Okay this is my first Boondock fanfic. I hope you enjoy.:)

She waited for 48 hours for the bombing to stop. The dried tear stains on her cheeks were replaced by new ones and she took a deep shuddering breath before she stepped out of her hiding place.

When she stood up, she wished she'd stayed where she was and never budged a muscle. Everything was destroyed. The whole city of Woodcrest was in ruins. She starting walking, seeing the horrible sight around her. Broken glass, destroyed houses, and shattered metal lay askew averywhere.She knew that no one had made it. She knew that she shouldn't bother trying to look for her family or friends. She would never find them.

Because they were all dead.

Strangely, she did not shed a tear as she thought of this. " That's because I'm dead. I'm alive... but inside is nothing." She said darkily to herself. Finally she let the pain come. Crumpling to the ground, she buried her face in her hands and started sobbing uncontrollably.

Everone I care about... Gone.

She can't be alone... and she got an idea in her mind. " I don't want to be alive.." She stated and walked around repeating it. " Why be alive if miserable... with nothing. No one." She trailed off and surprisingly found one stable house that had not collapsed out of the entire destruction. Up close, she saw that it wasn't a house. It was a mansion. More than five stories high.There.. she knew what she would do. Climbing up the ladder to the roof of the house, she looked down and saw it was a long way to fall.

Surely it will cost her life. She smiled bitterly. That was exactly what she wanted. She neared the edge of the roof and closed her eyes, breathing deeply. She had no regrets in what she was about to do. Then.. ever so slowly... she took a step into mid- air, and let her self fall to would bring her doom.

The air around her felt exhilarating as she fell, and she waited for the hard impact of the cold ground.. but it never came. Instead she landed in someone's arms, cradling her. She opened her eyes to see who her rescuer was. As soon as he saw his afro and piercing eyes, she knew who he was.

" You're the only thing I have left, Jazmine... don't make me go through all of this alone."