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A Red Bloods Novel

I won't let you burry it.

I won't let you smother it.

You will suck the life out of me.

-from Time Is Running Out by Muse

Chapter 2: The Human Familiars of Familiar Humans.

Despite the chilly October air, Sunako felt perfectly warm in her bed. The room was silent, except for the soft snores Kyohei made from his sleeping place on the ground. She could tell it was already morning, but she kept her eyes shut tight in hopes that the sun would go away.

Actually, although the sun was hitting her face from the opening in the curtains, the warmth she felt wasn't coming from that direction. The room was cool, yet warmth was draped all around her. She assumed it was her blanket but when she reached to grab it, she felt a tangle of limbs.

She suddenly realized that the soft breathing wasn't coming from the floor as she assumed, but from behind her instead. She opened her eyes and turned to face her source of warmth. "Creature! What are you doing in my bed?" She demanded. Kyohei stood in an instant, ready to defend himself.

"I-It was freezing last night!" He stuttered.

"The damn floor is cold and the bed seemed big enough for both for both of us. I left plenty of space between us!"

Sunako's eyes narrowed at their close proximity. "Well, there was space. I move a lot in my sleep!" Kyohei soon realized he wasn't helping his situation.

"If I ever catch you sleeping in my bed again, the next time you wake up, you'll be breathing through a tube in your throat and paralyzed from the waist down." Kyohei nodded and Sunako stood up to go downstairs and eat.

"Bitch…" He muttered under his breath as he followed, joining his friends at the table.

What was the big deal anyway? It's not like anything happened. Why was she always like this…

She had been like this since last time, when he had kissed her.

He could feel his face getting warm at the thought but he ignored it. It was absolutely ridiculous to think that the girl sitting across from him was the cause of the color that was slowly reaching his cheeks.

Well, except for that time he saw her naked…

'Aw crap!' Now he was thinking about it. And she was sitting right in front of him.

'Stupid hormones! Stupid image of naked psycho! Go away!'

"Creature, why are you making those strange faces at me?" Sunako questioned. His frustrations must have been apparent in his features by the way she was looking at him.

Yuki and Takenaga looked on slightly concerned.

"Maybe he's still sleepy?" Yuki tried. "Or hungry."

" He did have that kind of hungry look on his face." Takenaga added.

"Daydreaming about food…?"

Ranmaru chuckled.

"He's not hungry for food.."

Kyohei threw a fork at the red-head.

Ranmaru prepared to block the attack but it never came, as Schuyler appeared and caught the fork.

"Hey, we use those to eat."

"Finally!" Kyohei exclaimed, anxious to change the subject to a more preferable one. "I'm starving. What's for breakfast?"

"The rare and exotic, bowl of cereal."

Kyohei looked at the cereal placed in front of him. "Corn Flakes?"

He hesitated, but tried it anyway. "It's plain." He complained.

"Add sugar."

Schuyler turned her attention to Sunako. "I already spoke to your aunt this morning, Nakahara-san. Your classes should be given to us when we arrive at the school. I assume you were given money for text books and other school supplies, right?"

Sunako nodded.

Takenaga counted the money Sunako's aunt had provided for them. "What about school uniforms, are we required to pay for those, too?"

"School uniforms? Oh, you can wear whatever you want." The young vampire responded.

"Well, we didn't really pack anything suitable for school."

"Oh here, follow me." They went upstairs, into the hallway that led to their current bedrooms and noticed, for the first time, two large wooden doors at the far end. They went inside to find themselves in a walk-in closet. Dress shirts, jewelry, suits, and even socks (made of the finest material of course) each in their own section, two dressing rooms with cushioned seats and silk curtains, and a full length mirror.

"Van Alen-san, is this all yours?" Yuki asked admiring the room.

"Actually, Nakahara-san's aunt sent all this. These clothes belong to all of you."

Not wasting any time, the boys began to find stuff to wear for their first day.

"Hey what about Sunako-chan?" Takenaga asked.

Schuyler moved aside a curtain that Sunako had assumed had a window behind it, and revealed a door instead.

When she opened it, they found themselves in a room even bigger than the first, with dresses, skirts, lacy shirts, and various heels of many colors.

Sunako screamed, horrified.

"Your aunt has instructed me to allow you to only wear dresses and skirts. Preferably the pink ones."

Sunako screamed once more.

"But…it didn't really seem like your style, so I set this aside." She pushed a few dresses to the side, revealing more, all in the color black.

"You still have to wear dresses and skirts, but maybe this will be a little more tolerable."

Ranmaru took one of the dress in his hands examining it. "I bet Kyohei would like to see you in this one, Sunako-chan."

"Oi, stop that!" Kyohei sat in a nearby chair. "Aren't any of you worried about having to go to this damn school…?'

Schuyler didn't know what he was worried about. "Our School's not that bad if you can ignore all the conceited snobs and guys with big egos."

Ranmaru shook his head. "That's not where our concerns lie."

Kyohie sighed, "I mean, how are the girls?"

"Oh. I was under the impression that you and Nakahara-san had a thing, but if you want to know, I guess you could ask Oliver's opinion, since he's a guy and all."

