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The Reunion

Jazmine woke up with such a surreal feeling.

For a split second, everything was okay. Her parents weren't dead, her town that she grew to love wasn't completely destroyed by bombs, she didn't lose all of her friends and her life was still the same as ever. All of the events that had happened never occurred. The things she had suffered were part of a hellish nightmare that she had banished to the end of the darkness. Her sobs, screams, and tears faded away in a hazy film that made her see everything rose colored.

As soon as a smile etched on her lips, it was snatched away when she noticed her surrounding. She wasn't at home, in her comfortable bed but instead this unfamiliar gray room that made her uneasy taking its place. Then it was like the reality of this horror movie called her life crashed down. Her eyes welled up once again but she shook her head furiously. " No, No. I won't cry anymore. Not for that..." Nevertheless, crystalline droplets of salty water streamed down her cheek bones & she let out an anguished sob, hiding her face with her pressed up knees.

Jazmine could not help it. Her strong words had collapsed in her weak state of mind and she completely broke down. Wails rang through the entire abandoned house, so filled with sorrow that even the Devil would find himself heartbroken at hearing her agony. Her delicate hands clutched at the bedsheets furiously, as if that could alienate the pain. Her mouth opened to find strength in something she didn't expect, something useless but that made her feel a bit better. However what made her more at peace with everything gave her still sleeping companion a not-so wonderful surprise. He had been dreaming nicely, until he had been rudely awakened. In fact, he got the shit scared outta him.

"WHAT THE HELL?" Were the first words that escaped his lips when his eyes opened. His head whipped around to his side, as so did the mulatto's in which they locked eyes only to have them both scream in surprise. Jazmine had forgotten one fact. She didn't come out of the disaster alone. The boy was so startled that he actually fell of the high bed with a loud thud. Soon his afro head popped up again and he stood. "What are you doing here? Get out of my room!"

It seemed Huey had forgotten about their current predicament as well. Though it was Jazmine's nature to be kind, she wasn't quite in the mood to do so at the moment. She laughed out loud, her head thrown back. "Your room? You better double check that, mister."Her tone had so much venom in it, the boy was taken back. Of course nothing compared to his shock when he actually took a look around and discover that indeed this wasn't his room. "Where the hell are we?" She stared blankly at him.

"Are you serious?"

It was like those words,which by the way had an exact tone that Huey would use to Jazmine when he thought she was being stupid, made him feel a bit annoyed. " YES, I'm serious." Just when Jazmine was going to say a smart remark at him, she realized that he did remember what had happened, but he wasn't aware of how they got to here. He was passed out when she found the house."We escaped from the ambulance, and walked straight up here."She tried to smile but found her face muscles struggling. "I remember being really tired from walking a freaking desert, but not getting here..."

"I'm not surprise, you fainted before we even saw it." His eyebrow rose, wanting to say something else but instead kept his mouth shut. Both were silent for a really long time, each having the exact same sentence in a thought bubble above them.

What are we gonna do?

"Hey Huey?" She spoke, no longer had that sudden bitterness in her voice like before, but instead sounded scared and fragile. Like how ten year old Jazmine DuBois would have sounded like if all of this shit wasn't happening to them. "We were gonna go to your aunt Cookie in Chicago.. right?" He nodded absentmindedly, eyes still not directed to her, but to the colorful pattern of the quilt that was covering the plush bed.

"Is that.. still our original plan? We're gonna leave this place?" Huey this time did not even acknowledge hearing her at all, just kept staring mindlessly at the damn flowers on the bed. "Helloo, I'm talking to you-"

"Let's not think about that right now okay? First let's get some breakfast and then we'll see what will happen. I'm really hungry." With that he was gone. Now that Jazmine was alone she could not help but think aloud.

"Why was this house abandoned?"

I cannot BELIEVE dem niggas did this do me.

I mean, dey get a nigga's hopes up and then they fucking crush 'em. Talkin' bout all that Huey might be alive bullshit and it not even true. These mothafuckers are really pissing me off. Just tryna play me and watch me cry. That's how dey get dere kicks...sickos. I wuz already back in ma white room just chillin' in ma bed with nothin' ta do 'cept think 'bout ma family. My memories of dem are still kinda hazy tho.

"You know, it's betta like dis. At least I don't got to go to no funky therapy session-" 'Riley, report to Room 3.' The speaker above my bed blared. Shit, now I gots to get ma ass up & as usual Imma take ma sweet time gettin' dere. Dat ho norse always be bustin ova deeze balls when I do.

Den I member something. She said if I wuz late one mo' time, I'd have to share ma room with this white bitch dey be keeping here as well. And HELL NAW! I ain't sharin ma room with no one, specially not with a broad- a white one at dat! Dem light skinned hos are annoying as fuck. So I actually begin to run, lookin like a fool. Just when I wuz about to open da door, I hear da nurse's voice. She talkin' on da phone. Man, I love it when this bitches set demselves up for some eavesdropping. I put ma ear to the door and listen.

"Yeah, everything's going accordingly to the plan." Her voice rang out and stopped for about 3 seconds. " No, we didn't find the Freeman boy, nor the Dubois girl." I wonder wat dem niggas are talkin about.

"Yes, yes I know. We have to find them 'or else'. I know the drill boss." She stopped talking. " No. Not a damn thing. For real, this lil nigga ain't much help. All he do is yell and complain & shit, always cryin' ya know bein' a lil bitch."

oh, HELL NO this ho better not be talkin' bout me!

"I think the exact same thing. He a waste of time. I'll probably send him for the injection. Tell him it's vitamins or something like that."

Woa, woah all of da sudden I'm not liking what she sayin'. What da fuck is goin' around here? I'm gettin a bad feelin' bout this. I'm sensing that I be with niggas dat aren't as good guys dey seemed to be...

"I'll call you when we captured ." The sound of her phone snapping shut make me back da hell up so It would look I wuz barely arriving dere. I open da door. " WUZ GOOD BITCH!" Her eyes narrow. Wateva not like I care... She smiled . "So Riley, have you remembered anything else about your past?"

"Uh..." I'm scratchin ma head, and Im not sure wat to say. I do member sum shit, but from what I heard maybe it's best If I stay quiet. " no." Her face gets disappointed and then brightened. "Maybe we can jog your memory with someone you know. How's that sound?" Someone I know? Who da fuck is that.

"Yeah, I guess." She nods and talks to her stupid walkie talkie. "Bring her in."

In like 2 minutes, da door swings open and a white girl comes in along with dat nigga that always used try and act tough with me. She looked scared, eyes shifting nervously side to side until she sees me. I'm guessing we know each otha cuz she gets dis real big smile on her face when she does.

" RILEY!" She screams and practically tackles me to da floor. " AYE! What da FUCK!" I scream back at her weird ass. " Get off me!" She lookin' all hurt and shit, and she gets off. " You cold as ice Reezy.."

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