe with Blair. She speaks: "How are you, Blair?"

"Since we last talked? Gee, when was that…" Blair pretends to ponder. "Oh yes, I think I did see you on Saturday." She pauses, grinning slightly. "Was it as good for you as it was for me?"

Jenny is stung, but she doesn't back down. "Wonderful, actually."

When Jenny doesn't say anything else, Blair decides that this is enough. "Well, if that's everything, you can leave now," she announces with a wave of her hand.

Jenny raises her eyebrows. "Actually, that wasn't it."

Blair gives her a look. "Well then finish it."

"I just wanted to pass on a message," Jenny says gleefully, hopeful that this will be her chance to get back at Blair. "You remember William Hanover, don't you? From last Tuesday?"

Blair nods her head almost imperceptibly with a bored look on it.

"I ran into him the other day and he just wanted me to tell you how much fun he had that night with you and how much he wanted to do it again sometime," Jenny looks at Blair pointedly, emphasizing the words "do it again."

Blair does not look put-off at all. She only grins slyly. "You mean, last Tuesday when I chatted with William for a few minutes as you threw yourself at Nate, slobbering all over him?"

In the background, Nate stiffens.

"Yes, that was fun," Blair continues. She purses her lips. "Watching you be a desperate whore is always a good time-"

Nate angrily steps forward to defend his girlfriend. "Watch it, Blair."

"Watch what, Nate?" Blair asks innocently, her clique tittering behind her.

Nate fixes her with a knowing stare. "Don't take out your anger at me on Jenny."

Blair barks a short laugh. "Is that it? You think I'm jealous?"

"That's exactly what I think, Blair," Nate shoots back.

Blair rolls her eyes condescendingly. "Oh, Nate, do you really know me at all?" She casts a disgusted look at Jenny. "How could I ever possibly be jealous of a backstabbing bitch with last season's clothes, raccoon-style eyeliner, and quite frankly hideous features?"

Nate puts a protective arm around Jenny. "None of that is true, Blair."

"You think so?" Blair raises her eyebrows. "Well, since this is clearly Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,"she says, looking straight at Jenny, "Let us ask the audience." She sweeps her arm grandly towards the people surrounding them. "What do they think?"

Nate looks out at the unforgiving crowd of Upper East Side teens. They glare at him and Jenny.

"Give it up, Blair," He says in a low voice. "You've won. You know it. Why can't you leave us alone?"

Blair doesn't bother to hide her disdain. "I would have been happy to never see either of your faces again. You two were the ones who approached me." She sighs dramatically. "Let it go, Nate."

Nate's face tightens but he says nothing, only guiding Jenny out of the courtyard without even a glance backwards at his ex-girlfriend.

Blair turns back towards her friends. "That was weird," Blair comments idly, brushing the entire encounter off. "So, what were you saying about Betsey Johnson, Kati?"

Blair doesn't have to see Jenny and Nate again for the rest of the day, Thank God. In fact, the next time she sees anyone from school is when she meets up with Kati, Iz, and Serena at Butter at 8:30 that night.

They are seated around a table in the middle of the room, all laughing and chatting as they sip at their champagne glasses, waiting for their appetizers to arrive. No restaurant in town would dare card a Waldorf.

"God, I'm so glad to have Dan back," Serena gushes. "He is just so supportive. I miss him so much while he's gone!"

"Only you would have such a total geek of a boyfriend," Kati laughs. "Really, a writer's retreat?"

Serena sighs. "Hey, if it makes him happy…"

"Speaking of St. Jude's boys," Blair changes the subject. "Did you guys hear about that one sophomore running a pool on me?"

Iz and Kati blush guiltily, but Serena is confused. "What pool?"

"Oh, I guess he was running a bet on how long it would take me to knock Hazel off her throne," Blair explains casually.

"Really?" Serena asks, interested. "How long did most people bet?"

Blair shrugs. "Some people bet a couple of days, others bet a couple of months," she informs Serena. "Our friends mostly bet that it would take twelve days," she says, looking directly at Kati and Iz.

Kati holds her hands up. "Hey, we had faith in you!"

"And that's why you wanted to wait on Saturday," Blair says knowingly. "You wanted it to be today instead."

Iz smirks. "We make no excuses."

Serena looks at her best friend. "What did you do when you found out, B?"

Blair grins. "I decided to make sure I won. I picked the day that nobody else had bet on, ten days, and gambled."

"Was it really ten days?" Serena asks.

"Counting Wednesday as my last day in power, yes," Blair says. "The first day would be Thursday, and Saturday-when Hazel was ruined-would be the tenth day."

Serena nods appreciatively. "So, how much did you win?"

Blair laughs. "Oh, I'll never tell." She looks around at her friends. "Let's just say dinner is my treat tonight."

"As if you needed the money," Kati points out and the girls all laugh.

The waiter comes by to refill their champagne glasses and Kati stands up for a moment, holding her glass up.

"I would just like to make a toast…" Kati begins and the girls giggle. "Seriously! I just want to celebrate Blair returning to be our queen," she announces. "Ready?"

The girls lift their glasses. "To the return of Blair Waldorf," Kati intones with a grin, and Blair smiles. She'll drink to that.

Happy Monday, Upper East Side

B is officially back!

Sure, we knew that H was out on Saturday, but today truly marks B's return to the position of top dog. She even crushed the last of the pro-Hazel resistance, Little J, in a spectacular verbal battle after school.

Any more updates on Little J or H, you might ask?

Well, as we exclusively told you yesterday, H withdrew from Constance Billiards Saturday night and is currently of unknown whereabouts. However, it's been rumored that she has enrolled in public school. No, we can't suppress our shudders either.

Little J has been keeping a low profile since school ended today after being lambasted by B. N and Little J are apparently in it for the long haul together, since nobody else wants them now.

So it would seem all is right with the universe. B is back on top and Little J is firmly at the bottom. But there are still questions to be answered, the most important being:

Who is B's mystery man from the recording?

Readers have been strangely reluctant to give us dirt on B lately. Come on guys, just because she's queen again doesn't mean she's perfect! Send the rumors our way…

You know you love me,


Gossip Girl.

--Fin. For real this time--

Author's Note: This is really the end, you guys. ducks I'm sorry that there wasn't a more satisfying B/C ending, okay? Stop throwing tomatoes!

Lol. Seriously though, the B/C ending just wasn't going to fit within this day-to-day timeframe that I wanted. I am considering a companion one-shot that will be focused solely on Blair and Chuck (okay, I'm more than considering it. I've written an outline. But I have other stories to work on too!), but I don't know when that will be up.

Thank you all so much for sticking with me through all of this. I know that updates haven't been as quick as promised, but you guys and your reviews have kept me writing and posting and finishing (!) this story. Thanks SO MUCH to my beta maz4pj from livejournal who made this fic approximately six-hundred-and-fifty-million times better.

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