"What I meant was- wait. What? We're not together."

Schuyler stared at the ceiling pretending find it interesting as she spoke. "Yeah right. I'm not gonna judge or anything but my room is directly under yours, so…you might wanna keep it quiet if you're engaging in "after hour" activities."

"What?" What was she going on about?

"If you're gonna do it, keep it quiet."

Sunako was lost, too. "Do it? Do what?"

Schuyler stopped pretending that there was something interesting on the ceiling and met their eyes, clearly annoyed. "Do I have to find someone to translate? Relations, intercourse, sex. It. And as long we're on the topic, you can do it without destroying the furniture. Those feathers are all over the place."

It took all Kyohei had to keep from falling over in his chair. "We weren't doing that! Why would you think we were doing that?"

Schuyler immediately turned red. "You're sixteen, there's a girl in your room, the door is locked, and that guy slipped condoms under your door!" Schuyler pointed at Ranmaru, who too, suddenly found the ceiling interesting. "What was I supposed to think?"

"We weren't doing that! The reason there are feather's all over the place is this freaking crazy bitch tried to kill me and attacked the pillow!"

Schuyler groaned, slamming her face on the table, more embarrassed then ever by her accusations. "I can't do this. You guys are too weird…"

"Says the vampire…"

They sat there in a few minutes of awkward silence, until Schuyler lifted her head from the table, looking suddenly serious.

"Look. I have a few things to clue you in. During 4th period, you can't stay at school."

She took out a piece of paper and drew them a small map. "There's a little café here, that won't report you for ditching school as long as you buy something. You will wait for a tall man looking in about his mid twenties, with blonde hair and probably wearing shades standing near the gate. You will only leave with him."

Sunako and the boys took the map in their hands feeling confused. "Why do we have to leave?"

"I told the committee that a few vampires would be staying with me. They're allowing it but they want you to come to our vampire meetings during fourth period."


"So that they can meet you. But if they stop to actually inspect you closely, they'll see through my lie. Then I'll be the one in trouble."

"Why will you get in trouble?'

"They have all these weird rules…"

"Why don't we just switch to a different class?"

Schuyler thought she finally understood why humans and vampires didn't live together."I don't know, please stop asking why… Is this going to be too hard? Just come in looking pretty and brag about your "cash flow". You'll fit right in."

Kyohei yawned, feeling bored with the conversation. "Anything else or can I go now?"

"Actually yeah, there is. Keep away from Mimi Force. If she gets even the slightest inclination that you may be human, this is all going to end badly."

They had finally arrived to the school and Sunako was sure her aunt was trying to kill her. Everything from the outrageous 5 feet heels, to the short ruffled skirt, tight silk blouse, and itchy cashmere sweater, made her feel like she just stepped out of the Barbie aisle. Her left eye was itchy but she wasn't allowed to scratch it or she might rub off the eye shadow and mascara. She also had a headache from all the hair spray used to keep her hair back in a messy bun. It took at least half an hour just to get it to look like she just got out of bed, which made no sense to her, as she really had just gotten out of bed.

The only fun part was licking off the lip gloss that tasted like Starbursts, but Shuyler made her stop doing that. She didn't want to go inside. As soon as she took those last few steps, she would be exposed to all those people.

Schuyler saw the look on Sunako's face and tried to lighten up the mood. "Come on, it's just vampires, we don't bite."

"Oh ha ha, you came up with that one all on your own?" Kyohei didn't even want to come to this stupid school. Who knew what kind of crazies he would have to deal with here.

"Why are you in such a bad mood?"

"Umm, Van Alen-san, I think I know why." Yuki decided to voice what was on all of their minds. "We have a problem with girls."

Takenaga nodded. "Especially Kyohei. Girls happen to find us to be very…"

"Attractive." Ranmaru finished. "Women find us irresistible."

A snort of laughter could be hear from Schuyler. "That's a little exaggerated, isn't it?"

"This is serious. I can't even go to school in peace without being sexually harassed. Even teachers have hit on me. Guy teachers! I can't keep a job because everyone tries to get into my pants!"

Schuyler shook her head in disbelief. "Why you specifically?"

"Just look at him."

"I see him but what am I supposed to be looking at. He's average.

That was a first "Average…?"

Schuyler grinned at their expressions. "You'll see." She pushed open the double doors and as soon as they stepped into the school, they understood what she had meant. All four boys hands quickly went up to cover Sunako's nose as she exploded into a nosebleed.

"I see why we seem average now…"

"Yeah, Van Alen-san, you're clearly biased."

It all made sense. You can't be anything more than 'average' in this enviorment. Sunako was going to die here! No one warned her. No one thought to even ask. She thought her housemates were just a strange phenomenon.

"All of them…they're all radiant creatures. They're all creatures of the light!"

The guys have magically learned English…

Here's a few fictional facts from the Blue Bloods series:

1) Vampires glow in the dark. 2) Their arms are covered in blue veins that can be seen from a great distance. (Hence, Schuyler telling them to keep their arms covered or evryone will see that they're clearly human.) 3) Vampires are extremely attractive.